Compress the knee with arthrosis and arthritis: how to make a

Компресс на колено при артрозе и артрите: как правильно сделатьA compress is one of the most effective external methods of treatment of diseases of the joints, it effectively relieves pain symptoms and inflammation. But not everyone knows how to make a compress correctly. It is important to remember that any procedure for ailments of the joints it is necessary to perform strictly according to the prescription of the doctor observing certain rules of its application.

The temperature of the compress tools which are used during the procedure — it should be consistent with doctors. It is considered that the packs do not have contraindications. This is not so, there are situations when to apply them is impossible, because they can cause an allergic reaction, the deterioration of joint tissue. What you need to know about the packs, in order to treat the joints?

There are various methods of dealing with pain in the knee joints. But the first thing you need to do is to install using the methods of modern diagnosis of the cause of the painful symptoms. How to assure health professionals, today there are about 100 diseases that can affect the knee joint.

The knee area is odne of the most vulnerable areas for joint diseases. In most people’s minds, arthrosis, arthritis, gout can be treated as a disease, it is often denoted by one word «rheumatism». The reason for this perhaps lies in the fact that diseases do symptomatically similar. In arthritis people suffering from pain, as in various types of arthritis.

If suddenly there was severe pain in the knees, people suffering from arthrosis or arthritis, will help the vodka compress.

Vodka compress

The main purpose of the procedure in all cases is to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected knee. It requires medicines or folk remedies that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to choose the right pack, to consult with medical experts about its application.

Компресс на колено при артрозе и артрите: как правильно сделать

Vodka is great heats the diseased joint.

Please verify immediately: vodka compress has nothing to do with the rubbing of the knee with vodka, in addition to the main component. Arthritis or any other disease of the joints this procedure is performed on the night. To do so, you will need:

  • vodka (in its absence, you can apply rubbing alcohol);
  • a piece of tissue;
  • compress paper.

First the fabric is moistened in vodka, bring to it a match and when the flap light up, immediately extinguish it with a towel. Vodka compress is a cloth dipped in vodka, which will prevent bad knee. On top of it wrapped with compress paper. The location of the compress, it is necessary to wrap, which will fit perfectly ordinary wool scarf. Vodka compresses used in the so-called cold option.

Compresses for osteoarthritis with the use of this plant help to relieve the pain symptoms and calm the nervous system, which is also important, because one of the causes of various diseases of the knee joint are the stresses.

For cold compress you need to take 100 g of dried mullein flowers and infuse them in a 0.5 l bottle of vodka for 20 days, then the tool that helps in osteoarthritis, will be ready. For the procedure you will need a napkin. It moisten to the strained infusion and put on the body. On top of it and put compression on paper. Compress do at night, the affected area be sure to wrap woolen cloth. This tool is great and helps with arthritis. In some cases it is used with cervical osteochondrosis, especially if the patient has a pinched nerve.

Added collagen

It is well known that gelatin contains collagen, which is essential for the normal functioning of the joints. Compresses with gelatin can help to fight artroom and strengthen joint tissue.

Компресс на колено при артрозе и артрите: как правильно сделать

To improve the condition of the knee joint to be done within a month. For procedures, you will need powdered gelatin. To make one wrap for joints will take 2 incomplete teaspoons of chopped gelatin. They must pour 0.5 cups of room temperature water and leave in glass container overnight. In the morning, remedy for knee joint ready. The gelatin solution applied to the cloth and apply for 15-20 minutes to the affected joint. Tuck top compress paper and cloth.

The procedure is repeated daily for a month. This compress reduces the pain symptoms, strengthening joint tissue.

A poultice of oatmeal

One of the most popular folk remedies treatment of osteoarthritis is oatmeal. The application methods known to mankind many hundreds of years, and the recipes are not very different. To relieve pain in the knee joint, it is necessary to brew 5 tablespoons of oatmeal with boiling water and cooking the resulting composition without salt for about 5 minutes.

To make a compress, the resulting mass cooled to 30 °C and applied to the leg. The top plot is wrapped with plastic and a wool cloth. Procedure in the region of the knee joint lasts for about 20-30 minutes.

Then clean up the mess, the place is washed with warm water without soap and re-wrapped with woolen cloth. There are options under which the product is applied on the affected area at night and in the morning wash off with water. This method is often used when cervical osteochondrosis, but to implement the procedures necessary to consult a doctor as the disease of the spine can be accompanied by complications, in which to do warm compresses impossible.

Fern, cabbage, kefir, Mel

Компресс на колено при артрозе и артрите: как правильно сделать

Cabbage leaf will relieve the pain and swelling

The healing properties of the fern are known since the ancient times. With cervical osteochondrosis and joint diseases, the fern leaves are used as compresses, wrapping on top of the affected area of the body with warm cloth. Compresses using cabbage juice — this is a classic folk medicine. They are able to significantly reduce pain symptoms and to fight inflammation.

Cabbage is perfect for a compress for gout. For the procedure required one fresh cabbage. With juicer it is obtained from the juice. Woolen cloth dipped in the juice and wrap it the area of the affected knee joint. The top plot is covered with oilcloth, and on it put a layer of wool fabric. Compress was carried out for 40 minutes.

Yogurt and chalk are equally popular means for the treatment of gout. As the outer drug traditional medicine uses the most ordinary chalk and milk. This method can be used in diseases of the hip joint when it is necessary to reduce the dynamics of the inflammatory process. The chalk is crushed and mixed with yogurt.

Compresses applied to the areas affected by ailments, the top covered with foil and wrapped. The hip and the knee often suffer because of disrupted data in the areas of circulation, which does not go unnoticed destructive processes in the joint tissues. Compresses with yogurt and chalk help to correct the situation, they greatly improve blood circulation.

Why the need for activated carbon

Activated charcoal for gout helps to effectively and quickly remove toxins from the body. To prepare the tools you will need as many pills (which are widely used as internal remedies for gout), to get half a Cup of carbon powder. It is mixed with a tbsp of ground or soaked flax seeds. Flaxseed for gout can be applied for preparation of compresses. In the coal-Flaxseed add a little water. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed and when it becomes pasty, is applied to the body.

To relieve pain in gout, the procedure is performed on the night, not forgetting to wrap the compress place a woolen cloth.

In the morning the pain that cause so many unpleasant hours for gout disappear. Why does this happen? Activated carbon is able to reduce acidity, which is the root cause of pain and inflammation in gout. Activated charcoal is useful in this disease to apply and inside. In some cases, it can be used as a prophylaxis by people with predisposition to this disease.

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