Constrictive ligaments (trigger finger): symptoms and treatment

Causes and treatment of stenosing ligamentitis (trigger finger)

Thanks to the device of the brush each person can perform the most complex functions such as capturing fine detail.

As a result of adverse factors, this ability can be lost. One of the reasons that encourages them is the development of stenosing ligamentitis.

The overall clinical picture

«Trigger finger» is the common people usually call this a disease. It usually is given little value, despite its danger.

Constrictive ligaments is an inflammatory process in which affected ring-shaped muscle of the thumb. Thanks to her, he is driven. When the tendon is normal, the finger moves freely. If there is inflammation of a ring-shaped muscle increases in volume, often fused with the tissues that surround it.

If too start the disease, the finger will soon cease to move at all.

The causes of pathological conditions

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The most common reasons for the occurrence of the disease notta in adults include the following:

  • Inflammation of the ligaments and joints, including chronic diseases (arthritis, rheumatism etc.);
  • Predisposition due to heredity;
  • The congestion occurs due to prolonged manual labor;
  • Congenital features of the structure of muscles, ligaments and tendons of the hand.

Constrictive ligaments in children is called the rapid growth of structures and tissues of the individual parts of the brush.

There is a category of people, the possibility of developing such a disease higher at times. The risk group includes such diseases as gout, rheumatism, diabetes, arthritis. It is recommended in this case to their own health to be treated carefully, and for the manifestation of the first signs to start treatment.

Symptoms of the disease

Stenosing ligamentitis have very pronounced symptoms. It includes the following range of characteristics:

  • At the moment the pressure on the base of the finger that bothers me, the pain becomes brighter;
  • Reduction operation;
  • Pain in the finger is not focused, may be in the forearm or hand;
  • Good clicking feel that occurs when you try to straighten and bend your finger;
  • At the base of the finger appears dense painful lumpy.
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Diagnostic methods

The process of diagnosis of trigger finger occurs directly at the doctor. Usually enough of the survey and inspection of the finger. The purpose of the tests, as a rule, not possible.

Stage manifestations of the disease

The manifestation of this disease can be divided into three stages.

The pain and the clicking in the first stage, still irregular, and sometimes are not disturbed too often.

Once will put a serious effort in order to straighten the finger, it is possible to say that the disease has progressed to the second stage.

As a rule, already at this stage, the tendon is thickened, and under the sick finger formed lump.

The third stage is characterized by the fact that the finger is losing the ability to move. In any case, it is not necessary to wait for the onset of the last stage, because to get rid of the disease helps in timely treatment.


The purpose of the respective procedures, of course, depends on what kind of stage is constrictive ligaments and what is the age of the patient. In the treatment of stenosing ligamentitis children often apply conservative therapy, whereas adults usually recommended the surgery.

Conservative treatment

Most often, when stenosing ligamentitis applicable conservative treatment. Expressed it, as a rule, in the application of physiotherapy. Gradually if the disease too far advanced or procedures does not yield results, they added additional assignments in the form of special drugs.

Mandatory immobilization for not less than two weeks. During this period, the brush is usually fully restored. This happens, of course, not independently, and through the use of different ways. For example, physiotherapy.

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Most often, when stenosing ligamentitis physiotherapy is assigned to the following measures:

  1. Electro — and phonophoresis with the use of special drugs;
  2. Of an application with the use of paraffin or mud;
  3. The ozokerite.

One of the procedures included in physiotherapy, massage — should be excluded altogether. This is necessary in order not to worsen the condition of the inflamed tissues because of the brush important absolute peace.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be appointed in addition. For example, hydrocortisone, novocaine. All hormonal or steroidal drugs for the treatment of trigger finger is able to assign only a doctor who, based on research and the characteristics of the organism, will select the most suitable.

Self-medication in this case not only the yield but also risk.

For a designated period of treatment it is important to fully forget about all the stress. No works that are associated with prolonged tension of the wrist of the hand that should not happen.

This applies not only to home cleaning, but also exercises that require the load on the fine motor skills of fingers (sewing, sorting out small parts, knitting). Respect for the principle of rest will depend on the speed of treatment.


In many cases, conservative treatment may not be successful or it will be just short.

In return, the deterioration of the muscles or if the stage stenosing ligamentitis very running appoint surgery.

Closed ligamentum

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Dissection is not done, only a small puncture. Surgery for stenosing ligamentitis is when using an eye scalpel.

On the brush is cut the annular ligament, and the depth of the cut will depend on how soon disappear in the snap of a finger. Characterized by the fact that after such easy operation is applied only aseptic bandage, as the incision is very small.

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Total duration of the surgical intervention does not exceed 20 minutes.

There is this method and several disadvantages:

  1. Visual inspection is not, and therefore a higher chance to damage anything;
  2. The possibility of damage to the tendon flexor;
  3. The probability of occurrence of hematoma;
  4. Perhaps the appearance of relapses.

Open ligamentum

Cut the palm of your hand does not exceed 3 centimeters. The exposure of the annular ligament, inflamed and knit with other tissues, occurs in layers. Further, on a lateral surface occurs the tearing of the ligament.

Then the surgeon important to make sure that the slip of the flexor tendons occurs freely. The wounds are stitched and on some days the brush is fixed with a plaster bandage. All the sutures are removed after 2 weeks.


After successful treatment, surgical or bezopalubochnogo, hand functions are fully restored. This applies to all cases except those in which could be complications in the treatment process.

The percentage of relapse after surgical treatment are much lower compared to conservative. Therefore, in some cases the latter method of exposure is not applied at all, and the doctors resort to surgery.

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