Corset, hernia of the spine: how to choose and wear

Корсет при грыже позвоночника: как правильно подобрать и носитьOrthopaedic corset for spinal hernia is used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. For different sections of the spine there are various models of medical corsetry. Wearing a corset allows patients with a herniated disc to lead, despite the disease, almost normal life. A properly selected therapeutic bandage should not pinch the damaged area and rotate around the body of the patient.

Thoracic or lumbar brace is widely used after surgery. Very often corset belt is used as an effective aid for conservative treatment of hernia formation. It should be remembered that a brace for the back will not replace a natural healing the body through therapeutic gymnastics, yoga and swimming.

The function of the bandage in the presence of intervertebral hernia

Intervertebral hernia is formed by the displacement of the cartilage disk located between the vertebrae. Offset — disc provokes the rupture of the collagen fibers of the annulus. Torn tissue rings can’t hold the disk in an anatomically correct position within the spinal column. A so-called protrusion or prolapse outward protrusion of the gelatinous nucleus of the disc.

Корсет при грыже позвоночника: как правильно подобрать и носитьBack brace, which is worn in the presence of intervertebral hernia of education performs several important functions.

  • Fixing. It fixes the spine in the correct physiological position, preventing the patient from possible further damage. Unfortunately, people tend in the absence of pain forget about caution and make dangerous movements, which can exacerbate the disease. Corset for cervical or thoracic saves in this case bone and soft tissue from damage.
  • Unloading. Corset belt takes okolomatocnah muscles of the load. Because of this gradually disappearing muscle tension, restores innervation and blood supply to the damaged region. Removed spasm, in turn, frees the patient from the pain syndrome that wearing a corset was removed only strong analgesics, muscle relaxants or novocaine blockade.
  • Pulling. Orthopedic belt creates the conditions for a mild stretching of the spine. In the presence of a herniation of any spinal Department, even a small increase in the distance between the vertebral bodies is of considerable significance. Enlarged intervertebral gap helps to reduce swelling of the damaged area. In addition, significantly reduces the pressure on the vertebral discs, which began slowing in the tissues of the degenerative changes.
  • Massage-warming. Therapeutic zone can be considered as an additional item of clothing that helps to keep warmth in the painful area. This contributes to the establishment of normal heat in the body. In addition, the brace and the back has massage properties.

Properly chosen orthopedic product, in addition to fixing, unloading and traction, and also performs massage function: activates microcirculation in the tissues of the disks, restoring them to proper nutrition and preventing degenerative processes.

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Protivoglistnyh variety of orthopedic corsets

Корсет при грыже позвоночника: как правильно подобрать и носитьThe choice of corset for a damaged spine depends on many factors. It is important to choose the cervical or thoracic bandage desired stiffness, model and size. To an independent choice of corset back or chest is not cause themselves even greater harm, you should consult with an experienced podiatrist.

Depending on exactly where the intervertebral hernia, corsetry are:

  • for the thoracic spine;
  • for neck;
  • the Sacro-lumbar.

Lumbar back waist is a broad product that covers both the rump. The lumbar corset has plastic or metal cross or longitudinal ribs. The force of the tension this brace can be adjusted elastic fasteners, which are fixed on several levels. Choose the size corsetry depends on the amount of the waist of the patient.

This orthopedic belt perfectly stabilizes the spine in the damaged area. As wear of a corset gradually reduced pain in the sacral and lumbar region. Treatment zone is prescribed for the protrusion of the herniated discs, which usually is accompanied by severe pain. Bandage for the back rigid or semi-rigid fixing is made from breathable fabric, which does not detain a moisture, and allows it to come out.

Medical antigravel neck bandage looks like a high collar thickened, tightly grasping his neck. Its functions and properties similar lumbar corset. The size is chosen individually depending on the circumference of the neck of the patient.

Corset thoracolumbar spine, which is worn in case of intervertebral hernia are similar in shape to the vest. The brace stabilizes the thoracic back together with lumbar. Fastener products are in the front. Corset is comfortable to wear thanks to its wide straps and custom webbing. The size of the thoracic corset is selected based on the circumference of a circle, which is measured under the patient’s chest.

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Wearing the hernia corsetry helps to prevent compensatory changes in the spine such as spondylosis, kyphosis and lordosis. The bandage protects the disks against movement, and the body of the vertebrae from dislocations and subluxations with physical exercise, sports training, long-term presence at the wheel of a car or at a computer.