Causes, symptoms and treatment of synovitis of the elbow joint: photo of pathology

How to quickly win synovitis of the elbow joint

The elbow joint of a person includes a capsule covered with a sheath called synovial.

Shell participates directly in the exchange of synovial fluid.

If the shell affects inflammation, the lesion is called synovitis of the elbow joint.

The essence of the disease

Joint fluid is responsible for the condition of the cartilage in the joint. It is produced by the synovial membrane of the capsule.

This shell has a reinforced blood supply and is very sensitive to changes both inside the body and external influences.

Trauma or viral infection, various allergic reactions can contribute to inflammation in the joint capsule.

Then disturbed metabolism, and fluid begins to accumulate in the capsule.

Types of violations

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The disease can be caused by infection or other causes. Therefore, the share of infectious or non-infectious synovitis.

In addition, the disease can occur in acute or in chronic form. In acute varieties, all of its manifestations is clearly expressed and inflammatory processes are obvious.

Chronic inflammation of the joints of the elbow characterized by pathological changes and the onset of the disease is rarely diagnosed. In addition, chronic form of the disease leads to relapse often occurs.

If you do not try to treat chronic pathology, in the future this may lead to frequent sprains, dislocations and pain when bending at the elbow.

Over time, frequent deformation of the joint and possible loss of its primary function.

Why a disease occurs

Causes of synovitis of the elbow can be different.

For example, a purulent form of the disease can be triggered by a variety of external infections or inflammation of internal organs.

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The infection can penetrate into the body due to the inflammation of lymph nodes or by changes in the anatomy of the joint itself.

In addition, the cause of the disease may be disruption of the endocrine system, metabolism, blood disease or trauma.

In case of allergic cause of the disease, is caused by a reaction to various allergens.

The clinical picture

For any varieties of synovitis of the elbow joint, the symptoms are about the same:

  • joint changes its original shape;
  • observed rasparennoe and redness of the skin on the elbow;
  • swelling;
  • pain that becomes stronger when moving;
  • elbow becomes specific spherical shape;
  • the patient feels chills, fever and deterioration in General health.

Chronic manifestation of the disease, which appear already at the initial stage, the patient feels no severe pain in the elbow with repetitive movements, the so-called symptom of «fatigue».

Mobility of the elbow is limited. The patient may feel malaise and fever.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosed the surgeon. The doctor performs the examination and patient interviewing. Assigned to MRI of the elbow.

But the main tool for diagnosis is puncture of the inflamed joint.

This liquid is subjected to study, which identifies the causes of disease and potential pathogens.

Also puncture allows you to identify the chronic nature of the disease.

On the basis of research, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment for the patient.

Approach to therapy

If taken from the patient puncture shows that fluid in the joint capsule, a small amount, but the disease is not expressed in nature, that the patient is in the splint and tight bandage or plaster cast.

This measure is intended to protect the elbow joint from excessive load.

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Treatment of synovitis of the elbow joint medicines has the following objectives:

  • to remove the pain;
  • to suppress the inflammation;
  • to eliminate the swelling;
  • to restore circulation;
  • to normalize the motor activity.

To reduce inflammation your doctor may prescribe non-steroidal drugs such as: Diclofenac, Voltaren, Fastum-Gel, Rumalon.

For pain relief of joints are used: Brufen, Baralgin, Nurofen, Indomethacin.

When treatment is prescribed physical therapy, electrophoresis, UHF and heat treatments.

In the treatment of chronic varieties of the disease, the doctor will determine the root cause and assigns the appropriate comprehensive treatment.

Measures aimed at its elimination and are taking medication, appointment injections and physiotherapy.

In some cases, surgery is used?

If the patient has a purulent synovitis kind, it usually hospitalitynet. The patient is assigned an operation to remove pus from the joint capsule.

The operation can be performed in two ways:

  1. Removal of pus by puncture.
  2. By cutting the joint, cleaning and processing the necessary preparations. This operation is performed in severe cases.

Next, the surgeon provides a drainage capsules for removal of liquid and, if necessary, drug administration.

On the operated joint is applied to the tire. It provides complete immobility of the elbow and relieve him of all loads.

Possible complications

The possibility and nature of complications depends on the kind of disease.

If the inflammation is acute, with the correct diagnosis and treatment timely made, there is confidence that the disease will pass without complications.

In chronic varieties of the disease, there are possibility of recurrence. If left untreated, the joint undergoes changes and become «loose cannons».

This leads further to different kinds of dislocations. Over time there is a breakdown of cartilage and the development of diseases such as arthrosis of the elbow joint, there is a small movement of the joint.

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Suppurative synovitis may threaten the patient’s life and requires urgent intervention.

In addition, prescribed medications can have side effects and affect the heart, gastrointestinal tract or the immune system of the patient. In each case, the decision on drug drug takes an expert.

Preventive measures

For the prevention of disease, each person should carefully relate to their health.

You must carefully listen to various adverse manifestations in the joints. In sports or in life to avoid injury.

Inflammation of the elbow joint and the capsule may be a long time to manifest itself in an acute form, and referred pain signs or stiffness when moving.

In any case, in the event the primary symptoms of the disease, for prevention, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

It should be borne in mind that the treatment of a disease such as synovitis of the elbow joint should be in a hospital.

The specialist will determine the cause of the disease, will assess the patient’s condition and prescribe the right treatment.

The use of folk recipes can only weaken the primary symptoms of the disease, but not to eliminate the causes and the disease itself.

Self-medication or absence of skilled care can lead to various complications or even life-threatening.