Collar zone massage and exercises

Шейно-воротниковая зона: массаж и упражненияCollar zone damaged. Just enough to damage the muscles in this area to pinch a nerve, pull a ligament or damage a joint. Already in the early stages the fetus begins to form this fragile part of the body. In addition to medical treatment for neck injury, doctors usually prescribe patients specific courses of massage and medical gymnastics. To perform the exercises the first time, preferably under the supervision of a coach and be treated to a professional massage therapist. Once you see the principle of Commission manipulation, treatment can continue at home.

Often pregnant women have appear a lengthy pain in the neck. This is due to the growth of the fetus, which becomes heavier and puts further stress on the body. Perform simple gymnastic exercises, in this case just need. To the fetus they do not bear any danger, and the young mother will help you feel better.

Types of cervical massage

Neck area is very prone to various damages. So you need to give the muscles to relax and from time to time to stretch them. There are 5 basic types of self-massage of the neck, which can be used individually or in combination with each other:

  • Stroking.
  • Kneading.
  • Rubbing.
  • Effleurage.
  • Vibration.
  • The first type of manipulation is used most often. It is the easiest and consists of stroking area of the body in different ways. Every massage should begin with such manipulations and end them. These movements help to relax the patient, stretch the skin, heated her. Strokes can have a different amount of pressure.

    Шейно-воротниковая зона: массаж и упражненияFor grinding you have to make some effort. This technique is to improve blood flow to the damaged area and force the muscles to warm up. The whole neck area needs to be well heated and ready for the main manipulations. Rubbing can be performed with different speed and pressure force.

    The following paragraph is kneading the skin. This type of massage involves intense pressure, friction and stroking of the skin. The therapist touches the skin with your fingers, breaks up salt deposits. The main goal of this massage is to not only affect the skin but also on the muscle tissue and pain points.

    One of the most effective techniques of massage is effleurage. It provokes blood flow, relaxes muscle tissue, improves blood circulation cervical neck area. A good massage affects the nervous tissue. A similar effect has vibration. This type of massage helps to restore skin tone and muscles.

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    Indications and contraindications

    Шейно-воротниковая зона: массаж и упражненияDuring pregnancy and back injuries massage is the best way to relax stiff or overworked muscles. It is advisable for pregnant in the late stages to limit neck massage, or to be manipulated while sitting to prevent squeezing of the fruit. The benefits of such manipulation is simply priceless. Massage enriches the skin with oxygen, relaxes muscles, improves skin tone and effectively influences the elimination of dislocation, entrapment, sprains. The skin of the patient after the course becomes noticeably more elastic, and the contents of fat and water decreases. If the patient has a damaged joint and severe swelling, the course of massage will help reduce swelling and restore operation of the joint. Massage is recommended:

  • People who are forced to sit all day in one position.
  • Patients whose activities are associated with regular exercise.
  • Pregnant women (at any month of pregnancy, and fetal development).
  • To eliminate the pain in the head and neck.
  • Sleep disorders and dizziness.
  • At elevated pressure.
  • With the defeat of joints and muscle damage.
  • In diseases of neurological nature.
  • In the treatment of spinal curvature.
  • It is undesirable to use the services of massage therapists to patients who have severe disease of the heart, kidneys, blood, liver, very high blood pressure.

    When severe infectious diseases, damaged skin in the affected area, high temperature and thrombosis massage can not be done. This will contribute to deterioration of health of the patient.

    The use of massagers

    Шейно-воротниковая зона: массаж и упражненияNeck area is the most easily accessible, and have a massage by yourself is easy. But if you want to enhance the effect of the manipulations, it is possible to use a special massager, which will help to improve the quality of the massage. There are various kinds of such products:

  • Roller.
  • Mechanical.
  • Electric.
  • Massagers are made of wood, plastic and iron. The simplest product of this type of wooden roller massager. It’s very small, compact and it can always carry with you. Some models of this device is equipped with a special bulges on one side. They are designed for the pressure on the clogged salt deposits point and contribute to a better massage. Before you begin the process of massage, the neck can be lubricated with a special oil. But if you decide to stretch satexpo area at work, then you can do without the use of oil.

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    Hydro — and elektromassazhery can be quite cumbersome. Therefore, they are best used at home. For pregnant women the use of cold may be contraindicated because of severe vibration may adversely affect fetal development.

    Very popular Jacuzzi. This is a good way to eliminate muscle stiffness, relieve tension, and strengthen the skin.

    Standard massage procedure

    To use this technique it is best not to, and paired with someone. Correctly will first visit a couple of times the massage therapist to understand the power of the pressure and frequency of movements. Thereafter, the procedure can be performed independently. For women on the big term of pregnancy is better to be in a sitting position, to avoid peretaplivanii of the fetus.

    First, the neck is covered with a thin layer of massage oil. This will allow the masseur’s hands to slide better and will not cause damage to the upper layer of the epithelium. After that, you must do some gentle movements reminiscent of stroking. It is best to start from the beginning of the neck and to go down slowly. It is also necessary to affect the shoulder area. You can go down to the shoulder blades.

    The skin should be well heated. If a person is vessels are located very close to the skin surface, there may be redness. Change the direction and intensity of movements. When the skin is well heated, you can go longer. Gently palpate all bones. The human spine is in constant voltage, which must be removed. After you RUB the spine, you can start kneading the muscles.

    Here it is possible to apply a force, but gradually and without damaging muscle tissue. Pay attention to the points where there is the greatest accumulation of salts. They can trigger painful symptoms in this area, so to get rid of them. Use the technique of tapping. Muscles quickly relax, and the tension and pain in the neck pass.

    To finish the procedure, gradually reducing the pressure force to calm the muscles and allow them to recover tone.


    Exercises for neck and upper spine, it is recommended to perform regularly. Initially, the duration of exercise may be small, but it gradually needs to be increased. These elements will go well for pregnant women. In the course of classes will be involved in most cases only the upper part of the back to the fetus such activities harmless.

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    To perform the first exercise you need to stand up straight and pull your hands down. Take a deep breath. On the exhale, slowly lower your head down and hold for 5 seconds. On the exhale, return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 7 times. You must feel how tense and relax the muscles of your neck.
    Now place your hands on the belt and make smooth turns of the head. Every time you need to return to the original position. After the item is done 5 times, do tilts head to the right and left side. After each tilt, we need to return to the original position and hold it for 2 seconds.

    Шейно-воротниковая зона: массаж и упражнения

    Therapeutic and prophylactic courses of physical education

    To perform the following exercises for the neck and shoulder Department needs to sit on a chair. Put your elbows on your knees, and connect the brush into a fist. Now put your head in his hands and completely relax your neck. Only rely with his forehead on the brush. Now lift your elbows and turn your hands together with your head first one way, then the other. Run the item 5 times.

    Now fold the brush on the back of the head and start a little pressure on the head. Resist this movement and push head in his hands. The duration of the item is 5 seconds. After that relax for 3 seconds and repeat the exercise 5 times. Give yourself a rest 5 minutes and repeat the entire set of exercises again. Over time, the number of repetitions should be increased.