Children’s corset to correct posture rules

Детский корсет для исправления осанки: правила использованияParents often wondering this question: how can I help to correct posture of the child? With the current lifestyles this problem occurs in almost every family. Bad posture is formed due to the huge number of factors. But we must not forget that the incorrect position of the spine may indicate the presence of certain diseases. It is important not to self-medicate but to consult the physician to determine the nature of the pathology. The podiatrist will examine the back, if necessary, prescribe the necessary examinations and recommend comprehensive treatment on correcting posture for children.

Curvature of the spine can be congenital or acquired. Congenital refers to different pathologies, existing from birth. And acquired form of the disease occurs with the growth of the child’s body due to wrong lifestyle. Congenital anomalies are detected early enough and the child gets used to the constant exercises, which are necessary for correct posture. Acquired pathology is usually detected in school, and encourage your child to follow behind her hard enough. Well-developed muscular system in children who play sports. They almost never have problems with posture.

The reasons for the formation of poor posture

The reasons influencing the formation of incorrect posture, a lot. Curvature of the spine can even affect the location of internal organs and to cause substantial harm to the health. Besides, incorrect posture disturbs blood circulation and makes breathing difficult, resulting in complaints of constant fatigue. Note that in case of oxygen deficiency, the child will not be able to have enough energy for a full life. Also the observance of correct posture allows the spine to freely damping under all load conditions.

Детский корсет для исправления осанки: правила использования

Uncomfortable Desk spoils the posture of the child and leads to scoliosis

The causes of incorrect posture include:

  • the weakness and underdevelopment of muscle tissue;
  • abnormal development of the muscles around the spine;
  • the disease, changing the shape of the thorax (for example, after the rachitis there is a so-called «chicken breast»);
  • violation of the correct order of the day;
  • the mismatched children’s furniture;
  • poor lighting of the school;
  • tight clothing, which prevents the development of back and chest of the child;
  • inactivity;
  • scoliosis as a result of the disturbance of muscle development.
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With one or more of these negative factors faced by almost every child. So parents, it is important to monitor the situation back children from an early age, as their way of life. We must remember that faulty posture can lead to serious consequences.

When the child begins to grow rapidly, incorrect posture can cause deformation of not only the spine but also the entire skeleton. In particular, the consequence of scoliosis at an early age is the displacement of internal organs.

The corset will help to align the baby’s back

The use of orthopedic corset is the most reliable way to correct a child’s posture. It focus on the advice of a podiatrist. When there are serious violations of the spine, you need to wear the baby corset. If after x-ray examination revealed no significant changes of the skeleton, but the stoop is present, it is better to use baby corrector for posture. With it, the back will be constantly maintained and properly formed. This is especially true when the reduced muscle tone that occurs quite often.

Детский корсет для исправления осанки: правила использования

Curvature of the spine causes malfunction of the internal organs

Kids hard to get to regularly perform useful exercises to monitor posture, they do not think about the consequences of a curved back. Pain and discomfort appear at a later age, when it is not so easy to fix. Corsets and linens are best worn with 11-16 years.

Depending on the destination, the corsets are of three types:

  • warming wool, gives a massaging effect that helps to improve blood circulation in the lower back;
  • protective, at the expense of increased stiffness is designed to protect the back when walking and straightening of the spine;
  • correction, you need to support your back and correct posture in the sagittal or frontal plane.

There are several rules that will help when choosing a corset.

  • You must first decide what effect you want to achieve. If you need to correct the very deviated, it is better to buy a corset for the posture. But if you only need to fix the back, more suitable adjustable corset corrector.
  • Buy orthopedic products is better in specialized stores, which will help to choose the right lock high quality. This must be done because children’s corsets are the most expensive, it is important to buy a brace of appropriate size.
  • When choosing is necessary to pay attention to the model, the material stiffness of the product.
  • If there are serious violations in the spinal column, it is better to ordering a corset for my back for individual parameters. This retainer will be more effective, but the price will be much higher.
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    Terms of use and sizes of corsets

    Each corset or corrector instruction manual, which detailed rules of use of the product. The time during which the child has to wear a retainer, is determined by the physician, and neglect of his recommendations should not be. But first it is important to give the child to get used to the orthosis, to get used to it. To care for your corsets to correct posture you need to properly, as improper care degrades the quality of the product. The most important thing is to wear a retainer for lightweight clothing made of natural fabric, so it does not RUB the skin when moving and not in contact with the body directly.

    With 1 degree of scoliosis corrective corset is worn only a few hours a day, with 2 degrees — up to 23 hours a day. Constant use is required only in severe changes in the spine. This is not to forget that the scoliosis is not treated with a corset. Treatment is possible only in the combination therapy, and corset for posture acts as an adjunct.

    The retainer must constantly adjust to strengthen or weaken. This is best done at the doctor and no more than once per month. Upon reaching the desired result, the residence time in the corset to gradually reduce to 1-2 hours per day.

    The size of corset is mainly determined by the circumference of the thorax and growth of the child. There are standard sizes. The smallest lock is designed for children whose height 116-122 cm, and circumference of chest, 55-62 see The largest corset sold at the child’s growth from 140 to 146 cm and chest circumference from 70 cm If for some reason the sizes are not suitable, it is better to make the corset or concealer on ordering, otherwise the effect will be.

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    How to avoid problems with posture in children

    Детский корсет для исправления осанки: правила использования

    Exercises to develop correct posture

    For shaping or correcting the child’s posture should be first and foremost to follow a way of life. To sleep children should only on a hard bed, the pillow should be small. It is important that the child wear shoes and clothes by size.

    You should accustom your baby to the correct routine. You need to choose furniture of appropriate dimensions depending on the child’s growth and take care of the proper lighting at your Desk. If children are doing something at the computer, position the monitor and keyboard, the child was sitting in a natural position and without stooping.

    For the formation of correct posture it is important to lead an active lifestyle, to play sports. School backpacks need to be selected not for appearance, and such as rigid backrest and wide shoulder straps. If you follow these rules, back problems will not be.

    You need to keep in mind that on the health of children can only take care of the parents. In addition, any disease is better to prevent than to cure. Especially when problems with the spine can degrade the quality of life in the future. And the children did the right thing, parents should set an example for their children.