Chondrosis of the spine

Chondrosis of the spine is an insidious disease that until the end to unravel failed. Medicine is this pathology in the form of a rebirth of individual sections of cartilaginous tissues. For a long time existed a few misguided view that pain and deteriorating mobility of the vertebrae of the neck are caused by age-related changes. Get rid of such changes is almost impossible. The development of medicine and the emergence of advanced methods of treatment allowed to open and add to age-related depletion of cartilage and new bone causes of back pain. In addition, we developed new approaches and techniques allowing to treat hondros and permanently relieve the patients from symptoms of the disease.

In the modern world chondrosis can be attributed to the most common diseases. Wondering about it especially should not be, because the main reason for its development is our upright posture and the accompanying load on the spine. However, a sharp increase in the number of patients having the symptoms of this pathology is solely due to our attitude to life, wrong mode and unbalanced diet.Хондроз позвоночника

Causes and symptoms of chondrosis

The main reason for the development of chondrosis is now considered physical inactivity, in particular, long stay in a sitting position, a rare change of positions in the process of sedentary work, prolonged stress separately taken muscle groups. The development of chondrosis may occur due to disruptions in metabolic processes and diseases of blood vessels. Risk factors also include high blood pressure, obesity and increased blood glucose. This fact serves as an additional incentive to begin the treatment immediately.

The development process of the chondrosis may affect different parts of the human skeleton. The symptoms identified during the examination of the back, knee and shoulder joint, there are also part of this neck muscles. Muscle clips in the neck muscles occur due to their strong voltage.

Symptoms of chondrosis is quite simple: it is severe pain, restricting the freedom of movement and a constant feeling of tension and heaviness in the back, in the lumbar or cervical spine. In addition, the disease can cause muscle pain and pain radiating internal organs. So, the defeat of the cervical is usually accompanied by tinnitus, vertigo, headaches and blurred vision. Chondrosis of the thoracic spine often leads to some difficulty breathing and pain in the cardiac region. In the case of lumbar chondrosis possible violations of the genitourinary system and malfunction of the stomach or intestines, and sometimes the pain reaches the knee joint.

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The majority of the pathology occurs in older people, but some predisposing factors can trigger its development in the young active age. Among these factors are:

  • uncomfortable shoes;
  • flat feet;
  • prolonged exposure to awkward postures;
  • excessive physical stress;
  • the systematic movement of goods;
  • obesity and lack of exercise;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position;
  • stress and poor diet.

In today’s world most of us are almost constantly facing some of these factors. But this does not mean that the symptoms of chondrosis appear each. And still about your health better care before the symptoms of any disease.

Negative factors affecting the appearance of chondrosis, it is better to avoid, especially considering that they also contribute to the development and other diseases of the back, knee, shoulder or other joints.

Types of chondrosis spinal

Хондроз позвоночникаChondrosis of the cervical. In the cervical focused a lot of blood vessels through which the blood nourishes vital organs of our body. Cervical localization of pathology is characterised by the following symptoms.

  • Neck pain usually occurs when sudden head movements. Sometimes pain is felt even at rest, constantly exhausting man.
  • Irradiation of pain, which can affect the back, chest, shoulder blade or shoulder. Quite often these symptoms lead to incorrect diagnosis, resulting in treatment is wrong.
  • Limitation of motion of the shoulder or knee, muscle weakening brushes.
  • The pinching of nerve roots leads to feelings of numbness or tingling in the hands below the shoulder, especially often affecting the wrist.
  • Throbbing headaches, frequent dizziness and tinnitus.
  • Chondrosis of the thoracic. The development of chondrosis in this location due to the immobility of the thoracic and weak expression in this muscular frame. Prolonged sedentary work is having a significant load on this Department, which together with the properties of this section of the ridge often provokes the development of disease. The symptoms are pain in the scapula and the sternum, occurring usually after enough sleep or sudden movements. Sometimes there is numbness in the shoulder joint.

    Chondrosis in the lumbosacral region. The loads on the back differ. Thus, the lumbar almost always is under tremendous load. At the same time during heavy work or sports, this load can be increased many times, which can not but affect the health. One of the consequences of such surges is the development of chondrosis, symptoms of which manifest in an intense pain in the pelvis and back, and this pain may radiate to the leg up to the knee and sometimes below. Sometimes, because of the pain and even limited mobility of the knee joint. Quite often manifestations of pathology becomes numbness of the feet.

    Depending on the site of the damage chondrosis of the spine is divided into three types: chondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    Diagnosis of chondrosis is quite difficult, because the symptoms of this disease are very similar to manifestations of other diseases. For example, degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine often manifested by pain of the shoulder joint, are very easily confused with angina pectoris or myocardial infarction. Therefore, the treatment can begin only after a thorough examination by a neurologist the spine, which is always held in different positions of the spine.

    This approach will allow us to determine that the pain is caused just by chondrosis, and you need to treat this disease. Unfortunately, sometimes inexperienced neurologists make mistakes and begin to treat the alleged chondrosis, although the patient suffers from pain of heart, so requires a totally different treatment. It should be remembered that the treatment assigned in the case of chondrosis, it is absolutely unacceptable for heart pathologies, and especially in their acute phase.

    If all the symptoms speak in favor of the chondrosis, but doubt the diagnosis is still present, the treatment is better to start only after conducting additional research, including computer tomography or radiography.

    Хондроз позвоночника

    The treatment of the disease

    To treat chondrosis is required immediately after the detection of its early signs. The occupation is very long and requires some patient perseverance. Treatment of the disease, which is in the early stages, is designed to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and to prevent its further development. Usually the treatment is carried out comprehensively, including conservative and non-traumatic methods.

    Treatment of medical drugs used mainly in acute chondrosis. In this case, shows the appointment of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. Often assigned to regenerative drugs and chondroprotectors, contributing to the restoration of the affected cartilage of the spine. When you lose, for example, the knee joint, these drugs also contributes to its treatment.



    Physiotherapy. Often prescribed various physiotherapy, which enhances the therapeutic effect of medical preparations, to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. This is most often electromagnetic and laser therapy. A few less commonly used mud baths.
    LFK. Specially designed exercises help to strengthen muscles and more evenly distribute the load on the spine. Regular exercise can restore blood supply and nutrition of the intervertebral discs changed to adapt the spine to the load. In addition, such exercises are beneficial to the state of all joints: development of the shoulder, knee and other joints.
    Massage. Massage and manual therapy used in the treatment of chondrosis somewhat less than other methods. However, a professional massage is able to treat not worse than drugs. After a few sessions, you notice a significant decrease in inflammation and reduction in pain levels. In addition, there is the strengthening and recovery of the organism as a whole.

    Consider treatment of chondrosis is extremely difficult, so it’s best to try to prevent its development. It is necessary to live more actively, to monitor the quality of the shoes and can not afford to gain weight.