Cervical chondrosis: symptoms, treatment, prevention

Шейный хондроз: симптомы, лечение, профилактикаToday chondrosis of the cervical spine is one of the most common diseases of the back. In our time, this chronic disease affects one in two people in the world over 50 years. But cervical chondrosis is a disease not only of people Mature and advanced age. Today, the diagnosis of the cervical vertebrae osteohondroz increasingly being young people under the age of more 30 years of age. Chondrosis is a disease that causes mild degenerative changes in the spine, which in the later stages of the disease are irreversible.

The causes of the disease

The main reasons for the appearance of human cervical chondrosis of the spine are lack of exercise, poor posture, regular and prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position, long sitting in one place and a sedentary lifestyle. This disease is characterized by severe damage to the joints of the cervical spine, which can cause serious complications.

As the doctors, hondros thoracic or lumbar not so dangerous their consequences, such as changes in the cervical spine. In the process of development of this disease is pinching the nerve endings, and squeezing the blood vessels of the circulatory system, causing impaired blood flow to the brain.

Шейный хондроз: симптомы, лечение, профилактикаIn severe stages of cervical chondrosis, the patient suffers from a serious deformation of the intervertebral discs causing nerve roots extending from the spinal cord, just cease to function normally. As a result, a person suffering from the disease are marked disorders of skin sensitivity, strong dizziness and headaches, and numbness in the neck, face and hands.

Chondrosis: characteristic symptoms

The main danger of cervical chondrosis of the spine is that this disease develops very slowly and for a long time does not manifest itself. Therefore, the diagnosis of cervical chondrosis is often patients already in the later stages of the disease when the symptoms of chondrosis of the cervical spine be revealed, and its treatment is not so effective.

Chondrosis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Constant headaches that are especially prevalent in the neck.
  • If the lesion affected the lower joints of the cervical spine, then the patient may experience severe pain in the region of the heart, which in its manifestations is similar to angina.
  • Sudden dizziness, bouts of severe nausea and persistent noise in the ears, blurred vision.
  • When head movements up and down or left and right in the neck you hear the crunch, which indicates the presence of degenerative changes in the vertebrae.
  • By entrapment of the nerve roots and blood vessels in the neck, you may experience temporary numbness of the fingers.
  • Chondrosis and pressure. During the day there are sharp jumps in blood pressure.
  • Signs are shown pointing to the development of vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • In the area of the neck remains constant tightness. Even the slight movement of his head accompanied by a strong pain that occur due to extreme overexertion of the neck muscles and shoulders.
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    Drugs against cervical chondrosis

    Modern medicine offers several effective ways of responding to the question, how to treat cervical chondrosis of the vertebral column. Today, the treatment of this disease, as a rule, are medication with drugs, which is particularly essential in severe stages of the disease. With this purpose, the patient compulsory prescribe analgesics and other drugs with significant anti-inflammatory effect.

    These drugs may also be administered to the patient by intramuscular injection, which helps to quickly relieve even the most severe back pain and stop inflammation. Furthermore, the person suffering from cervical chondrosis must take drugs that promote the restoration of the intervertebral discs and help to improve the metabolic processes in the body.

    Modern doctors would recommend their patients to take natural products, created from plant-based herbs. In addition, medically treat chondrosis is impossible without the latest medicines containing glucosamine.

    This substance, which is produced from quinine natural origin, extracted from the body crustacean shellfish.

    Шейный хондроз: симптомы, лечение, профилактика

    Due to the curvature of the vertebrae are pressed nerve endings, causing the patient aching pain

    Another important remedy to help get rid of cervical chondrosis is hyaluronic acid.

    It promotes deep hydration of damaged cartilage tissues of the spine, which protects them from drying out and further damage.

    Hyaluronic acid is one of the few drugs that don’t just help slow the progression of the disease, but actually treated the cervical chondrosis.


    Any person who can think about the question of how to treat cervical chondrosis, it should be remembered that to get rid of this disease without regular exercise therapy is simply impossible. Gymnastics in cervical chondrosis includes the following mandatory exercises:

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  • Exercise No. 1. Interlock the fingers to the castle and put them on the forehead. Now start with the power to put pressure on the surface of the forehead, while trying to give head response resistance. This exercise should be performed about 5 times, the duration of each assignment should be 5 sec.
  • Exercise No. 2. Attach one arm to the right ear and cover it with the palm of the other hand. Start to put pressure on the side of your head, while trying to keep the neck straight and not to reject the head to the side. Then repeat this same exercise for the right side.
  • Exercise No. 3. Drop the chin down and press it to his chest, while fully relaxing all the muscles of the neck and shoulders. In the end, you should have the feeling that your head became very heavy and therefore you can’t keep it straight. Very slowly again, raise your head, straighten your neck and straighten your shoulders. This exercise should be repeated at least 5 times.
  • Exercise No. 4. Again, lower chin to chest and start to move my head to the right and to the left side of an imaginary semicircle. In this case, your head needs to settle down alternately to the left and right shoulder. After completing the exercise, you need to make special massage.

  • Gentle massage

    Шейный хондроз: симптомы, лечение, профилактикаAfter physiotherapy very good massage, who also will be very useful for all patients with cervical chondrosis of the vertebral column. Massage in this disease should be gentle, not to hurt the intact vertebrae.

    It is also very important to remember that the true therapeutic massage from the cervical chondrosis must only be a true specialist.

    A massage from an inexperienced therapist, can only injure you and cause of increased pain in his back.

    Chondrosis treatment of folk remedies

    It must be noted that the treatment of chondrosis folk remedies at home will be effective only in the case of regular use of the following recipes.

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  • Tincture of elderberry. Take two cups of high-quality medical alcohol and a half Cup of elderberries. Then, pour the elderberries in a glass jar, pour pure alcohol, well, close and put in a shaded place. After a week this medicinal tincture will be ready. Ready folk remedy RUB in the back in the region of the cervical spine, focusing on the most painful places.
  • Compresses of burdock. Take the pre-dried leaves of the burdock, rinse thoroughly and chop into small pieces. Then, pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped herbs in an enamel bowl, pour a glass of boiling water, cover and wrap well. Leave to infuse for about a quarter of an hour, then strain and apply compresses on sore back.
  • Treatment of chondrosis at home: juice of horseradish. This folk remedy is perhaps most effectively struggling with severe pain and stiffness in the back and neck when chondrosis of the vertebral column. To do this, take half a glass of quality vodka and the same amount of fresh horseradish juice. Then pour both ingredients into one container and mix thoroughly. When the drug is ready, flowing gently RUB it into a sore neck and back, from the nape of the neck.

  • Prevention of disease

    In the future don’t have to wonder what to treat cervical chondrosis of the spine, it is necessary today to think about what to do to prevent developing the disease. A few important points:

  • Maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • The abandonment of all bad habits.
  • The correct posture.
  • Eating vegetables with high oxalic acid content .
  • A complete rejection of high heels, spike heels.
  • With great care to lift heavy objects (and preferably does not do).
  • In addition to the above, you must purchase a pillowtop mattress. Be healthy!