Causes and treatment of heart pain in osteochondrosis

Causes of pain in the heart and arrhythmia osteochondrosis, methods of treatment

Arrythmia — the emergence of periodic heart rhythm disorders, the disease is characterized by single or paired premature contractions of the heart muscle.

The disease is considered to be one of the most common types of arrhythmias, according to some extrasystole is observed in 90% of people over the age of fifty.

Arrhythmia of this type is the consequence of such heart diseases as defects, coronary artery disease, etc.

The main causes of pain in the region of the heart and arrhythmia

Causes of arrhythmia can also be intoxication with intoxication, infectious diseases and neoplastic processes. Hypertension, hyperthyroidism, systemic allergic reactions may also be associated with arrythmia.

Arrhythmia of this type occurs when a strong emotion at higher levels of catecholamines in the blood, acts as the viscero-visceral reflexes in the diaphragm hernias, cholecystitis and diseases of the stomach.

Functional extrasystoles can occur in perfectly healthy people in the time of stress, strong emotions, conflict situations. They are easily removed with the disappearance of the pathogen.

When arrhythmia due to increased vagal tone, it is recommended adequate to the age and fitness exercise.

Do not require special treatment of the extrasystoles, which does not cause hemodynamic disorders and painful sensations.

Heart pain associated with stress, sedentary lifestyle, the situation can aggravate the constant anxiety and the wrong response to the events.

A sedentary life and bad posture leads to deterioration of mobility of the diaphragm, the wrong location of the esophagus, stomach, thyroid gland, resulting in stretched tendons heart bags, disturbed the rhythm of the heartbeat.

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The heart bleeds in osteochondrosis: the specificity of sensations

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Low back pain can also be the cause of the pain in the heart.

Progressive narrowing of the intervertebral discs contributes to the formation of osteophytes, and in some cases of herniated discs, resulting in diagnosed compression of one or more roots.

The disease occurs in patients of middle age, it can grow in fast or slow pace.

In acute disease beginning in the neck there is a sharp pain that spreads along the inner surface of the shoulder to the fingertips. The pain is accompanied by numbness and tingling in the skin.

A characteristic feature of osteoarthritis is increased pain with movements of the head, the characteristic feature of the slow variant of the disease is increased pain when you stay in bed.

Night pain chest may be confused with angina, with cervical osteochondrosis can develop accompanied by cardialgia specific syndromes.

Osteochondrosis may be accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulder joints, shoulder girdle, upper limbs, anterior part of the thorax. The pain may be dull, arching, aching, burning.

Treatment of pain associated with vertebrogenic cardialgia and arrythmia

Methods of treatment of the pain associated with vertebral cardialgia

The goal of therapy is to eliminate the causes of pain syndrome using manual therapy.

The freed muscle and joint blocks, improves blood circulation and trophism in the lower layers of the muscles surrounding the spine.

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Regular exercises improves peripheral circulation in the area of pathology and helps stop degenerative processes.

Excellent biostimulating effect physical therapy.

Laser treatment, ultrasound, microcurrents have a profound warming effect.

All local methods with vertebrogenic cardialgia recommended for use in long-term courses, which should continue also after the disappearance of pain.

Treatment of pain associated with vertebrogenic cardialgia involves and medications, including vitamin and mineral supplements and analgesics.

The main emphasis is on local treatment.

Features of treatment of arrhythmia, occurs when degenerative disc disease

In light of the nature of the arrhythmia, not bringing the patient discomfort, treatment is not assigned.

Mandatory to ascertain the cause of heart rhythm disorders, and starts its elimination, it is necessary to stop further development of the arrhythmia.

Direct treatment of the disease is shown upon reaching 700 or more extrasystoles per day.

Before treatment it is necessary to diagnose a variety of beats, to record heart rate and to identify the individual characteristics of the organism.

Compulsory Holter monitoring to establish control of the actions of antiarrhythmic agents.

A plan for further workup pain in the heart and arrhythmia

To identify the overall picture of the disease, the cardiologist should hear all complaints of the patient, measure blood pressure, listen to heart and lungs, inspect the skin and subcutaneous fat. In the next stage are assigned laboratory and instrumental studies.

In the laboratory studies included tests in instrumental electrocardiogram, daily monitoring of ECG and echocardiography.

A video describing the nature and location of cardiac pain

After reviewing the video with the story of a specialist — a neurologist, you will be able to define more clearly the causes of pain in the heart and the character of spasms, which can be true or giver, that is triggered by dysfunctions in other organs

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