Cervical myositis: symptoms, treatment adults and children

Шейный миозит: симптомы, лечение взрослых и детей

The myositis is the inflammation of the striated muscles. To cause this disease can trauma, intoxication, infection, etc. the Sclera may be affected by any muscle.

Cervical myositis — an inflammatory process in the cervical-shoulder girdle. Even perfectly healthy people can face this disease. It is able to provoke stress, bad posture during sleep, draught (what is the most common cause) and many other factors.

The symptoms of myositis of the cervical muscles

Usually the symptoms felt immediately after the man woke up. But the affected muscles of the neck in most cases, be felt no earlier than the day after the traumatic impact. The fact that during this period there is swelling of the inflamed fibers of the muscles. In this case the inevitable occurs reflex spasm, resulting nerve endings become irritated, causing intense pain.

No matter what the cause caused cervical myositis, main symptoms, treatment and recommendations are always the same. Pain often occur in the region from the neck to the shoulder. With the defeat of the cervical-brachial plexus and major nerves inflammation the patient feels pain not only in the neck, but in the muscles of the hands.

Myositis often occurs asymmetrically, i.e. one side pain is stronger. Because of the pain of being violated motor functions as the neck and inflamed hands. With proper and timely treatment of cervical myositis, the disease recedes without a trace. In this case, positive results can be observed after a few days, maximum — 2 weeks. If inflammation of the neck muscles do not take any measures, the disease can be significantly delayed, especially when it comes to children.

With prolonged inflammation pain in muscles show not so intense, but there is a risk of serious complications. It is therefore very important to treat myositis muscle and at the same time competently.

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Methods of combating the disease

As a rule, the treatment of myositis doctor prescribes, identifying the cause that triggered the disease. If the culprit bacteria, the patient required antibiotics. In autoimmune myositis treatment is with glucocorticoids and immunosuppressants. In addition, the doctor may prescribe a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and applying warming ointments. Significant relief can be achieved with the help of physical therapy, massage and other physiotherapy techniques.

It is first necessary that the patient was in complete peace. For best effect, you can make novocaine blockade — the most painful inflamed muscle areas shoot up corticosteroid hormone, along with the novocaine. The treatment of cervical myositis this method immediately relieves pain gradually goes and inflammation. If a child is sick, without a doctor’s prescription any drugs is not recommended.

For patients who are contraindicated for treatment with the application of chemicals, are appointed by special procedures of post-isometric relaxation. In medicine, this technique is relatively recent, but already managed to get a lot of positive feedback. The treatment of cervical myositis with PIR gives good results. The technique involves the stretching of ligaments and muscles.

Шейный миозит: симптомы, лечение взрослых и детей

This manipulation requires the full cooperation of the attending physician and the patient. The task of the patient during the procedure is the tensing and relaxing of certain muscles. When muscles and ligaments are relaxed, the doctor doing their stretching.

The result of PR the patient feels considerable relief, pain and tension are held. The course of treatment prescribed by the doctor based on the degree of difficulty of cervical myositis.

Manifestations of the disease in children

Cervical myositis in children may be accompanied by increased temperature. There is a risk of disease progression. Maybe cause other nearby muscles: throat, airway, and esophagus. As a result, children hardly eat and shortness of breath.

Noticing the first symptoms of cervical myositis in a child, immediately consult your doctor. Each case requires an individual approach to treatment. In acute myositis in children assigned to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams. In most cases, it helps to avoid oral medications, because they are known to give a serious burden on the immature child’s body. In some cases of pain the child has to use analgesics.

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Шейный миозит: симптомы, лечение взрослых и детей

Treatment of myositis in a child should be accompanied by physiotherapy, massage and exercise therapy. Make sure that the baby was in complete peace. Try to limit physical activity of the affected muscles. For the patient portion of the body provide dry heat.

Treatment of myositis with the help of folk remedies

If the disease is still caught up with you and severe pain do not give rest, you can apply one of the popular ways of treatment of cervical myositis.

  • To remove severe pain in the affected muscle will help compresses of cabbage leaves. Grate soap and sprinkle baking soda and apply to the affected area of the body, tying a handkerchief on top.
  • You can also use the compress on the basis of field horsetail. To deal with the pain will help the rubbing of ointment, for preparation of which you will need butter (4 parts) and powder horsetail (part 1).
  • Шейный миозит: симптомы, лечение взрослых и детейIn equal proportions (1 tablespoon) and mix honey and Apple cider vinegar, the resulting mixture pour 1 tbsp. of water then stir. During the day, try to take 2-3 tbsp. of medication. To achieve the maximum positive effect, it is recommended that rubbing Apple cider vinegar in the affected area of the body.
  • For the following funds will be required physalis (fresh or dried fruits, you can apply the juice). Medicine is best to cook in a water bath on low heat. Cooled broth take several times a day before meals (1/4 Cup).
  • Dried borage (borage officinalis 10 g) brew in a Cup of boiling water. Capacity with the drug tightly and wrap a warm cloth. After 5 hours of infusion of medication ready to use. Take 1 tbsp several times a day.
  • To improve mobility in the injured part of the body can RUB a composition that includes pork fat (100 g) and salt (1 tbsp). After the procedure, put on the affected area with a cotton cloth, and on top of the oilcloth.
  • Well relieves inflammation tincture, which will need to the bark of barberry (25 g) and 1 tbsp. alcohol (70%). The medicine is put in a dark place, after 7-10 days it is ready for use. Several times during the day, take 30 drops of tincture.
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    It should be noted that any treatment is not able to give the desired effect, if the disease is severe. Of course, some benefit, many of them bring, very often it is enough for the treatment of early stages of the disease. In order to avoid any complications, it is recommended to consult a doctor and get advice about the treatment of cervical myositis.

    During treatment should comply strictly with all recommendations of the doctor. Remember complete rest, avoid hypothermia both during illness and after her. Try to avoid excessive loads, but the lessons in any sport is worth considering seriously.