Compresses with Dimexidum on the aching joint: a comprehensive treatment

Humanity is familiar with the diseases of the joints since ancient times. Archaeologists have proved that the pain suffered from the Neanderthals. Tormented by this disease and modern humans: medicine has not yet found such a method of treatment that would rid the world of this problem forever.

Компресс с димексидом на больной сустав: комплексное лечение

Where does the pain in the joints

Pain in the joints and reduced mobility affect the quality of life. Local means of pain relief, the most effective are compresses. For this purpose, various medications: bishofit, medical bile, dimexide. Joints treatment will be effective if you make compresses with Dimexidum.

Experts identify several reasons for joint disease:

  • infection that leads to arthritis;
  • the immune response to infection that gets in the body, thereby developing rheumatism or arthritis;
  • mechanical factor causes the emergence of the professional arthrosis and arthritis, bursitis;
  • allergies;
  • endocrine pathology in which the broken bone that leads to osteoporosis, arthrosis;
  • the disruption in blood supply to joint tissues, which causes the occurrence of arthritis.

To understand the causes of the disease and prescribe treatment, the doctor interviews the patient about the presence of risk factors: sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, colds, heredity. Often the disease affects women during menopause. Among men are more prone to this disease, those who abuse alcohol, who have suffered injuries and have more stress on the joints.

Common symptoms of articular pathologies

Компресс с димексидом на больной сустав: комплексное лечение

A disease of the joints is distinguished by specific features. But there are common symptoms, which will tell the person that you need to pay close attention to your health:

  • pain after physical exertion;
  • stiffness;
  • swelling, redness of the skin around the sore joint;
  • the decrease in sensitivity, changes in body temperature.
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Different joint diseases have characteristic symptoms. So, arthritis of the knee the disease is from 2 to 14 days. Joints become inflamed, there is pain, do not give the patient rest at night. With the defeat of the articular cartilage (osteoporosis) causes a sharp pain in a joint, often the knee. The knee swells up, it becomes inactive.

The middle-aged men at high loads on the tendon or injuries developing bursitis of the elbow or knee joints. Most often this disease is found in athletes. As a rule, after 1-2 weeks the pain goes away. More dangerous health is bursitis of the elbow joint (sometimes of the knee), which develops gout and arthritis. Bursa (periarticular bags) become inflamed, the joint loses mobility, the redness and swelling of the skin.

Improper nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption in men there is pain in the lower extremities. Painful sensations grow rapidly, the skin in the joint becomes red, loses its mobility, body temperature rises. So manifested osteoarthritis.

Treatment with compresses

Ignore any disease of the joints, as it can lead to complications, disability, and sometimes death. For a first diagnosis, then the doctor will prescribe individual treatment. Because there were problems in the body, hence, it is necessary comprehensive treatment: patients will be offered medication and physiotherapy, and will select the best exercise.

Компресс с димексидом на больной сустав: комплексное лечение

With timely treatment to the doctor and comprehensive measures, the patient will be able to maintain an active lifestyle and not feel discomfort during movement. One of the methods of treatment of diseases of the joints — pack with a medicine. Of all known drugs, used for therapeutic compresses, you should pay attention to dimexide.

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Dimexide — liquid chemical that has anti-inflammatory effect. This medicine also acts as a pain reliever. Dimexide can penetrate deep into the skin, it works effectively in the area of inflammation. The drug is rapidly absorbed, thereby improving the metabolism.

Compresses with Dimexidum helps with arthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee. It should be noted that dimexide for gout is applied after removal of acute pain using the bladder with ice. The use of dimexide for gout can relieve the patient from symptoms and causes of disease. Compresses and lotions with this drug for this disease, as bursitis of the elbow joint. The cure will easily cope with the inflammation and return the joy of movement.

Dimexide, packs of which will help restore joint mobility, acts as a disinfectant the affected area.

Contraindications and regulations on the use of dimexide

Dimexide is a fairly common drug. But for all its positive effects on the body there are contraindications to using this drug. Patients having problems of the kidneys and liver suffering from angina, glaucoma, cataracts, it is not recommended to apply this medication.

The drug can cause allergies, so before influence Dimexidum on the joints, test. For this it is enough to apply dimexide wool on a small area of skin and wait a bit. If there is no response — feel free to start treatment.

For a poultice, mix in equal doses and dimexide boiled water. A mixture of wet sterile gauze and apply to the affected joint. Top cover with plastic wrap, then a layer of cotton wool and cover the sore spot with a soft cloth. Keep 20 minutes. Compresses with Dimexidum on the joints take 2-3 weeks 1 times a day. When using compresses with Dimexidum carefully read recommendations to not harm the body.

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Things to remember when applying compresses with Dimexidum:

  • Prepare mixture just before use. You can’t do it for the future. The next day, the drug will be unsuitable for treatment because it immediately reacts with water.
  • Use only sterile gauze to avoid allergies, as dimexide penetrates deep into the skin and pulls all that dissolves, for example, dyes of the fabric.
  • Do not increase the procedure time in order to avoid chemical burn.
  • If the pain is acute, include in the composition of the bags, in addition to the aqueous solution of Dimexidum, and cetanol. To do this, take 1/3 of each ingredient. The pain subsides after half an hour.