Causes and treatment of scoliosis the first (1) degree: exercise, physical therapy, physiotherapy

Scoliosis of 1 degree — act before it is too late!

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, is characterized by its deviation from the frontal plane, in other words, the lateral deformation.

Curvature of the spine can be directed to the right or to the left, consequently there are right and left scoliosis.

The shape of the curvature of scoliosis is:

  • S — shape when the vertebral line is curved in two places;
  • C — shaped — the curvature of one arch;
  • Z — shaped deformity — curvature of the three arcs.

The degree of development from mild to severe

Scoliosis is four degrees, it klassificeret at different values of deflection angle:

  1. First degree — deviation from 1 to 10 degrees, externally, the pathology is almost imperceptible. The symptoms are a slight slouch, one shoulder may be slightly higher than the other, pain in the back can occur after a long walk.
  2. Second degree — deviation from 11 to 25 degrees. Scoliosis of this degree becomes more pronounced. Arise systematic back pain, shoulder blade and upper arm are arranged asymmetrically.
  3. The third degree of deviation from 26 to 50 degrees. Pains become more frequent and intense. Externally visible deformation also appears lordosis.
  4. Fourth degree — the deviation is above 50 degrees. A noticeable bulge on one side and depression on the other side of the ribs, the torso deformed.

Symptoms of the first stage of deformation

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There are such kind of posture that is impossible to visually distinguish from the scoliosis of the first degree. It occurs due to muscle imbalance, and scoliosis differ from those in this case is not observed deformation of the vertebrae.

Features of scoliosis in the first stage are the following symptoms:

  • minor painful sensations;
  • the asymmetric arrangement of the shoulders;
  • asymmetry of the pelvis;
  • the stoop and the increase in lordosis;
  • straightening the spine while in a horizontal position.

There are also scoliosis of the left and right side depending on the direction of curvature. More common left-side

scoliosis with a benign course, right side is much rarer.

He’s more dangerous because the observed respiratory disorders and circulatory system disorders.

In the initial degree of scoliosis, the spine has a single bulge curvature and becomes S — shaped. Subsequently, with the development of scoliosis, appears S — shaped curvature, i.e. there is a secondary arc for balancing the offset of the center of gravity.

Very rare cases, when the first stage of disease there is a compensatory formation of the arc. S — shaped scoliosis may develop due to congenital abnormalities of the anatomical structure of the spine.

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Scoliosis of 1 degree outwardly inconspicuous and expressed a slight curvature which is aligned in a horizontal position.

The curvature can be localized in different parts of the spine. The most common is scoliosis of 1 degree with the curvature of the thoracic spine with partial involvement of the cervical and lumbar spine, with left-side strain.

The higher is the arc of curvature, the more serious the prognosis. External changes at this stage are invisible, so many people usually do not seek professional help.

In scoliosis of the thoracic often observed right-hand curvature. Such distortion does not cause pain but can have a detrimental effect on the internal organs — lungs, stomach, heart, and also deforms the chest.

The great danger of the scoliosis at the initial stage is not, however, pathology may eventually progress in the absence of timely treatment. In this case, the violation will progress and can cause irreversible changes.

About the reasons

Spine deformity is both innate and acquired. In the first case, is abnormal development of the vertebrae and ribs.

In the second case, the pathology develops in childhood until puberty. First degree — the easiest, at this stage begins to form pathological process.

The reasons why a disease occurs:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • injuries of the spine;
  • tumor;
  • injuries to legs, arms or pelvis;
  • osteoporosis — lack of bone tissue;
  • violation of posture in children;
  • poor nutrition;
  • activities such sports that involve asymmetric posture.

Diagnostic approach

Scoliosis is diagnosed in childhood or during the pubertal period. Basically, the pathology revealed at the age of 11-16 years.

Medicine proves that girls are affected more often than boys. This is due, primarily, with the more fragile structure of the bone and weakness of the muscular frame.

Often mild scoliosis is idiopathic in nature, in other words, set a specific cause is impossible.

Methods of diagnosis of scoliosis:

  1. X — ray of the classic and most accurate method of diagnosing this disease. The disadvantage of radiographs is radiation, therefore x-ray to do the impossible more than once in a few months.
  2. Photo. Using this method, you can set changes in posture. Pictures doing on the wall in a cage with tripod. Image are performed in multiple views — full length front, side, and in the normal position of the body.
  3. Computer optical topography — is carried out by recording the refracted light, which allows you to see the curve of the back. The result is photographed and treated with a special computer program.
  4. Scoliometer — with the aid of the device, which determines the degree of curvature in the numerical value.


Treatment method will depend on the reasons for the development of this disorder, and the age of the patient.

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At the beginning of the treatment, the specialist should determine whether the pathology of other diseases, and to eliminate the root cause of scoliosis. The purpose of therapy is strengthening the corset muscles of the torso, as well as the elimination of the disease in the first stage.

Treatment of scoliosis of 1 degree includes:

  1. Physiotherapy is the main treatment method aimed at the development of strong muscles and correcting posture, as well as recovery of the exchange process in bone and muscle tissues. When you do exercises will involve your back muscles, paravertebral and pelvic-lumbar muscles during relaxation will pull the spine in the desired direction, promoting its rectification.
  2. Chiropractic is of great benefit in the treatment. Treatments have a positive effect on the muscle tissue, relaxing and stimulating. This therapy will be effective, if you pass the course at least once a year. It is very important to a massage conducted only by a qualified technician, otherwise, this treatment can only exacerbate the situation.
  3. Physical therapy procedures are assigned in parallel with physical therapy as an adjuvant. This method involves electrophoresis, muscle stimulation, heat treatments.
  4. Orthopedic systematic consultation will help to monitor the condition of the spine, as well as the degree of progression of scoliosis.

Features of treatment

Exercises exercises are assigned a specialist after the medical examination and diagnosis. It is very important to approach seriously to physical therapy.

With proper implementation of exercises at home and follow all the medical requirements, this therapy is quite successful and will give excellent results.

Medical practice shows that out of 10 cases in 9 suffering from scoliosis, the first stage cured of this disease. However, it should be remembered that excessive load on the spine is invalid.

What to do at home

Exercises to be performed independently at home, getting a specialist. To fulfill them it is due to the following important rules:

  1. All exercises should be done very slowly and smoothly, in scoliosis should be avoided the field.
  2. Not to strain the body if you feel unwell. It would be better to reschedule the class for another day, but not to train.
  3. Begin gradually with further increase in load.
  4. Posture during the exercises should be correct.
  5. Before class muscles need to warm up with a short warmup. This condition is required.
  6. When performing exercises need to involve not only the back but also legs and shoulders so the weight is evenly distributed.
  7. Each exercise is to perform an equal number of times.

How dangerous is scoliosis?

The probability that the scoliosis of the 1st degree will begin to progress to more severe stage, will depend on the physiological characteristics of the person.

It can be affected by the following factors:

  • poor muscle development;
  • the curvature of the hip joint;
  • pathological the difference of extremities;
  • flat feet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • posture;
  • changes in the locomotor apparatus;
  • the presence of the disease from one parent.
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In order to prevent warp

As far as therapy of scoliosis at the initial stage has the most favorable prognosis, it is necessary to take measures that prevent development of the disease:

  1. Keep your back straight, be aware of proper posture.
  2. To have an active lifestyle. Very useful to go Jogging, swim, perform gymnastic exercises, more walking, strengthen back muscles and abdomen.
  3. To respect the day and proper nutrition.
  4. To set up your working place so that it will match their physical features. For example, the height of the table should be optimal for the particular growth.

Precautions and regulations

There are a number of issues that arise when the patient has curvature of the spine in the first stage.

Oh, sport, you are life!?

If to speak about sports activities, the choice of sport in scoliosis should be approached very carefully, because the wrong selection of a particular type of sports activity can significantly harm your health.

You need to avoid asymmetric loads among such sports it is possible to allocate badminton, tennis, bowling. Also, for example, sport or artistic gymnastics conducive to the flexibility of the spine, which is unacceptable in scoliosis.

Experts recommend martial arts, Jogging, swimming or physical training.

If you wish to do in the gym, exercises are chosen together with the attending physician.

Military service

Also, many people are interested in the question at what stage of scoliosis, it is possible to obtain exemption from military service. From military service does not exempt the persons suffering from scoliosis of 1 degree. The release can be obtained in the presence of scoliosis of 2 degrees.

Scoliosis of the first degree amenable to treatment, if time to start treatment and not to allow the disease to progress to a more complex form when irreversible processes will start.

It is very important to comply with preventive rules and regularly undergo an orthopedic examination.