Compression fracture of the spine in children: symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation and consequences

Compression fracture of the spine in children: treatment, rehabilitation and consequences

In order to understand what is a compression fracture of the spine (CPT) need to know that doctors attributed to compression fractures in the General case.

Is any damage to the bones and joints that are not associated with the direct impact of a force to the injured area, but there is a violation of the integrity of the shape of some bones or a single bone. Injuries can occur as a result of compression or impact on the damaged area of the own weight of the body.

So, a compression fracture can occur due to the pressure that has some weight (snow, sand, clay, and various building materials, slabs of concrete and similar materials) or by the impact of another area of the body on something or someone.

For example, drop a heavy object on the head can cause damage to the skull at the top of the head and base of the skull. The first trauma is considered the shock, and the second compression, because the subject did not come into direct contact with the area of injury.

Compression fracture of the spine — a phenomenon quite common. The injury can be obtained when falling from the height of its growth and later, an unsuccessful jump from a height and even with the wrong load in the course of sports activities.

It happens that patients be persons who were engaged in strength training with the load and while they did not fall. The load when a poor body position can cause a checkpoint. In the same way — you could slip and fall on the buttocks that also sometimes becomes a source of such trauma.

Peculiarities of trauma in children

Children’s bones are more rich in organic matter, so the skeleton more flexible and protected it traumatic impacts.

The spine also contains cartilage, which is localized at the growth sites. This makes it more adapt to the effects of a particular plan. In the case of spinal injuries in children are very rare fractures of the spinous and transverse processes are almost never isolated fractures of the arches. The most common should be considered a compression wedge fractures of the vertebral bodies.

One of the main problems associated with children, is the difficulty of diagnosis. In the medical environment, firmly rooted opinion that compression fracture of the spine in children almost never occur, so diagnosis and treatment often begin in a timely manner.

In fact, parents and children should be alerted the history that the child fell from somewhere, or did somersaults and I felt a sharp pain.

The insidiousness of this injury is reflected in the fact that the most mild degree may not be associated not only with the inability to move on their own, but even occurs in the first few days unnoticed.

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A positive factor is that the child’s body is growing and any damage to heal much faster than adults.

In General, a compression fracture of the spine in a child differ from injuries of an adult only to those that occur in childhood are extremely rare. However, this does not mean that do not occur at all.

The main way of identifying degrees of severity, and all three of them, in any case is to identify changes in the size of the vertebra, or rather the height of his body. If the height is not decreased less than half, it is the first degree if half, then the second, and in the case of reducing the height by more than half, the third degree. the complexity of the injury.

Children have their own laws

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The factors causing the injury can be divided into those that do not differ from causes in other age groups and exclusively for children.

The former include an unexpected fall, an awkward motion during sports activities, car accidents and similar phenomena. Of course, it may be CAT and when squeezed some weight.

Children’s reasons are the game and the desire of the child to assert themselves. Very rare to find an adult who is ready to jump from a height to prove to their peers their strength and courage.

Similarly, children may enter the building, in basements of abandoned buildings, to construct some houses. Sometimes the compression occurs as a result of exposure to a snow mass. Even many adults see snow as something that’s safe. Meanwhile, the weight of one cubic meter of snow can reach 600 kg.

Complaints, symptoms and signs

Subjective experience with trauma of this kind in children and adults are exactly the same. Symptoms depend on the area that hurt compression fracture of the spine:

  1. If the damaged thoracic vertebra, the patient has difficulty in breathing that can pass a few hours. And this is not good, because temporary disappearance of the symptoms delaying the time of treatment to doctors. Pain occurs mostly when trying to load the spine. May be some stiffness. Unfortunately many formulated it like this «I pulled back» and take action is not immediately.
  2. Fractures in the lumbar spine have difficulty with movement, attempts to turn the body right or left. In some cases, the injured are unable to move independently.
  3. The same fracture of the cervical pretends to be changing the position of the head and inability to look left or right without turning the body as a whole.
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Attempts to touch the area of occurrence of injuries of the fingers accompanied by pain. Even without clicking may be felt irregular bulging of the vertebrae or their deviation in some direction.

In all these cases, you need not to panic. Do not attempt to get to the admissions on their own. You need to call an ambulance and insist on hospitalization of the victim on the stretcher and in the car.

Diagnostic criteria and methods

To give a precise answer about whether the fracture is possible only after conducting a full medical examination.

Not coincidentally spondylography in a separate view radiology studies. Basically the doctors are trying to detect changes in the height of damaged vertebrae.

This reduction can take many forms, sometimes controversial and detectable with great difficulty. It is important to consider not only the overall change in size of the vertebral body, but also it departments.

The difficulty of identifying the fracture, sometimes associated with points of ossification. Usually the conclusions are in the presence of multiple symptoms.

Treatment and rehabilitation activities

General principles of treatment is the timely detection of turning point, a comprehensive health impact and phasing of assistance.

Treatment of compression fractures of the spine in children has several stages. You first need to take steps to reduce the total load on the spine. For this purpose special funds:

  • loop Gleason, if the fracture occurred in the upper sections;
  • in the maternity and straps if a broken vertebrae below 14th.

In some cases, especially if the damage is more than 3 vertebrae, a certain effect can give wearing a corset.

From the beginning of the treatment process, doctors should highlight the main method that will need to be applied. Or operational or conservative treatment.

The first is assigned when detecting chips, deformations that may affect the spinal cord. Conservative treatment is aimed at stretching the spine and creating the most favorable conditions for the coalescence of the damaged areas.

In the end, the height of the vertebrae should be OK. This process can be very long, sometimes it takes a period of about 2 years.

While conservative techniques from the beginning of treatment, with the first week, apply massage techniques and physical therapy.

Usually conservative treatment means as a task of the first stage — the removal of pain and the finding of the child only on a solid surface still. The second uses the electrophoresis and magnetotherapy.

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During this stage, you need to restore the supply to damaged areas of blood. Perhaps the use of massage and physical therapy. Only you should not compare the systems for affected children with normal physical activity.

All this is done under the control of specialists and sometimes not even noticeable. From the child may require wiggling fingers, a small change in the position of the feet and similar actions.

Sometimes the instructor generally requires little patient effort and he moves his limbs and talks about how you need to breathe in this time.

Rehabilitation after compression fractures of the spine includes the formation of a muscular corset. It is the muscles that will surround the growing of the baby vertebrae. Continues pulling and conducted various exercises.

Other methods of treatment and recovery depend on the situation, the extent of damage and other characteristic features. If a child got into some accident and has multiple injuries, each treated in its time and its methods.

The trauma

Spinal injury in children almost never go unnoticed. Another issue is that it will be for the consequences. Compression fracture of the spine the first level in children is almost entirely beyond healing.

However, this does not mean that later he will not cause degenerative disc disease or some such disease.

Therefore, parents need maximum patience. You need to consistently go through all the stages of therapy and after completion of treatment not to miss recommended by doctors ways to maintain health in proper form.

How to protect the child?

To prevent risky behavior of the child is extremely difficult. Parents can arbitrarily long time to talk about that you can not jump or tumble somewhere on the ground, run around the wasteland and climb the trees.

The child may do so simply because of the age psychological features.

The best method of correcting the behavior of the kids is a balanced daily routine, which would include all as many useful actions that could be to the child that the risk of unforeseen circumstances will be minimized.