Cleaning of the joints

Clean diet is not an effective measure of eliminating the pain when the deposition of salts, desiccation of the ligaments, cartilage and other problems. Disruptions of the normal balance of anatomical and physiological processes in the joint elements is often accompanied by General discomfort, limitation of physical activity. Treatment of folk remedies gives in almost all cases positive results after a series of cleaning procedures. When not helping expensive medicine or cannot be applied due to contraindications, you can try to replace them with alternative methods of treatment, using inexpensive ingredients.Чистка суставов

This method was known in ancient times. It was used by Chinese healers conducting healing sessions. Treatments ancient techniques of qigong are often included cleaning joints with the most common in this ethnic food product. The rice was in ancient China not only basic healthy food, but also a powerful cure for many diseases.

  • The expected results of the therapy and individual contraindications

  • How useful is rice cereal

    Rice cereal is a common item recipes treatment of folk remedies. This is due to the large number of useful properties of the product, especially its interaction with other organic substances. One of the qualities – the ability to withdraw from the human body of various harmful substances. This occurs especially intensively in the field of skeletal joints. Ligaments and joints under the influence of procedures come back to normal position. Patients move better, are in pain, appears again the lost flexibility.

    Cleaning of the joints is made by using special varieties of rice, to a greater extent which has useful properties. The most effective leads to the application of the procedures of brown unpolished rice. Before you start cleaning joints rice, cereal, soaked in water for some time. Under the influence of the fluid changes the cellular structure of Fig. Starch is widely washed away and the remaining substance – cellulose – has an active capacity for sorption (absorption) processes on the surface.

    Brown rice has a healing effect not only on the joints. This product is useful as a preventive tool for other diseases. It is used for carrying out cleaning procedures of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Moving through the digestive tract, it works as an absorbent and collect for each segment of system excess fat. In the stomach the product is not digested under the influence of hydrochloric acid, and passes through the duodenum. There begins an active collection of toxins with subsequent excretion from the body.

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    How to treat at home

    Cleaning of the joints at home is a simple procedure that does not require a large investment of time and unnecessary effort. You can call it gentle, harmless treatment, which has virtually no contraindications, except for isolated conditions. Before Wellness activities, it is advisable to have a blood test for comparison of indicators before and after therapy. There are various recipes of recovery of the joints of folk remedies, in which there is Fig.Чистка суставов

    Porridge with beets and apples

    You need to cook healthful porridge. Do the following operations.



    Soaking Cereal pre-soaked in cold water for 1-2 hours. The fluid should drain and place soaked groats in a saucepan.
    The correct proportion For cooking you should add 2 cups of filtered water. Cook grits until done.
    Rinsing the grains Cooked grits should be thoroughly washed to get rid of the resulting mucus.
    Portions Divide the prepared grits into 4 equal parts.

    The number of grains – 1 Cup. Soaking time – overnight. To enhance the effect of extraction of salts can increase this time up to three days. Healing porridge to eat 4 times a day in equal portions. Other food and drinks in this day take, except water and unsweetened dog rose decoction. In the first days of therapy have started the cleansing of the joints of toxins.

    The second day of the treatment is the same ration, only to the new portions of medicinal rice porridge added a pound of green apples and the same quantity of boiled beets. A few change the rules of the meal. 20 minutes before each meal should drink a glass of water. Every portion of porridge eating apples and grated beets in equal parts. For three or four consecutive days a diet do not apply. Then the treatment is repeated 2-3 more times.

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    A recipe with a long preparation ingredients

    Two tablespoons of rice, put in a glass jar with a capacity of 0.5 liters. Pour cold filtered water. Through the day the water is drained, washed groats in a jar and add a fresh batch of water. At the same time, you need to start making the second part of Fig. In total, the preparation of ingredients takes 5 days. Daily in the tanks produce a change of water, pre-washing the rump of mucus and shorts.

    On the sixth day you need to cook and eat the rice of the first banks without using salt. After eating 4 hours not to eat and drink. Free Bank with new ingredients. Once a year this cycle of treatment 40 days. Necessary salt-free diet or limit consumption of salt.

    Purification of the joints home remedies should be undertaken with caution. This applies particularly to the use as a medicinal component of a product such as rice cereal. Increased treatment can harm the body.

    Rice has the ability to very rapidly remove salts and toxins from the body, but harmful sediments are washed necessary for normal functioning of the elements. Exceeding the dosage or duration of treatments can cause unwanted potassium deficiency.

    The expected results of the therapy and individual contraindications

    Чистка суставовThe optimum time for rice therapy – winter period. The result of the procedures becomes a General improvement in the condition, raising vitality. Sometimes there are additional effects:

    • the rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level;
    • significant improvement in General well-being;
    • strengthening the blood circulation of blood vessels and tissue;
    • cleansing of the skin.
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    Urinary channels and normalize their function, metabolic process improves. Obese man dropping excess weight, the person gaining lean physique mass. Increases the stability of liver and kidney. After the procedures, he has an intense elimination of toxins. There have been cases of oedema.

    And yet, each person has its own individual characteristics that may affect the outcome of treatment is not the best way. But not all people listen to the body, many people do not react to his alarming and not in a hurry to get checked out by your doctor. Ignorance of the problems of your body can play an undesirable role.

    It is not recommended to apply this technique to children. It is undesirable to be treated this way in pregnancy and lactation. Patients with duodenal ulcer can worsen your condition. Gastric pathology are also a contraindication. The ban applies to chronic and acute stages of diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys and liver.

    Alternative methods of healing, even the most innocuous, including cleaning of joints, it was necessary to introduce after the consultation with an experienced doctor.