Chondrite of the larynx, rib, ear: causes, treatment, symptoms

Causes, symptoms and treatment of chondrite cartilage

Despite the fact that the chondrite today is rare disease, its consequences on the human body is quite serious.

Equally affected both women and men aged 30-50 years. In some cases, the pathology may develop in children and the elderly.

As the disease evolves

The early pathology is considered to be a primary necrosis of the cartilaginous tissue resulting from blockage by a blood clot vessel that feeds the cartilage.

To gradually necrotizing station can join an endogenous infection, which develops purulent inflammation forming sequestrating cavity.

As a result of inflammation is formed by accumulation of purulent infiltration. With further progression of the infection, it is a breakthrough to the outside or flow into another cavity of the inner body further formation of a fistula.

The main types of chondrite

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Chondrite is a pathology of an inflammatory nature, extending to the cartilage and connective tissue.

Centers of distribution can be of the ear, joints, laryngeal region, nasal septum, heart valve and eyes. At the initial stage, a series of exacerbations often gives way to remission.

In the absence of necessary treatment, the disease becomes recurrent perehodit.

The most common form of chondrite have the following characteristics:

  1. Inflammation of the larynx. Inflammation affects the perichondrium and cartilage of the larynx. When this occurs, severe pain and solidification of this zone.
  2. Disease of the ear. In the result of circulatory disorders of inflammation of the cartilage located in the ear. With the development of diseases of the ear swells, becomes red and hot to the touch and very painful.
  3. The defeat of the nasal cartilage. The result of the inflammatory process is the gradual breakdown of cartilage, so that the nose becomes saddle shape. The disease is accompanied by stuffy nose and feeling of fullness that zone.
  4. Costal chondrite. The second name of this disease – Tietze’s disease is usually localized in the sternal area. The disease is accompanied by increased tenderness and swelling of the inflamed area of the cartilage tissue.
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The causes of the disease

To date, consensus about the causes of the disease the doctors never came. But based on clinical studies, most patients in the blood there are a large number of antibodies to type II collagen.

This feature allows you to talk about the autoimmune mechanism of development of pathology.

Also the reasons for emergence of this disease may be the following:

  1. Injury. As a result of mechanical damage (trauma, firearms, etc.) is a violation of the integrity of the cartilage tissue, leading to disruption of blood circulation and nutrition. Against the background of lowering of the protective mechanisms of the individual section occurs the infection that starts the process of chondrite.
  2. Violation of calcium metabolism and vitamin separate groups. This pathology leads to the degeneration of the cartilage;
  3. Infection and allergic manifestations. The start to the development of chondrite in some cases, there may be some infectious diseases. Inflamed cartilage may, after influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever, diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, syphilis and rheumatism.

Clinical manifestations

Symptoms of chondrite in the total mass are determined by the localization of inflammation.

With regard to the General symptoms, then usually the patient concerned about fever, a slight fever (around 37, but may not be), weakness, swelling and discomfort of the inflamed area.

Some time later the patient feels relieved, and the swelling softened and transformered into an abscess. In the future, it is opened and formed an outdoor fistula.

For some forms of chondrite is characterized by the following manifestations:

  1. The localization of the inflammation in the auditory canal manifested by swelling and pain that area.
  2. When the costal chondrite, the patient may feel pain from 5 to 8 ribs. Also in this area will be swelling, which will happen out the pus.
  3. In laryngeal disease, the patient will experience shortness of breath, pain when swallowing, as well as some changes in tone of voice.
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Diagnosis disorders

To date, not produced the same tactics determine the disease.

But usually for the diagnosis of experts appointed by laboratory blood tests, the results of which indicate the presence of inflammation in the body.

In the presence of a tumor patient is assigned a plot of x-ray and biopsy of the cartilage, and septic office – fence content.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment of chondrite may be conservative or surgical.

Conservative method

Conservative therapies has several directions. It primarily aims to eliminate infection in the body and pain.

With this purpose, the patient is assigned to the following series of preparations:

  1. With softly expressed symptoms of non-steroidal drugs like aspirin or Ibuprofen.
  2. For more severe forms it is necessary to take Prednisolone in high dose. As relief of the condition of the patient the amount of drug decreases.
  3. For advanced forms of chondrite assigned to treatment with the immunosuppressant Cyclophosphamide.
  4. Analgesic.

Also important for fast recovery, and have physiotherapy.

At the initial stage of the disease good effect is achieved after laser treatment apparatus «Pattern». Also used UHF therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, electrophoresis, dynamic currents.

Applied topically inhalation on the basis of antibiotics and hydrocortisone or diphenhydramine novocaine and adrenaline. In cases of severe dysphagia recommended lubrication inflamed portion 1% p-rum cocaine hydrochloride.

Well as lotions is recommended burovskii liquid or applying the affected area with spirit solution of iodine.

Surgical technique

With proper conservative therapy need surgical intervention disappears. But in the case of neglect of the disease surgeons resect the diseased cartilage.

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Although in recent years from such operations the doctors refuse and try to replace them less radical methods. In case of large defects is assigned to the plastic replacement.

Also used the scraping of the infiltrate, followed by treatment of infected cavity with a laser beam.

Prognosis and prevention

Timely diagnosis and accurate compliance with doctor’s recommendations allows you to speak with confidence in most cases on a favorable outcome of treatment. With regard to the postoperative period, perhaps for several weeks, the presence of pain.

Also on the site of resection may be visible scars or other skin blemishes that can be easily removed through plastic surgery.

As preventive measures recommended moderate physical activity, strengthening the immune system and to avoid damages of cartilage.