Chondrosis of the waist

Chondrosis is a disease in which the intervertebral discs occur degenerative processes. Chondrosis can affect any parts of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar). Basically this disease affects the elderly. But to date, the disease has become much «younger» and found even in their twenties boys and girls.

Хондроз поясницы

The structure of the spine and mechanism of the development of chondrosis

The spine consists of individual vertebrae. Their number can vary from 32 to 34. Some people coccygeal vertebrae grow into one solid. Between the vertebrae are pads that are formed cartilaginous tissue. These pads called intervertebral discs. The disks required to perform a shock absorbing function during movement and prevent bone tissue of the vertebrae from rubbing.

Chondrosis occurs when the cartilage disk stops to get the necessary nutrition. As a result, the cartilage becomes thinner, dries up and, eventually, destroyed. So the wheels cease to perform its function. In place of the missing tissue formed bony outgrowths – osteophytes, which leads to pinched nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

Most of the destruction process of cartilage affected are the lumbar spine. This is due to the fact that the spinal division accounts for the greatest burden. Under the weight of the intervertebral disk is compressed. The rule should be the processes of compression (compression) and decompression of the cartilage. The structure of the cartilage resembles a sponge. When squeezing the supply cartilage liquid out of the fabric. During decompression, the cartilage «suck» new fluid. So is its food.

It is necessary to distinguish the concept of chondrosis and osteochondrosis.

Disease The site of the lesion The flow
Chondrosis. We can assume that chondrosis is a harbinger for the development of osteoarthritis. It is shown only minor changes in the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral disc. When chondrosis of bone tissue, ligaments and tendons are not involved in the pathological process. Chondrosis most often affects the cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine, can also occur on any parts of the cartilaginous tissue. For example, there is the intercostal chondrosis, when a failure occurs on the cartilaginous section of the fin.
Low back pain. Osteochondrosis affects not only the discs but also bone tissue of the vertebrae, and the cartilage and ligaments. With the pinching of blood vessels tissue no longer receive the necessary nutrition, which exacerbates the situation. If the pinched nerve root, it develops pain.

The disease must be treated, otherwise in the future it can be transformed into low back pain and cause irreversible consequences. Having had the first symptoms of lumbar chondrosis, do not delay treatment.

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Causes and symptoms

The exact cause of the chondrosis of the lumbar spine to date, not been established. There are certain factors that can trigger the breakdown of cartilage.

  • Violation of metabolism. Poor blood circulation and lack of vitamins and minerals in the body provoke the development of degenerative diseases.
  • Prolonged strain on the spine, such as with obesity or pregnancy, lead to lesions of the spine.
  • Heavy loads on the spine (e.g. lifting weights) associated with the labor or sports activities.
  • In addition, there are additional factors that can influence the development of lumbar chondrosis. We hear everywhere about how important it is to exercise and eat right. But few people listen to that advice. Really good nutrition and physical activity affect the health of the whole organism. For example, the joint of the spine is fed by a special liquid which is produced in the spinal column.

    If the body does not get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, it is simply nowhere to take them. The composition of this fluid varies, the cartilage receives nutrients and begins to «starve». As for movement, the process of saturation of the cartilage of the fluid occurs due to variable compression (compression) and decompression. When squeezing the fluid out of the cartilage, and during decompression «absorbed» into it.

    In the early stages of the disease the lumbar spine can manifest symptoms such as slight discomfort after physical activity. Possible mild aching pain, which may radiate to the lower extremities. In more severe bouts of lumbar chondrosis symptoms worse: more intense pain, worse during motion and when sneezing or coughing.

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    Хондроз поясницы

    The most characteristic symptom of lumbar chondrosis is difficulty in starting movement in the morning or after a long stay in a sitting position. A person becomes hard to make bends and turns (e.g. when you try to lift off the floor). In region lumbar people feel symptoms such as tingling or numbness that may spread to the buttocks, thigh and calf.

    The occurrence of lumbar chondrosis also may be due to constant stress, prolonged muscle tension, hypothermia.

    Treatment of chondrosis

    Treatment of lumbar chondrosis includes a range of activities. This complex includes medication, physical therapy, massage, manual therapy, and treatment with the help of exercise. When lumbar chondrosis in the acute stage to treat the patient for such procedures is prohibited. In this case, the patient needed rest and anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

    During remission the patient assigns a course of drugs that have different action and are aimed at solving several problems:

    • pain and inflammation;
    • recovery of metabolism;
    • normalization of the tissue supply with blood;
    • restoration of damaged cartilage tissue.

    To relieve inflammation used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that also helps to relieve pain. When chondrosis muscles can be in a state of tension. To relieve spasm, muscle relaxants are used.

    To treat the vertebrae of the lumbar you can also use chondroprotectors. Chondroprotectors are drugs that have regenerative properties. Because of these drugs are actively forming new cartilage cells. Drugs can be used orally in the form of injection, and also topically in the form of ointments.

    Treatment with physiotherapy is particularly effective in the lumbar chondrosis. These procedures operate directly on the affected area and do not affect other tissues or organs. Physiotherapy treatments relieve painful symptoms, have a warming and healing effect. In addition, they normalize blood circulation in the tissues. Treatment is most often carried out by means of electrophoresis, electromagnetic therapy, magnetic wave therapy and irradiation with ultraviolet light.

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    To treat the discs and vertebrae of the lumbar spine using manual therapy. This treatment is able to relieve muscle spasms and eliminate painful symptoms. With stretching of the spine between the vertebrae increases the space, but the physiological curves restored. Also this treatment normalizes metabolism in the body and even improves the immune system.

    Treatment with manual therapy aimed at improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, elimination of spazmirovannah and relief of pain.