Cervical radiculitis: symptoms, home treatment and traditional

Cervical radiculitis: symptoms and treatment

Radiculitis of the cervical spine is a disease caused by the inflammation of the nerve root exiting the spinal cord in the cervical region.

The disease is accompanied by severe pain in the shoulders, neck, head and also numbness of the hands.

The cervical has seven vertebrae, and often the defeat exposed the nerve roots located between the 4, 5 and 6 vertebrae.

According to statistics, the disease equally affects both women and men aged 20-35.

The causes of the disease

The disease appears due to various reasons. It may be associated with hypothermia, with the presence of inflammatory diseases of the cervical spine, infringement of nerve roots in chronic diseases of the spine.

In General, there are several factors that contribute to the onset of sciatica in individuals of all categories of the population:

  1. Work which strain the neck muscles due to improper posture. Most improper neck position is observed among teachers, librarians, people who perform manual work jewelry – jewelry, shoes, clothes.
  2. Frequent stays in draughty and cool place.
  3. The presence of excess weight.
  4. Diseases in endocrinology.
  5. Due to age-related changes can occur education, which reduce the hole between the vertebrae and «put pressure» on nerves.

So, according to which there is cervical radiculitis, quite a lot, and if they are not to get rid of, it can lead to complications later.

What diseases provoke the sciatica in the neck

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Cervical radiculitis can act as a secondary illness caused by the existence of other diseases:

  1. Disc herniation often leads to the emergence of the disease. As a rule, this disease occurs in people from 30 years, but there are cases when the disease manifests itself in individuals at a younger age. The main reasons are the intense stress, injuries and in work requiring the awkward position of the neck.
  2. Inflammation of the cervical. Occur due to hypothermia, observed in persons of any age. Often lead to other diseases. Sometimes resembles symptoms of the common cold.
  3. Other diseases that indirectly cause pain.
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Seizures can be repeated and escalate repeatedly. If there is a patient infection acute pain.

The symptoms of the disease

As the main symptom of sciatica cervical acts as a severe pain in the neck.

Compared to lesions other areas of the spine feeling when cervical radiculitis is more pronounced.

Patient think the pain from the neck spreading to back of the head goes to the shoulders and scapula.

Even if you turn your head slightly to sneeze or cough, the pain is worse.

In case of advanced disease the patient may feel the following: tingling in the neck, burning, numbness in the hands. Experts say that the numbness is caused by a loss of muscle strength, and as a consequence reduced sensitivity.

Because of the severe pain the patient can not determine the choice of position for sleeping and Seating. Radicular pain combined with the dizziness, so the patient tries to keep his head straight.

The disease may be accompanied by hearing impairment, staggering while walking, it occurs because of a lack of blood supply to the brain.

Compared with lumbar radiculitis, cervical is less common, but its symptoms are more vivid and painful, that gives the patient a lot of discomfort.

Approach to diagnosis

The disease diagnosis is based on the sequential action of the expert:

  • examination by a neurologist, to check the sensitivity of organs, muscle power and basic reflexes;
  • studies of the spine computed tomography (CT), MRI of the cervical spine, and other methods;
  • the designation of an appropriate patient treatment.

Because cervical radiculitis has pronounced symptoms, to diagnose simply, and the main task of a specialist subsequently to prescribe the right treatment.

Treatment of the disease

Currently, there are many methods and means of treatment of this disease, whose primary purpose is to relieve the patient from pain, relieve inflammation and back muscle sensitivity.

So, using the correct methods, you can quickly and easily achieve their goals.

Traditional methods of treatment

As already noted, disease can be treated by several methods, and they differ considerably among themselves:

Conservative treatment is carried out for several months, and if results are not observed is surgery.

Non-surgical methods of treatment:

  1. Medication. For the treatment prescribed a range of drugs that serve to eliminate pain, decrease inflammation, improve metabolism, repair damaged nerve fibers. Medications relax the muscles that enslaves the spine. Used drugs such as Mirigama, Newmaximum, Mucosal, Movalis and others.
  2. It is also recommended to use a special patch from sciatica – the latest development, which is worn at night to the neck.
  3. Physiotherapy. For carrying out this treatment it is necessary to contact specialized companies. The technique involves magnetic therapy, which is 14-18 times, acupuncture – 10 times. An effective remedy for the malady is massage, which is done in the cervical part comprising from 10 to 15 sessions. An effective procedure is electrophoresis, which is used by hydrocortisone. To corroborate the result, a good effect gives physiotherapy, but classes cannot be skipped, if you want to recover as quickly as possible.
  4. A dietary treatment. Since a large number of used therapeutic drugs have a very negative impact on the functioning of the organism as a whole, for the period of treatment is recommended to follow a specific diet. It aims to improve the quality of food, avoiding harmful foods (sweet, salty, smoked, fatty, alcohol and tobacco). It is important to follow the diet, eat small portions, including dairy products.
  5. Surgery. If the traditional treatment brings no results, specialists prescribe to the operation. It includes decompression of the nerve root.
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As they say «when the struggle all means and methods are good». However, once it is not necessary to resort to drastic measures. Because cervical radiculitis is quite common disease, a good and prudent housewife was not invented one method of traditional treatment.

Traditional methods

The treatment of cervical sciatica at home is based on the outer and inner ways of dealing with illness.

External methods include ointments, lotions, creams, to tinctures from alcohol, teas, herbs.

To a greater extent the treatment of diseases of the popular methods is to use medicinal plants, which have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

There are a few recipes that are fighting this hateful disease when using folk methods:

  1. For example, can be treated with birch leaves applied to the affected area and preliminarily poured with boiling water. This compress is covered with cellophane and kept a few hours.
  2. Well established tincture of burdock. For its preparation it is necessary to take 0,5 l of vodka, to pour her burdock root, which are pre-shredded. The infusion lasts 14 days, after which you can use for rubbing sore spots.
  3. A great option would be mustard plasters and mustard baths. To prepare the medication you need in bowl, mix mustard powder and add it to the bath water, bathe for 15 minutes.

If the right approach to recovery, using traditional medicines, you can get a great result in a short time and to forget about the disease.

Complications of neglected disease

If the time has not come to the treatment of the pain syndrome, you can get secondary diseases caused by them.

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This can be coronary artery disease of the spinal cord in the cervical region of the spine, increased intracranial pressure, paralysis of the upper extremities.

In order to prevent disease progression, it is necessary to conduct measures for the treatment and prevention of development and the emergence of the disease.

The complex of preventive measures

In order to prevent the occurrence of cervical sciatica, you need to be out in the cold to avoid hypothermia, be sure to wear a scarf in the cold.

It is very important to adhere to a regime of alternating rest with work, if you work at a place that requires a sustained the same position, periodically do special exercises that will help prevent the inflammatory process. Avoid carrying heavy loads.

Sciatica neck is a common disease, occurring even in young people. May occur as a secondary illness caused by other ailments.

In order to avoid the emergence and development it is necessary to observe security measures, and timely access to specialists, which will help to recover.