Candles from sciatica pain in the lower back and the back

Свечи от радикулита при болях в пояснице и спине

Squeezing the sciatic nerve leading to acute pain and forced immobility of the patient

Sciatica is one of the most common diseases of the spine. It is a mistake to assume that it affects only elderly people. The attack of sciatica can strike in young or middle age and at any time.

Many people are not even aware that they have this disease and know about its existence, when the lower back plagued by a sudden attack of pain. Pain with sciatica occurs because the inflamed spinal nerve roots are compressed. Such disruption in the functioning of the spine occurs for different reasons. The most common of these is osteoarthritis.

On the causes and consequences of the disease

Osteochondrosis is a violation of the full functioning of the vertebral discs. Many people have this disease occurs as a consequence of age-related changes in the body, the Load on the spine and prolonged sitting in one position in the school and College years do not go unnoticed. Various violations of posture and exposure to cold provokes this disease.

The patient often there is pain in that part of the spine where the affected vertebrae. Basically pain attacks begin in the morning. Osteochondrosis any strengthening physical activity translate into increased pain.

Pain does not always have a local character, in some cases they are radiating to the neck, limbs, chest. Often there is muscle tension, which will indicate the affected part of the back. The number one task for people suffering from this disease, is to relieve the painful symptoms.

Malfunction of the spine that occurs in osteochondrosis, does not go unnoticed: it affects the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, provokes the beginning of sciatica. Osteochondrosis disorders in the tissues lead to the limitation. Herniated discs, and spondylosis deformans, can cause sciatica.

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Conservative treatment is not always able to cope with the consequences of destructive processes in the spine. To resolve the pain symptoms in this disease, on average, every tenth patient required surgical intervention.

The violations in the lower back, which provokes low back pain, do not go unnoticed and spinal nerve roots. Their function is directly affected by degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine. That is why lower back pain is one of the most recognizable symptoms of sciatica.

The root cause of sciatica could be:Свечи от радикулита при болях в пояснице и спине

  • flu;
  • tuberculosis;
  • rheumatism.

The emergence of this disease in humans is able to provoke:

  • brucellosis;
  • syphilis;
  • various tumors.

Trigger of sciatica is also able to run radicular shape neyrovirushnykh diseases, including tick-borne encephalitis.

Symptoms and localization of sciatica

It is a mistake to say that the sciatica only affects the lower back. There is a different localization of the disease:

  • cervical;
  • breast;
  • lumbar-sacral.

In the first case there is a defeat cervical roots. Most people start such a risk of sciatica is increased to 40 years. The thoracic form of the disease found in medical practice much less frequently. The reason for breast pain may include, as a rule, infectious diseases.

When it starts the attack of pain through the sciatica, patients bend the torso to the side, which disrupted the functioning of the spine. Any movement gives severe pain, because people suffering from this disease, try not to move too much.

Свечи от радикулита при болях в пояснице и спинеSciatica, which affects the lower back, is one of the most common. The disease affects people aged 30 to 40 years. Sciatica — the second name of sciatica is most common in those who worked in adverse temperature conditions. The person suffers not only from pain in the lower back. The pain symptoms are present in the leg and sciatic nerve. Any awkward movement and heavy lifting be painful.

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An attack of back pain may last a few minutes, but it is usually a period measured in days. Severe discomfort in the lower back it fades, it wanes. Even when the attack ends, it does not mean a break painful symptoms. Relapses in the lumbar region is the rule rather than the exception in people suffering from sciatica.

How to stop and prevent the attack

To ease lower back pain, there are various pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. The most popular and widespread of medical methods are candles. In some cases, candles are considered as alternative pain patches to help with pain in the lower back. Candles are used to combat sciatica effectively, not worse analgesics, relieve back pain.

The most famous of these drugs today are the candles:

  • indomethacin;
  • papaverine;
  • woltarena;
  • metanolom and other drugs.

Свечи от радикулита при болях в пояснице и спине

Suppository acts faster and more effectively than any pill

However, before you buy some product and proceed to its regular use, it is imperative to consult with your doctor, as candles have a number of contraindications. First of all it concerns the gastric ulcers. If a person has this disease, candles administered rectally for pain in the lower back is contraindicated.

Candles with NSAIDs (which include non-steroidal drugs), not only relieve pain symptoms. They prevent the development of inflammation, have a muscle relaxant effect on damaged areas of the spine and spinal muscles. Due to their unique properties they are widely spread in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases.

Why the spark is better tablets

Candles not only help with back pain, but also significantly improve the General condition of the body that is already weakened by fighting the disease. Why, if ill loin, candles are considered as first aid measures are generally preferable to tablets? Candles — a more rapid method of ingestion of drugs containing acute pain substance.

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Candles affect not only the spine and relieve painful symptoms, which affect the lower back. They treat many diseases of the bowel, the genitourinary system: peritonitis, prostatitis, oophoritis, and others. Drugs contained in the candle light, immediately get into the bloodstream and have a positive impact on the body. The percentage of extinguishing the pain substances in the blood is much higher than if they went through the stomach. That is why candles help with back pain much faster than pills.

The use of candles does not deny other methods help a person suffering from back pain. This treatment is combined with massage, exercise therapy, manual therapy. However, you must remember that these non-drug remedies can be used after attacks of pain in the back, but not during it.

Candles should be stored in the fridge, because at room temperature they melt. Introduce candles, when a person is in a standing position or lying on its side. The anus during insertion of the candle should be relaxed to candle freely reached ampoule of the rectum.

The procedure is best performed at night. But if caught in pain and had to light a candle, the patient may need after the procedure, lie down for at least 30 minutes.