Clicks hip joint: causes, treatment

Щелкает тазобедренный сустав: причины, лечение

What joint is the pelvis of a person

The hip joint is the basis of the supporting bones of the spine. In the course of evolution, homo sapiens became bipedal, resulting in articular joints and spinal table is constantly under tremendous stress. Exactly the hip joints bones provide the stability and mobility necessary to take on the entire weight of the human body when walking.

To reduce friction between the bones of the pelvis, the head is covered with cartilage, which contains articular fluid. Cartilage has a smooth surface, can reach a width up to 4 mm and protects the surface of the hip joint. Pain or clicking in them can be of different nature: from local changes and diseases inside the joints to pathologies in other organs and body systems.

Causes of clicking in the joint

If clicks hip joint, the first thing the sound associated with the intensive movement of the limbs. This is a pretty common phenomenon in athletes and dancers. But to your body is to listen to everyone. If you experience clicking in the joint, it is necessary to identify the cause, especially if it happens often and is accompanied by pain.

A «click» in the hip joint is heard when the person abruptly gets up after a long time sitting, especially if he was not very comfortable. When walking, gymnastics and gymnastics, when you perform a circular motion the feet, the cartilage also clicks in the hip bone. All this may indicate the presence of serious diseases.

Щелкает тазобедренный сустав: причины, лечение

According to the observations of doctors, frequent complaints of unpleasant sounds when driving in those patients who are very few were engaged in various physical loads or, on the contrary, overzealous with them. If the hip joints began to publish clicks, we can talk about low back pain. This disease is the deposition of salts on the cartilage surface of the bone. The cartilage in this case loses its elasticity and under a variety of limb movements produces a clicking sound.

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Here is a small list of the reasons why crunches hip joint.

  • Degeneration of the cartilage.
  • Congenital increased flexibility of the joints.
  • Inflammation of the tendons close to the joints of the pelvic bones.
  • Wear, arthritis and arthrosis.
  • Ankylosis is a disease in which the splicing of the joints due to various pathologies and heavy traumas, after which they lose their mobility.
  • Various injuries of ligaments and cartilage.
  • After injuries of joints often causing pain when walking. It is necessary to identify if there is a rupture of the tendons, joint parts, if the cartilage particles in the joint cavity. If this happens, it could block the hip joint.

    How to get rid of the unpleasant sound

    When visiting the doctor in conversation reveals the degree of physical load on the hip, the level of inactivity of the whole organism, the possibility of various injuries in the past, localization of pain in the hip joint or extremity as a whole. All this helps to clarify the pattern of occurrence of the clicks. Then, at the request of the specialist the patient performs several exercises, which you can hear clicking sounds and understand their character. After that, the doctor prescribes an x-ray of the hip joint. Such a study allows to accurately diagnose the nature of the click and to exclude other pathology of joints and bones.

    If the presence of snapping cartilage, the patient does not experience discomfort and pain, treatment is not assigned. In other cases the therapy involves the following steps:

    • the reception of such anti-inflammatory medicines, like aspirin and ibuprofen, chondroprotectors and vitamins;
    • taking medications to improve peripheral blood circulation;
    • limitation of physical activity;
    • review all the exercise plans, with the exception of some exercises, the performance of which involves the hips and pelvis;
    • the impact of ice on the joints for pain relief;
    • chiropractic;
    • appointment physical therapy and special braces;
    • hormone injection;
    • surgery.

    Hormonal and surgical treatment, in particular, arthroscopy, appointed only in very severe cases, when other therapies have failed.

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    Clicking of the joints in a child

    From the first days of life, babies undergo monthly check-UPS from doctors and orthopedic surgeons. Consultations of specialists allow you to understand whether to develop joint dysplasia in the newborn. The disease is associated with instability and weakness of the ligaments in the hip joints. Because of this, the femoral head may jump out of your seat that will cause subluxations and dislocations.

    Щелкает тазобедренный сустав: причины, лечение

    If a newborn hear a crunching or clicking in the joints, when it take on hands or toddler takes a sitting position, it is often a sign of immature bone tissue and muscular system. In this case, parents need not worry. If the child hear the click only in one joint, you need to see a doctor to exclude arthritis, dysplasia and other diseases related to musculoskeletal disorders. Because clicks can be signs of abnormalities, pathologies in which the clicks hip joint. In this case, you will undergo a set of diagnostic surveys.

    Clicking in the hip joint can be associated with anatomical features of the musculoskeletal system of the child. Treatment for this situation is simple. It is restricted to only complex orthopaedic exercises, massage and vitamins for the progressive production of synovial fluid in the cartilage tissue.

    If any unusual sounds in the cartilage and joints a person should observe when they arise. If the clicks start to accompany the crunch, pain, swelling, it is recommended to urgently see a doctor.