Corset in scoliosis: indications for use, design

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine in the frontal axis and twisting around the vertical axis. Such symptoms are noticeable and beginning to make progress when the child reaches 5 years of age. Approximately 25% of patients required an operation, and in other cases prescribed corset for the spine in scoliosis. The corset can reduce the load on the spine and to avoid further deformation of the ridge.

Design and types of products

Корсет при сколиозе: показания к применению, конструкция

Skeletal fixator hard to the curvature of the spine

The design of the corset has not undergone critical changes since the middle Ages when it was invented. The only miscalculation of doctors at the time had the desire to unload the spine, leading to excessive relaxation of the muscles of the back. In the twentieth century, corsets for scoliosis are lighter and have slightly changed its shape. It was connected with the advent of new lightweight materials and a representation about the methods of treatment.

Current corsets with scoliosis of varying degrees help to relieve the spine and protect it from further injury. To wear the lock is quite convenient, it is not very painful to the patient. For example, the children wear these corsets all day, at home and at school. The orthosis allows you to do simple exercises.

There are two kinds of corsets. Some are designed to correct the spine, others to support it. First worn if you want to correct the curvature or to reduce the speed of his progression. Scoliosis of 1 degree they are able to completely restore the axis of the ridge. These corsets are desirable to wear, until the child was 15 years old, then you can expect to positive effect. Data orthopedic products affect the spine in two directions — lateral and anterior-posterior.

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Корсет при сколиозе: показания к применению, конструкция

This brace helps to correct posture and eliminates stooping.

Corrective corsets assign with such indicators:

  • curvature of the spine up to 20 degrees in a child of school age;
  • curvature of the spine in an adult is 40 degrees;
  • the need to bridge the partial deformation of one of the spine.

To adjustment include the following models orthoses:

  • Boston;
  • Chenault;
  • Lyon;
  • Ramune;
  • Dikul.

To use support corset is recommended for patients with a slight curvature of the spine. This orthosis can help to prevent the displacement of the vertical axis of the body and will be a great preventive measure for correct posture.

Rules of wearing a corset

If you have a scoliosis corset to wear on a daily basis. To remove it only in the evening, before bedtime. Retainer wear until then, until it stops to form the skeleton and are not closed growth zones. Note that you need a constant monitoring of the condition of the spine, which regularly x-ray. Seeing the results of treatment in the picture, the doctor adjusts the degree of fixation of the back of the corset.

Wearing the brace is not always convenient. It can grate, to put pressure on the body. To avoid this, you can wear under a back brace tops without seams. In no case should not obscure the place of rubbing different ointments — this will only cause irritation or allergies. It is best to go to the hospital again and more carefully adjust the corset to fit your figure.

Scoliosis of 2 degrees the first time need to wear the corset several times a day for 1-2 hours. Gradually increase the period of wear of 2-3 hours and each month add another hour until you come to the doctor recommended normal. If you are not confident that you will be able to wear the retainer at the same time, it is better to buy a belt dikulja. Domestic developments, such orthosis is much cheaper. Consumer reviews about it mostly positive, it is ideal for the treatment of scoliosis of 2 degrees and in the initial stages of the disease.

Having studied the properties of corsets for scoliosis, it becomes clear why surgical intervention is only necessary in few patients. Combined with physiotherapy, the use of the corset to correct curvature of the spine gives good results.