Corset lumbosacral semi-rigid: recommendations for the use of

Корсет пояснично-крестцовый полужесткий: рекомендации по использованиюOrthopedic lumbar corset today is very popular as an effective support and healing. Lumbar back semi-rigid is used by athletes to protect the spine from microtemperature during intense workouts. People whose activity is connected with the lifting and carrying of wearing a brace as insurance spine from damage.

Hard medical bandage doctors prescribe to wear some of the operated patients during the recovery period. Helps hard bondage in a number of diseases. Modern orthopedic corset for the waist are made of thick and, at the same time, breathable hypoallergenic fabrics.

General characteristics of corsetry

Medical lumbar corsets are rigid, semirigid and soft-elastic. They also differ depending on the Department that protect. Sometimes breast corset, neck and Sacro-lumbar region. The most popular corset lumbosacral, as this area of the spine is damaged quite often.

Корсет пояснично-крестцовый полужесткий: рекомендации по использованиюMedical tight corset gives a strong hold. Corrector support semi-rigid type creates immobilization of the damaged area, protecting it from additional injury. Using soft spinal corset Department is secure during excessive stress.

Orthopedic tight corset is equipped with powerful ribs. Due to this the load is removed from the painful division that reduces pressure on vertebral discs. In addition, in the thoracic or lumbar region weakens the compression of the nerve branches and blood vessels.

Lumbar rigid fixator will help patient get rid of the excruciating pain. The tight material of the corset protects the chest area, not pressing down while on the bottom edge. Sacro-lumbar stabiliziruemost using simulated, oblique ribs.

Orthopedic semi-rigid braces restrict movement in the chest or another damaged area.

Orthopedic PDA return paravertebral muscles of the back a balanced load and relieve pain. Design products PDA allows you to attach them to the body of the patient with different strength of fixation.

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Indications and contraindications for wearing the Sacro-lumbar brace

Medical corset for the waist is of different hardness and is available today for both adults and children. Brace for the spine, the patient can choose for themselves the size and the manufacturer. Lumbar corsets are also different models depending on the purpose of their application. The semi-rigid brace is prescribed for:Корсет пояснично-крестцовый полужесткий: рекомендации по использованию

  • single and multiple discal hernias small (up to 1 cm in diameter) size;
  • some instability in the Sacro-lumbar spine;
  • the protrusion of vertebral discs of the thoracic and sacral areas;
  • damage to the vertebral bodies;
  • radiculitis;
  • neurological pathologies, such as sciatica, lumbodynia;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • spondiloartrozy.

In addition, semi-rigid corset are recommended to be worn at the final stage of recovery after injury or surgery. Active use of a supportive abdominal binder should be in daily life or during the work people who are engaged in heavy physical labor. Wearing corsets either on bare skin or over underwear – as more comfortable.

Hard medical bandage must be worn when:

  • multiple intervertebral hernia larger than 10 mm in diameter;
  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic and sacral areas with a pronounced vertebral and radicular syndrome;
  • compression fractures of the lumbar;
  • postoperative rehabilitation of the spine;
  • posttraumatic recovery of the damaged unit;
  • brightly manifesting itself instability in any area of the spine.

Medical corsets for lumbar contraindicated to wear with open wounds and pustular infections.

Корсет пояснично-крестцовый полужесткий: рекомендации по использованиюIn addition, you cannot use a corset lumbosacral with skin diseases of any etiology. You need to take into account individual intolerance of the corset to the spine.

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A contraindication is a pre-warming treatment of the skin healing creams or ointments.

An orthopaedic brace for the sacral region

Treatment corset lumbosacral is available today a wide variety of designs, sizes and models. One of the most popular types of PDA model is made of high-strength cotton fabric with four metal ribs. This 110 model is specially designed for full recovery of patients after surgical operations on the spine. It is prescribed to patients after a vertebral injury and during the treatment of serious diseases.

Lumbar brace 110 model is mounted on the body of the patient clasps of the type «contact». Side and front part 110 of the corset is constructed of elastic bands of great width. It is an additional tie, also elastic. The oblique arrangement of the ribs 110 model provides better fixation of the injured areas. Thanks to this, intra disk pressure is reduced, the articular-ligamentous apparatus stabiliziruemost, the vertebrae are protected from the added displacement.

Below 110 model lumbar latch effectively perform its functions, you need to find her exact size. There are five sizes of this corset: from the smallest «S» to most big – «XXL». For selection of corset of the right size should be measured with measuring tape, the waist circumference of the patient.

The minimum size corresponds to the waist 70-85 cm, and the highest 110-125 see Model PDA you can choose the color of underwear, because these products are available in beige, black and white color scheme.