Charging in scoliosis: how to choose the right exercises

Scoliosis — a burning problem that people often faced in adolescence. At the initial stage of the disease can be eliminated through simple physical exercises. Launched the disease may even require surgery.

Preventive exercises

Preventive (Wellness) charging for scoliosis includes exercises that most patients are still at school. However, they must be performed in a certain sequence to do no harm to the normal functioning of other internal organs.

Зарядка при сколиозе: как правильно подобрать упражнения

The complex of exercises should be performed in the following sequence:

  • warm-up exercises;
  • exercises lying on the back;
  • exercises lying on the stomach;
  • exercise from support on the side.

Warm-up complex in scoliosis suggests such an action: the patient gradually straightens your back pressed against the wall, and stands in this position for a few minutes. After that you should slowly move away from the wall, without changing the position of the body, and perform a circular exercise shoulders. Hands should be held tightly to the body. Mandatory complex scoliosis in the initial phase — 10-20 times. This workout can be finished, but in some cases, patients are encouraged to perform more of torso down, placing the body parallel to the floor. After these exercises we can proceed to the main complex.

Lying on his back, performed a few well-known exercise — «Bicycle» and «scissors». Shown and passive stretching of the back in scoliosis. For this exercise the person should lie on your back on a flat hard surface, and try to extend in a string. The blades have to be tightly pressed to the floor, it is impossible to change the situation.

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The exercises performed on the stomach, include «swimming». Arching his back, man needs to mimic the movement in the water, trying not to bend. One of the most important and difficult tasks in scoliosis can be called a foot hold at the maximum height from the floor. Back in that time, the maximum percentage load that allows you to adjust the position of the vertebrae. At the initial stage, this procedure should not last more than a minute! Otherwise, you can pull muscles that will adversely affect the treatment of scoliosis.

Turning over on his side, one should repeat the exercise «scissors», limiting stroke alternating each leg. Back at this point needs to be in a perfectly level position. Completes the complex circular movements of the arms, bent at the shoulders.

The benefits of physical therapy

Physiotherapy, unlike other methods of eliminating scoliosis, gentle on the internal organs, helping to strengthen the overall musculature. During daily lessons, the scoliosis ceases to progress noticeably, leaving discomfort in the back and pain syndrome, is a frequent companion of illness. In the initial phase of the disease can even completely get rid of the disease, if exercise regularly, in the above order.

One of the main features of scoliosis is that the muscles on the convex side of the curvature are in constant tension, do not relax even in sleep. Over time, this can lead to a General weakening of the muscular system and its inability to hold the skeleton in correct position. Regular classes exercises for scoliosis allow you to get rid of torsion — twisting of the vertebrae along the longitudinal axis of the spine. Will greatly increase the endurance of the human accelerate metabolism and blood circulation.

However, charging for scoliosis and some other therapies have a number of contraindications.

  • Massage is absolutely contraindicated for those who suffer from congenital curvature of the back or acquired disease in infancy.
  • Зарядка при сколиозе: как правильно подобрать упражнения

    The basic package for a sick back

    Physical effects are also strictly prohibited in scoliosis, developing on the basis of his injuries.

  • Massage exercises are not suitable and more advanced form of osteoporosis, which gave a complication of scoliosis.
  • Individual massage can be administered. However, taking the decision should be exclusively the doctor after a lengthy examination and obtain a complete clinical picture.

    How to choose the right complex

    Complex against scoliosis by a doctor, giving the patient detailed instructions about the rules of the exercise. If clarification was not given, it is possible to use a video demonstrating the sequence of the entire medical complex.

    Picking up a set of exercises independently, one must consider not only the degree of severity of the disease, but also its own opportunities. In the video, often presented by professional trainers, whose body is not afraid of even intense physical activity. Ordinary people to such training may not be prepared and the elements of charge from the scoliosis will become for him a real torture.

    If the exercises are taken from the video, cause discomfort, exercise should be stopped immediately! Otherwise, the curvature of the arc will increase, and to fix it will only be possible with the help of surgical intervention.

    Charging against scoliosis implies that after its performance the patient will experience a warm and pleasant tension of the muscles, but in any case not a sharp pain, restricting movement. In some cases, scoliosis offer the patient to wear a special locking corset, excluding the possibility of harm to the vertebrae during exercise.