Corset for the neck as one of the methods of treatment and prevention

For the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis is now widely used corset for the neck as a specialized safe fixture. Medical device looks like a wide orthopedic collar securely supports the patient’s head.

Who is prescribed to wear a neck brace

Корсет для шеи как один из методов лечения и профилактикиThe cervical spine has, in comparison with other parts of the spine, some of the features.

  • The neck almost constantly, except during sleep, under stress. As a consequence, often is strain or spasserovannye muscular corset around the spine.
  • The cervical vertebrae — the smallest available and the most mobile, which makes them high injury rate.
  • The spine connects to a brain and spinal cord and Central and peripheral nervous system of the human body. Therefore, from the condition of the cervical depends largely on the state of the whole organism.
  • Located along the spinal vessels and nerves are in a rather narrow spinal canal, and therefore most heavily exposed to various injuries, intersecting and infringements.

When pain in the neck or other unpleasant symptoms need to see a doctor and undergo the necessary tests to determine the cause of the illness.

Doctors prescribe a corset for the neck with osteochondrosis in the following cases:

  • deformation or displacement of the cervical vertebrae;
  • the presence of intervertebral hernia;
  • diseases of the tissues or joints in the area of the cervical spine;
  • the expressed signs of cervical scoliosis, until torticollis;
  • periods of exacerbation of osteochondrosis of cervical Department.
  • the origin of the muscular overexertion or clips in the cervical region;
  • prevention of vertebrobasilar insufficiency and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • patient complaints on frequent and severe headaches or dizziness;
  • manifestations of dystonia in the form of changes in blood pressure, tinnitus, depression, irritability;
  • the presence of sprains, bruises, myositis, or pain of unknown etiology in the neck area;
  • preventive care to strengthen the spine of the representatives of the «sedentary» professions.

Cervical collar should not start to wear without consulting with an experienced doctor-orthopedist. Self-medication can lead to disastrous health consequences!

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The effect of the corset and the rules of wearing it

Корсет для шеи как один из методов лечения и профилактикиSpecialized neck brace securely locks the vertebrae in a safe location, limiting their mobility, relieving pain and muscle spasm. After a patient has diarrhea orthopedic collar for some time, pinched nerves are released, the vertebrae of the cervical stability was returning. Special orthopedic neck brace acts in such a way that the displaced vertebrae back to their anatomical location, expanding the narrowed space between the nerve roots.

However, if an orthopedic collar to wear excessively long time, may atrophy the muscles of the spine in the neck. Therefore, corset of osteochondrosis wear at first not more than 15 minutes, so that the muscles get used to it gradually. Then the wearing time is gradually increased to 45-60 minutes.

In the daytime orthopedic corset is recommended to be worn around the neck for no longer than six hours. At night, the collar must be removed. But when lifting or carrying heavy loads and objects it is a must wear. In addition, the bandage you need to learn how to optimally tightened, so he didn’t stay around neck and not too much squeezed it.

The maximum therapeutic effect of the product gives usually after application of one to three months. Most long recovery usually occurs after injuries of the neck. During the wearing of a corset damaged cells of the tissues have time to recover. Straighten bent vessels, and blood cells are freely washed by the tissue, nourishing and revitalizing them. Pinched nerve bundles frees, restores normal innervation of paravertebral tissues. Muscles, which come to life updated cells are strengthened.

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If improvement of the patient occurs within 30 days, you should not continue to wear an orthopedic collar longer. But to remove it need not simultaneously, but gradually, to the cells managed to adapt to the new conditions and then freely regenerated in a natural way. After an orthopedic collar is removed, you should start strengthening natural muscular corset with swimming, yoga and other beneficial exercises.

It should be remembered that a neck brace does not replace physical training. To strengthen the neck muscles through exercise is necessary.