Causes of gout and treatment of the disease

The most ancient disease that has reached our time, is the gout. The causes of gout is primarily caused by a defect in the process of exchange, which contributes to the increase in the patient’s blood uric acid and its deposition in the skeleton.

Factors of the disease

Причины подагры и методы лечения заболевания

What happens to the joint of the patient

It should be understood that, if the patient revealed the gout, the causes of the disease can be very diverse. As a rule, the development of this disease is due to the following facts:

  • Treatment diuretics provokes the development of diseases.
  • The cause of the disease there may be some diseases: obesity, diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, psoriasis, pathological processes in the blood. Exacerbation of gout causes surgical procedures or getting sick to some sort of trauma.
  • The appearance of the disease may be caused by the constant consumption of fatty meat, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  • Gout is practically a male disease. The female gout can occur as a result of menopause.
  • Knowing what causes gout, you can begin to get familiar with the symptoms. Causes, symptoms of this disease can be linked. However, the main causes of the disease is usually the development of a patient of a certain disease. Among them are the following:

  • Gouty arthritis. Pathology usually begins with damage to a single joint, which can be the big toe. The disease develops quite suddenly: there is severe pain, the finger swells and is very red. These symptoms gradually develop into an acute disease (usually during the day) at which the patient temperature rises and there has been a dramatic decline forces. Fading aggravation for weeks. Complications of gout in this case lies in the fact that in its development gradually affected by new joints, and then they are deformed for the reason for the formation of nodular deposits and growths of the bone. The consequences of this process are as follows: joints become less mobile, and the person begins to move with difficulty. Each new process of acute gout leads to the fact that there are new, more serious complications.
  • Kidney stones, symptom of which is renal colic. The disease arises as a result of salt deposits on the kidneys in the elimination of uric acid.

  • Gout: aspects of classification

    Причины подагры и методы лечения заболевания

    The joints affected by the disease

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    Classification of gout involves the separation of such types as:

    • the renal form;
    • combined form;
    • metabolic form.

    Classification of types of diseases due to the presence of every type and form of the disease characteristic features.

    Renal gout is lowering uric acid. Metabolic is characterized by increased formation of this acid, and the mixed form of the disease can be characterized as a violation of the synthesis and excretion of uric acid.

    In accordance with the reasons which led to the emergence and development of the disease, gout klassificeret on the disease:

    • the primary type;
    • the secondary type.

    Primary gout occurs as a consequence of genetic defect, excessive and monotonous nutrition, passive lifestyle. Gout secondary type caused by the development in humans of different blood diseases, kidneys, drugs.

    In accordance with the features of a current gout clinical classification is divided into 7 types:

    • classical gouty arthritis;
    • acute gouty arthritis;
    • infectious polyarthritis;
    • allergic arthritis;
    • Peninsula arthritis;
    • rheumatoid gout;
    • oligosymptomatic gout,
    • pediatricheskaya gout;
    • pseudopregnancy gout.

    Причины подагры и методы лечения заболевания

    The accumulation of uric acid in the joint

    Summing up, it can be argued that the classification of gout are the following aspects:

  • The periods of occurrence of the disease, which include: preclinical, ostroprotekayuschih and chronic periods.
  • The types of the disease: light flow, moderate and severe.
  • Phase-by-phase course of the disease: active and inactive (the disease is in remission).
  • Gout is a serious disease that requires careful attention to treatment. However, modern medicine cured any disease, it is essential to contact the doctor in time to pass the necessary examination and follow all recommendations of the doctor. Self-medication in this situation is the harm that can lead to disability and loss of health.

    Many may argue: if there are recipes of traditional medicine, why not, to be treated independently? There is a simple answer: it can be treated with traditional methods, but first it is necessary to determine the causes of gout and consult with your doctor. And from time to time to pass the inspection tests, even if you do not bother, because the disease may just lay low.

    Diagnostic methods

    Find out causes, symptoms of gout, for confirmation of the diagnosis the patient is assigned a special diagnostic procedure.

    The study, which is recommended for the definition of gout, are in the biochemical analysis of blood. When decrypting this analysis determines the degree of increase of uric acid and identify deviations from the norm of creatine levels of the blood.

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    To define gout when conducting chemical examination of fluid released from the surface of affected finger, experts determine the rate of uric acid crystals and carry out the inoculation of bacteria.

    For the timely detection of the disease are recommended for radiography of the joints, and ultrasonography of the kidneys, aimed at the detection of stone.

    After decoding the results of earlier studies and the possible detection of complications of gout rheumatologist assigns the patient a comprehensive treatment.

    Methods of treatment

    Причины подагры и методы лечения заболеванияIn order to avoid complications of gout, you must first follow a diet. Diet is the limited consumption of meat and fish, beans, chocolate, tea and coffee. Completely banned the use of wine and beer.

    To avoid complications, you need to increase the amount of fluids, if there is no prohibition of a physician. You should take cranberry juice, mineral water. Reduction in the rate of body weight — a prerequisite for a person who wants to avoid complications.

    Gout treatment medication way is to reduce pain, which is caused when the gout is acute.

    When gout is exacerbated by the need to observe rest sore feet. The leg should be elevated to the recommended cold on the sore spot. If the pain subsided, the required heating applications. Treatment of gout is the use of ill non-steroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory action. Kind of medication, its dose and timing of intake are selected by the doctor individually.

    Physiotherapy and phytotherapy

    Treatment of gout may be in the use of physiotherapy procedures. When gout becomes aggravated, use compresses with a solution of Dimexidum, which is applied on the affected joint. A poultice it relieves inflammation and pain. Be sure to test for allergic reaction. The duration of the first compress for about 10 minutes and then increase to 2-3 hours. In the period of exacerbation do packs with paraffin, mud, which improve the function of joints and decrease the urate content.

    Treatment of gout may be in the use of the treatments of herbal medicine which is used in conjunction with a special diet. Use the infusion of leaves of bilberry and black currant, used bilberry fruits. It is proven that gout may be defeated by strict adherence to proper nutrition, when to remove products such as:

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    Причины подагры и методы лечения заболевания

    Cranberry tincture is very useful to the patient

    • kidney and brain;
    • fatty meats;
    • chicken;
    • rich broths.

    Strictly prohibited alcohol, because it interferes with the excretion of uric acid. The demand for calories is met by carbohydrate intake. Should eat eggs, oatmeal, flour, beef. Meat is used only in a boiled (several times a week). The portions are small (around 250 grams). For intake of vitamins should be consumed as broth hips, lemon, apples, currants.

    People who have gout, should not be engaged in medical starvation because it increases the level of uric acid, resulting in serious aggravation of the disease.

    Gout is treated with diet. It is an indisputable fact. But to use diet is necessary after a thorough examination the doctor and obtaining appropriate advice from a dietitian.

    Folk remedies to combat gout

    Not bad acting and traditional methods of treatment. The most effective ones are the following recipes:

  • Before Breakfast, you must eat a Cup of strawberries, after dinner but before bed two. The treatment course of about 2 months.
  • Dried strawberries pour boiling water, infused for 1.5 hours, then ready broth use (daily for 4 cups). The course of treatment — 1.5 months.
  • Application of iodine, castor oil and ammonia. These gadgets are made every day.
  • Castor oil mixed with denatured alcohol, then put the proceeds for the night. It is relieves pain gradually passes a bump on the leg. The mixture can be used for rheumatism.
  • To soften the formed cones used a decoction of the root and leaves of violets (only wild).
  • Traditional methods as well as pharmacological management of gout require from the patient is dieting, which recommended the use of fermented milk and dairy products.