Cracking the spine: causes pathology treatment

Хруст в позвоночнике: причины патологии, лечениеCrunching in the spine bothers a lot of people. If there is such a symptom in this point the person does not exercise, that’s disturbing. When you hear the crunch in the spine, the person should immediately consult a doctor. If crunches the spine, then the disturbed functioning of the joints.

The causes of this unpleasant phenomenon can be arthrosis, hernia, abnormal development of connective tissue, osteochondrosis and other diseases. Why crunches the spine, will be able to determine accurately only the doctors. You must remember that such self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

Joints crack due to the metabolic disorders

Crunching in the spine can cause metabolic disorders. The body isn’t efficiently processing the trace elements, the spine gradually cover the osteophytes. They are the sources of such unpleasant sound.

There are usually 2 causes deposits of calcium salts in the spine:

  • a wrong diet;
  • the pathology of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.

Хруст в позвоночнике: причины патологии, лечениеIf a person consumes a large amount of flour, fat, protein and salty foods, the body is not able to process all these products. Excess salts will not displayed, but accumulate and are deposited in the joints of the spine. The high content of calcium salts leads to the fact that impaired mobility of the affected joints. To eliminate unpleasant symptom must first be balanced diet and to diet.

The cause of bad sound — problems with the spine

If you hear a crunching in the lumbar spine, it does not mean that the problem lies precisely in the lower back. The spine is a complex system, the elements are interconnected. When crunching in the lower back or the thoracic spine, this may indicate the violation of posture, which is progressing. In the early stages of a curvature in the spine imperceptibly, but the pain and the crunch of his symptoms.

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The causes of spinal curvature is divided into 2 groups:

  • congenital;
  • purchased.

As for the second, it relates to a whole list of diseases that provoke destructive changes in the spine. People who have experienced severe childhood rickets, too, can crack the spine.

Хруст в позвоночнике: причины патологии, лечение

Tuberculosis of the spine: the development of the disease

Unpleasant sounds can appear in the formation of a protrusion of the spine. It is expressed in various pathologies of the annulus. Crashing the musculoskeletal system. When you click in the vertebrae, a patient may feel severe pain. In this case, no medical treatment is necessary. In addition to medicines need to be used in complex physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy.

The cause of the crunch may be a hernia. It also causes the pathology of the fibrous ring. The clicks may be accompanied by severe pain, up to loss of sensitivity of extremities. Perhaps you have stiff joints. Treatment involves use of medications that in some cases requires surgical intervention.

Crunch as a symptom of excessive stress and diseases

The crunch of the spine is perfectly familiar to athletes. Crunches back during performing various exercises. In this case, this symptom is considered normal due to the stretching of a certain area of the spine.

Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, can also disturb the crunch of the spine. Adversely affect the condition of the spine walking in heels, excessive physical exertion associated with carrying heavy loads. However, most people begin to worry about their health only when the crunch begins to accompany pain symptoms.

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The detection of human tuberculosis of the spine, the doctor must specify whether the crunches in the back. To diagnose this disease are prescribed laboratory testing and x-rays. The cause of the crunch can be transferred polio. If in the lumbar spine, hear the crunch, perhaps this is one of the symptoms of incipient or progressive sciatica.

If the spine snaps in the neck or chest, must be diagnosed for the presence of degenerative disc disease. Destructive processes in the cervical and thoracic spine is very difficult to stop. Pain and crunch likely to arise with the progression of the disease. The pain is gradually moving to the hands, causing numbness.

Osteochondrosis of the neck can be characterized by headache and dizziness. Destructive processes in the cervical spine can cause not only — annoying noise in ears and loss of vision. So the optometrist in the diagnosis of causes of visual impairment be sure to specify, whether the patient’s complaints of tingling in the upper spine.

In the presence of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine click can accompany every turn of the head. Similar symptoms are characteristic for lumbar degenerative disc disease, when a crunch is heard when moving the lower back. In very rare cases, crunching in the cervical spine can be observed and the ordinary cough or a sneeze.

The crunch in the thoracic spine is observed less frequently than lower back or neck, and also is alarming. Note that practically all diseases of joints are of a chronic nature.

First aid

Хруст в позвоночнике: причины патологии, лечениеMost people rarely pay attention to the first symptoms of joint disease. Most often a patient goes to the doctor when the disease is firmly rooted in the body. Crunch in the joints — a kind of reminder to man that he should change the way of life.

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The first step is to review your diet. If you eat a large amount of salty and fatty foods, this can trigger the development of many diseases of the joints, and then the crunch in the joints is guaranteed. Be sure to consult your doctor with a request to appoint physical therapy. Physiotherapy helps to fight against various diseases such as osteochondrosis, hernia.

When the crunch is very popular preventive measure is massage. The human fatigue affects not only the condition of his nervous system, the spine also requires unloading. Massage has a relaxing effect on the body and helps easier to overcome stressful situations.

Scientists think the destructive processes in the spine started people long before the rise of the first civilizations. Causes of pathologies of the joints are hidden in the phenomenon of bipedalism. That’s why many physical therapy exercises performed on all fours, mimicking the natural posture in mammals.