Corset for posture: an overview of the main types of corrective devices

Orthopedic corset for posture supports the spine in a physiologically correct position. Consider how to choose the right corset for posture, how to wear the device and, finally, as after completing the course it is better to «wean» the body from long term use of this orthopedic products.

Корсет для осанки: обзор основных видов корректирующих устройств

Posture corrector for adult will help to fix the spine in the correct position

When prescribed a corset to correct posture? There is a list of cases in which the corset is simply necessary. It is such violations as:

  • scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis;
  • a hunched back;
  • krylovidnymi blades, where the lower corners are excessively discharged from the back;
  • mechanical damage of the spine;
  • congenital anomalies of the vertebrae;
  • acquired bad posture (often schoolchildren).

An overview of the main types of corsets

Function as a corset for posture are of two types: supportive and corrective. Support device used to unload the spine after mechanical impact on the back, surgical intervention, as well as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. To correct posture it is not necessary.

Corrective braces are used for the alignment (correction) of the spine in different directions. As a rule, with some elements of its design, it acts on the scoliotic arc, correcting it, and other elements of such a corset consolidate the results.

There are several types of corrective devices:

  • Elastic brace for posture correction. Its main task is to unload the lower back and thoracic spine. It produces a fixing of the ridge in the anatomically correct direction. Corrects minor violations. Consists of an elastic bandage and has no rigid inserts, which minimizes discomfort while wearing.
  • Magnetic back brace is elastic device inserted in the back of the magnets to remove pain.
  • Hard brace for posture correction, is mounted on the sides of the hard plates, which properly distribute the load on the spine. Prescribed for more serious problems with posture.
  • Lumbar brace for posture correction designed for two purposes. This warming of the lower back, rheumatism or kidney ailments, as well as correction of the lumbar spine.
  • Custom brace for posture correction. These corsets are usually made of plastic. They are very hard and uncomfortable, therefore, require a long addiction.
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    The use of corrective devices

    It is important to understand that wearing a corset is not such a simple thing. You need to choose the right, this should be done by a skilled surgeon.

    Корсет для осанки: обзор основных видов корректирующих устройств

    Posture corrector is invisible under clothes

    The second stage is the model selection and buying. You need to buy the most comfortable brace to carry a minimum restrict movement.

    Depending on the diagnosis and extent of injury of the spine developed certain rules and timelines for the wearing of corsets:

  • A severe form of scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis (scoliosis of 3 degrees). In such cases it is necessary — wearing a corset. Interrupts may be short and only in exceptional need (hygienic and medical procedures). The fact that in most cases, to cure a disease is almost impossible. All that I can to provide corsets is to stop the progression of the disease.
  • The average form of the disease (scoliosis of 2 degrees). In this case there are two options for the use of the corset. First – round the clock (at least 23 hours a day). Interrupt wearing only for hygienic procedures. As practice shows, after a few weeks the patients brand coming to grips with his «vest» and do not pay special attention to it. The second option is wearing a corset during daily activities (16 hours a day). Take it off only at night. Treatment with the corset with such a degree of scoliosis can be quite effective with proper selection and wearing of the device.
  • The initial form of scoliosis (table 1, often characteristic of children). In such cases, wearing this device doctors advise several times a day for 1-2 hours. It should be noted that the treatment in this form of the disease is not only restricted to wearing «vests». An experienced doctor will prescribe in addition to gymnastics and swimming pool.
  • Special attention should be paid to the selection of children’s corset. If the posture doctor recommended using an orthopedic device, it is important to communicate clearly and convincingly explain to the child why wear concealer necessary.

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    Selection of the posture corrector

    Where to buy an orthopaedic corset for correcting the posture? There are several options. The first is to buy it at the drugstore. Prices are affordable and the selection is large. The only thing that may hinder the selection of the size of the bandage. In pharmacies sell products in standard sizes and may not be suitable for everyone.

    Корсет для осанки: обзор основных видов корректирующих устройств

    Children’s posture corrector helps to get rid of slouching

    The second option: better to make a product to order. There are enough skilled craftsmen who will perform it at a high level. Drawback — high price. Such a thing will cost you 4-6 times more expensive than the standard pharmacy.

    The third way: «do orthopedic corset for posture straightening with his hands». This initiative is allowed only with a slight curvature of the spine.

    When selecting a corset to correct posture should pay attention to several nuances. It is recommended to acquire product made from natural materials. In areas adjoining brace to delicate areas of the skin it is desirable that it was cotton. You need to pay attention to all the rigid elements and see that they do not squeezing the skin.

    Buying a corset for posture correction, try to do it only in specialized stores or pharmacies, and can choose a product from a reputable manufacturer.

    Withdrawal from the corset after the end of treatment

    In the process of correcting posture is very important and proper weaning from the brace. The back muscles have to learn how to support the spine. After the doctor allowed you to remove the orthopedic device should undergo the process of withdrawal.

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    First, note that the withdrawal process will be no faster than was addictive. If the brace for posture correction worn around the clock, to remove it it is necessary gradually. For 6 months while wearing “vests” save at 1-1.5 hours a day . In the next 6 months wearing gradually adjusted to zero. It’s all happening under the supervision of the podiatrist.

    Secondly, after the complete cessation of wearing orthopedic devices should be for another 4 years regularly examined by the doctor. The specialist should observe the reaction of the spine and treatment outcomes. Thus it is necessary to comply with all medical recommendations relating to physical activity, routine and diet.

    Assign corrective corset needs a doctor. He is obliged to provide full information on how to choose a corset.