Chondroprotectors for joints: preparations for the treatment of cartilage

Хондропротекторы для суставов: препараты для лечения хрящевой тканиChondroprotectors for the joints are practically the only treatment method that acts exactly on the joint. Chondroprotectors protect the joint from damage. They perform this function through direct effects on the hearth of pathological changes, i.e. the destruction of the cartilage.

If to consider other types of medicines for the joints, they only cope with the symptoms: pain, inflammation and swelling. But they can’t cure the disease, because they do not eliminate the cause of the pain. In turn, cartilage protectors create a protective barrier for the joints, so cartilage is not destroyed. Drugs of this type consist of substances that moisturize and nourish the cartilage.

In some ways they even restore it, if not excessively strong damage. Therefore it is better to take for the treatment of joints in the early stages of the disease, otherwise it will take a long time to restore the joint.

Principles impact of chondro cartilage

Chondroprotectors act as direct advocates of the joint due to the barrier function recovery, their nutritional value and moisturizing action. Because the cartilage dries out and begins to break down, chondroprotectors moisturize it and provide all useful elements for the desired operation.

Therefore, the joint begins to work normally, as if in a healthy condition. Continuous work of cartilage is due to the fact that drugs influence the metabolism in it. So, those elements which are lacking in the body start to grow at the expense of the drugs. Moreover, some chondroprotectors can completely replace the synovial fluid, which must remain in the joint.

It needs to lubricate the cartilage, making it more flexible and elastic, but in violation of the metabolic processes of the synovial fibers that secrete fluids, lose their ability to hydrate the cartilage. Then, the cartilage dries out, as it is not supplied lubricating liquid, and it begins to break down.

Some of the funds to replace synovial fiber.

Cartilage and causes its destruction

With proper operation and healthy cartilage is a resilient connective tissue that resembles a sponge. Cartilage absorbs all necessary for the proper functioning of synovial fibers and bags, which they form. Due to the very careful use of cartilage and bone, because the head bones connected by the joint is not damaged by friction against each other during any movement. As long as the organism performs all of its functions, the cartilage is working properly. He recovered, because it has properties that help restore.

Modern doctors believe that the main reason which causes the cartilage to dry and then crack, this lack of synovial substance, which gradually thickens and dries out. This process arises from the fact that there is a violation of metabolism in the body, causing begin to suffer articular cartilage. The deterioration in the regime and quality of power supply can cause synovial fiber not cope with their functions and the cartilage ceases to flow a sufficient amount of lubricant.

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In addition, metabolic disorder affects not only the joint but also on the bones. They become weak, loosened, because there are not enough micro — and macronutrients and vitamins. Suffer the blood vessels that are close to the bones and cartilage. All of these actions lead to the fact that cartilage wears, bones and broken vessels. It causes osteoarthritis.

The reducing effect of the drug

Хондропротекторы для суставов: препараты для лечения хрящевой тканиThe main component of any cartilage is a substance such as proteoglycans. It consists of various glycosaminoglycans. These include gialuronovu acid, chondroitin sulfate and others.

If there are any changes in the metabolism, they are always reflected in the contents of all the necessary elements in cartilaginous tissue. Each element in connective tissue responsible for certain functions. Chondroprotectors can contain in its composition as one is needed for cartilage element, or several.

Scientists designed a special dose that a person should consume for the joints, so the treatment has moved forward and there was the therapeutic effect.

For example, daily doses the use of chondroitin sulphate differ from the daily doses of the use of glucosamine.

Varieties produced chondroprotectors

In every pharmacy you can easily buy chondroprotectors as one useful for cartilage element, and a few substances. The first option is a medicine called a single-agent preparation or. If the drug contains several nutrients, it is ranked among the combined drugs.

Some doctors refuse to combined drugs. It is believed that such a combination of chondro has a negative impact on the joint, so as at the same time you cannot use multiple elements. But the negative effect of the combined drugs has not been proven at this time. This new generation of drugs. They can be used and herniation of the spine. Both the use of chondroprotectors will have a positive result in the treatment, if properly used and the method of dosage and other nuances of treatment technologies. Monotherapies and combination therapies, refer to the first group classification.

Хондропротекторы для суставов: препараты для лечения хрящевой тканиConventionally, there are 6 subgroups of drugs. The first subgroup includes medications that were developed on the basis of chondroitinsulfate. It is called chondroitine acid. Such drugs include mucosal, symptoms, structum. The second group includes drugs that are made of bone and cartilaginous tissues of animals, including fish. Examples can be alflutop and rumalon. Mucopolysaccharides added to the next group. To mucopolysaccharides include arteparon. The fifth group involves complex compositions. These include formula, artron and others. The last allocated sub-group is drugs that not only make up for the work of the cartilage, but also have anti-inflammatory effect.

There is a second kind of division of chondroprotectors for certain types. Drugs can be divided into three generations. The first generation consider alflutop and rumalon. The second generation includes gialuronovu acid, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate — exactly those elements that are in cartilaginous tissue. The third generation includes chondroitinsulfat with the hydrochloride. Chondroprotectors hernia drugs are quite effective treatment.

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The most frequently produce the most effective joint Supplement countries such as USA, Italy, France, UK, Russia, Romania, India.

Indications and contraindications

The main indications for the use of chondroprotectors are problems with the breakdown of cartilage of the joint.

This can be treatment of the shoulder joint, knee and others. It is prohibited to use medicines during pregnancy. Not to use medications for the treatment of women nursing the child. Last contraindication is a possible Allergy to any component of a drug.

The treatment takes at least four months. You need to take a break between courses of treatment. A break can last a few months. These drugs a very long time to use, but with treatment persists for a long time positive result.

The effectiveness of treatment of diseases of the joints

Хондропротекторы для суставов: препараты для лечения хрящевой тканиTo restore normal joint function use in the treatment of some diseases of the musculoskeletal system of chondroprotectors is a necessity. The use of chondroprotectors in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Low back pain. To cure joint from osteoarthritis, it is recommended to use drugs such as structum, artra, don and some others. They not only help to restore cartilage in the early stages of the disease, but also to eliminate associated symptoms: pain, swelling. Treatment should begin as early as possible, because if the violation of the cartilage will move to a more acute stage, the use of drugs in this case will have a much smaller effect. Some chondroprotectors to cure joint and cartilage will be impossible. Need a comprehensive method of treatment. Employing other drugs that can increase the degree of efficiency of chondroprotectors. Treatment, list of medications and support actions (physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises) chosen by the doctor individually for each patient depending on the severity of the disease. Osteochondrosis the treatment period may last up to two months. If the disease starts, a complication of a herniated disc, cartilage protectors can cope with it in the rehabilitation process after surgery.
  • Osteoarthritis. In this disease it is important to start treatment as early as possible, because in the later stages no chondro or any other drugs will not help. If you assign such medications, like don, Flex, and others contain glucosamine sulphate, it is possible to obtain good treatment results. These drugs cause hydration of the cartilage. The drugs can increase the level of lubricant in the cartilage. If you want to enter the medication in the hip joint, then it should be done using x-ray control. It is required to pass with intervals of two to four courses of treatment to strengthen the result. Treatment osteoarthritis can take at least a year and a half.
  • Arthritis. For the treatment of this disease you must use chondroprotectors only with pain medications and the drugs that fight inflammation in the body. Due to this complex method can remove pain, limited movement, swelling and recover joint.
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    Хондропротекторы для суставов: препараты для лечения хрящевой ткани

    The use of any medication in the treatment process must comply with the recommendations offered by the doctor. Independently take any of the drugs is strictly prohibited.

    Reviews on medicines

    In medicine it is difficult to determine which drug is more effective and some less. For each case of disease for each patient is determined by the individual list of medicines. Self-medication is not worth doing.It is difficult to choose the appropriate drug on their own without an accurate diagnosis.

    Chondroprotectors has received mixed reviews. Some argue that they only cause harm, because a combination of drugs are composed of several types of useful items, but they are not consistent with each other.

    The following is a list of the reasons for prejudiced attitudes to drugs:

  • Through advertising consumers overstated strap to drugs and their action. Although chondroprotectors a new type and efficient, it’s not a panacea for all «ills». In addition to the drug use, you need to eat according to a certain prescribed by doctor diet and perform gymnastics to go to physiotherapy, to massage.
  • This method of treatment can restore the cartilage only at the beginning of the disease, in the initial stages. In the future, it can only help to support the joint and not allow him to fully break down, but it’s definitely not enough. Why people write negative reviews without knowing the action of drugs.
  • Many expect that the recovery will start quickly. But, really, you need to complete a full course of treatment using a comprehensive methodology with other auxiliary medications. Magical result within a few days of use will not be exact. To care for at least six months, but not everyone will be able to wait that long, so the reviews are not 100% positive.
  • Cartilage and joints chondro give them new life. But the disadvantages of these drugs are not only a necessity for their long-term use, but rather high prices. But, after consulting with the doctor, you can avoid this disadvantage, since the doctor will be able to choose a cheaper, but less efficient counterparts. And if you use no pills and ointments, and injections directly into the joint cavity, it is possible to shorten the period of treatment knee or shoulder joint. Intra-articular introduction of painful, but effective.

    Preparations for intra-articular injection are considered drugs of new generation.