Causes of lower back pain in women

Lower back pain in women — what can be the matter?

If you experience constant discomfort in the body, that life will invariably become unbearable.

It is impossible to lead a normal life, doing daily chores, if you feel that your health is not all right and you constantly feel pain in your lower back. The spine plays one of the most important functions in the human body, if something is wrong with your back, it brings a lot of problems.

Lower back pain in women can occur for different reasons.

For example, due to various diseases of the spine, may be the result of excessive physical exertion or any disease that is associated with the nervous system women.

The reasons, which may appear back pain in women very much. In order to properly determine the root cause of pain, it is recommended to urgently seek the help of a specialist.

In addition, you should visit a specialist, who will prescribe a specific treatment if the pain appear in women, it is recommended to rest for a couple of days to spend more time in bed if possible, and under no circumstances not to lift anything heavy.

What is the cause of lower back pain in women?

Practically every woman at least once in their life faced with this problem. Back hurts, it can pull, ache, in General, the loin will do its utmost to draw attention to themselves in different ways. What is the reason? Sitting in an uncomfortable position, sharply bent, lifted too heavy bag, and other factors can cause this problem.

But if the pain does not pass or appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The presence of back pain can be the «first bells» already developing in the body severe disease. Although sometimes the cause may be natural, and nothing to worry about.

So what are the main causes of such feelings in women?

Lower back pain during menstruation

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Most women during the menstrual cycle may be a fluid retention in the body, this is completely normal. But as a result of to normal weight women during this period can add about 2-3 pounds.

This might shift the center of gravity, to change the normal load on the muscles of the spine and back.

At this time in the lower back you may feel discomfort and pain. At this time it is best to drink diuretic herbal extracts that will ensure excess fluid is not delayed in a woman’s body.

Lower back pain during pregnancy

Future moms start to experience discomfort and pain in the lower back is already on the big time.

Pregnancy completely changes the mechanics of the body in women, resulting in the body more difficult to cope with stress. What load is increasing with increasing weight of the fetus.

In addition, a woman’s body at this time starts the production of the hormone progesterone, which makes weak ligaments and joints. Of course, all this greatly increases the load on the spine.

In the lower back start to appear nagging and aching pain.

The best way to get rid of them is to do the basic exercises, light physical activity will not hurt your fetus, but rather improve the endurance of your spine, and the discomfort will decrease considerably.

Lower back pain because of large breast size

If the Breasts rather impressive size, she could face the unpleasant problem of occurrence of lumbar pain. Indeed, in this case the center of gravity to the side – he shifted slightly forward, and it is high enough.

To maintain balance and carry heavy chest, pelvis itself moves backwards. The muscles of the loins feel rather heavy load, which can lead to tangible consequences.

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To solve this problem capable special support bra.

Lower back pain due to osteoporosis

A serious problem requiring immediate expert intervention become pain in the lower back due to osteoporosis. This disease is characterized by a significant thinning of the bone tissue.

In women, this pathology is found more often than men.

The disease can develop in most cases during menopause in women. It is impossible to be immune from the disease, but preferably a certain prevention to comply with in the youth using drugs with calcium and actively playing sports.

Lower back pain caused by high heels and heavy bags

Certainly, many women have heard the advice about not wearing high heels all the time, because it is harmful.

Wearing high heels regularly causes the natural curve of the body begins to change, the pelvis begins to climb a little. Because of this, you may receive an imbalance in the body, and as a consequence lower back pain may occur. If possible, the experts strongly recommend for everyday wear to buy shoes with heels, height is not more than five centimeters.

Moreover, a woman committed to ban the wearing of any weights. If the lady daily carries a bag weighing about 5 pounds, will not pass also month as it can cause problems in the lumbar. Not worth it with this joke! If you are carrying a heavy bag, then at least try to distribute the load on both hands.

The campaign for trust products strong half of mankind. Handbag not even remotely resemble a travel backpack.

Traditional methods of treatment

  • Herbal bath. You need to boil 4 cups of water, remove from heat and pour in lime color — 2/3 Cup rosemary leaves — 1/3 Cup. In a closed pan leave for about 10 minutes Strain the solution and add to the bath.
  • Valerian in the form of decoction alleviates pain.
  • Mustard. 200 g. dry mustard to dissolve and add to a hot bath. After a bath shelter with a blanket made of wool. It is better to go to bed and sleep not revealing.
  • Clay. Take a quarter of a bucket of red clay, dilute with hot water to obtain a dough, mold the cake thickness of not more than 4 cm. Lay on your back, then you need to lie on your stomach, not to stand until the clay does not become cold.
  • Snow and salt. Take two cups of snow, one Cup of coarse salt, mix. On a napkin we spread a mixture of snow and salt. This compress on the back to carry a fairly unpleasant, so keep it around 5 min.
  • Mint. 300-400 g of dried mint to boil in water for 20 minutes, pour into the tub.
  • Lower back pain will help to avoid broccoli and spinach eat more of them. They contain vitamin K, needed for strong bones.
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Do not leave this important symptom without attention at the first sign refer to the doctor.

If back pains appear periodically, or experience sharp pain, immediately consult a doctor for advice.

At best, he will dispel your fears by explaining the cause of the pain hormonal changes or banal fatigue. But it may be that this is not serious at first sight, the symptom is a sign of serious disease, which it is better to start to treat at an early stage.