Collagen for joints: drugs, contraindications

Коллаген для суставов: препараты, противопоказанияCollagen refers to a category of proteins, without which there can be the formation, development and growth of the organism. This title means a structural protein responsible for the fact that the cells were connected to each other. Collagen for joints plays a crucial role, because it determines the strength of the tissues. In bone, cartilage and ligament tissues contain different dominant types of collagen. The lack of it affects human health. If it is not enough, the problem starts in the functioning of the bones, ligaments, joints, because of their tissue destroyed.

Does collagen in food

All useful for the human body substances can be divided into those that produces it himself, and those that come from outside with food. Collagen is contained in a number of foods. Necessary for the operation of joints substance there is in the gelatin. Accordingly, and dishes with his addition, are a great source of collagen. That is why so useful a fruit jelly, if it is made from natural berries or fruit with the addition of collagen. A treat provides the body with vitamins and collagen, the supporting tissue of the joints and strengthening the vitality of the body.

After a time comes the effect of the adoption of hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin)? Visually observe that the performance of the fabrics have improved significantly, after 2 months, when it becomes clear: the man has changed the condition of hair and nails. Hair, for example, become more dense and shiny. During this same time, improving the skin’s appearance — it is starting to smooth out wrinkles. Gelatin is derived from:

  • bones of cattle;
  • cartilage;
  • tendons;
  • skins;
  • connective tissues of fish.

Medications with collagen produced from the same components as the gelatin, so that it can be viewed in the role of food concentrated collagen.

There are several types of this substance, which is necessarily taken into account in the production of drugs for the treatment of certain diseases. I and type II collagen contained in the ligaments and bones of man, it is necessary for the full functioning of these elements of the body. Type III is predominant in the cartilage of the joint, which it is vital.

Can human body produce collagen? Yes, if the diet included fish and seafood. Especially useful are salmon, salmon and seaweed.

Natural as drug, collagen have another unique feature: their use is considered safe. If it is not enough to get the body products, it is necessary to take care of the funds in collagen.

How much collagen is necessary for the body and are there any contraindications

What amount of collagen the body needs? All, of course, depends on the health of a person, his everyday activity and age. But there are average on the basis of which to develop products with collagen. As experts say, natural extracted from the bones and ligaments of animal collagen, a person need 5-7 grams per day.

An important point in the determination of consumption standards is the health status of the patient who might need substance. At employment by physical culture and sports nutritionists recommend to maintain the muscles and joints to take up to 10 grams of collagen a day. About the same dose required for its use in the pharmaceutical form: ampoules or tablets.

Коллаген для суставов: препараты, противопоказания

The immune system reacts to collagen

Need to know: substance use in natural products or drugs immediately brings noticeable effect, because collagen accumulates in the tissues of the human body gradually. It is widely used as an effective means of preserving and maintaining a youthful body. But it cannot be taken for treatment of ligaments and joints, and for other purposes, if a person has an individual intolerance of the substance. The latter circumstance, the doctor must take into account when assigning products with collagen for outdoor and indoor use.

What problems may arise in the use of this tool? It is not recommended to use it for the treatment of humans suffering from phenylketonuria, a rare hereditary disease associated with the breakdown of amino acids.

Treatment collagen must be consistent with your doctor. Special care in deciding to apply or not to apply this substance, nutritionists advise exercise for people suffering from overweight or prone to obesity.

This is due to the fact that products with collagen, and foods containing elevated concentrations necessary for the functioning of the body element, capable of provoking a significant increase of body weight. If the rate of application non-durable, this will not happen. In those cases when a person for a long time taking drugs with the collagen, it needs to be ready for such consequences.

To make a choice in favor of gelatin or tablets?

Such a question often faced by patients who are recommended to improve the condition of the joints make the collagen. The easiest and most economical way to buy gelatin, dilute it with water and drink as a medicine or cook with it, use a fruit jelly.

Коллаген для суставов: препараты, противопоказанияThe average course of treatment of the gelatin is 2 months, and not every person have the patience to cook all the time Jell-o gelatin or drink, diluted with water. Is there a real way out? There are: dietary supplements containing this substance.

One of the most popular means of this is a collagen ultra. Under this name usually refers to a group of products with collagen for outdoor and indoor use. In the production of dietary Supplements with collagen applying innovative technologies in the composition of additives include so necessary for the functioning of the human body amino acids and vitamin C.

Scheme of the use of dietary Supplements as drugs with collagen, is very simple. The first is used during meals three times a day. Treatment supplements with collagen that is produced in the form of powder or capsules lasts for 3 months.

Who can be assigned to dietary Supplements and products that contain collagen? People suffering from degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis. Collagen can effectively help in the initial stages of the disease, when not required surgical intervention to stop the progression of the disease. For those who have arthritis, the collagen is essential, because they help in strengthening the joints, to preserve their mobility.

People who have suffered joint injury, collagen is vital, as for those whose work involves heavy physical loads.

For the treatment of joint diseases in Russia has received wide popularity cream collagen ultra. The contained collagen and combines them substances contribute to stabilizing the mobility of joints and improve their functioning. This drug has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Any disease easier to prevent than to treat. Products with collagen, it is necessary to take to prevent those whose activities imply considerable pressure on the feet, for example, sellers and hairdressers. In order to prevent a number of diseases of the joints, pharmaceuticals collagen can and should be applied as a preventive measure to people whose age is over 30 years old.

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