Crunch elbow: treatable process

Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процессThe human body as a machine, composed of parts — organs, which will eventually wear out, require careful treatment, treatment, and prevention. Particular strain suffers musculoskeletal system.Professional activities of each one of us brings about changes in the whole body and its systems.

Often, agricultural workers, builders, athletes, designers, seamstresses, who had long performed flexion and extension of one type of joint, work overload the tendons, which causes a crunch in the elbow joint and inflammation called kondili.

The causes of the disease

Movement, causing the crunch, often occur in each of us. And it can only be called in a particular case. There are some features of occurrence of a crunch in the elbow joint that you need to pay attention to. These include:

Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процесс

Why is there injury the athlete during kidka

  • The formation of a bubble of gas from the synovial fluid, which when rupture cause a crunch (cavitation). The frequency — no less than 20 minutes, the person is not experiencing any pain.
  • Elbow dysplasia in which you receive a crunch. Observed in people suffering from heart disease, arthritis and arthrosis.
  • Tendonitis, bursitis can cause a crunch when you wear out the cartilage disappears a natural slide joint at the joint.
  • Hypermobility of the joints, increased activity provokes scrunch at the elbows. Seen in women aged 25 years. The reason for the modified protein of the connective tissue that builds joints. There is also another name for this condition: weak ligaments.
  • The precise causes and physical mechanisms that cause discomfort, not thoroughly understood, but the above features elbow joints can provoke the already known disease.

    Candelit joint

    Many doctors come to the conclusion that the pain in the elbow is a secondary manifestation of the underlying disease, the consequence of the primary disease, which very often leads to serious injuries: bruises, bumps, fractures, sprains, fractures and micro-fractures, sprains and torn ligaments.

    Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процесс

    The internal structure of the joint of the elbow

    Candelit elbow joint differs from injuries that under normal movements (flexion and extension) the pain occurs. Once a person gets a load, immediately feeling the aching pain that persists for months. If candelit the elbow is not treated, the pain will haunt the patient and at the slightest exertion, even when shaking hands.

    To keep the object becomes impossible, because of the reduced muscle tone. On palpation of kondilis of the ulnar nerve appears through the painful point. Night — during sleep — the pain is not there, if the day was not large loads and movements in the elbow joints.

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    The disease usually progresses candelit on one hand, which is the leading in athletes (tennis players, Golf), builders, carpenters, agricultural workers. The lesion can be localized with the inner (medial conmilit) and external (lateral conmilit) side of the elbow.

    Violation of calcium metabolism and deposition of salts in the region of the articular tendons can cause candelit.

    Life-threatening the disease is, but without medical support for the inflammation of the tendons will move to neighboring tissue. It may be bursitis. Loss of motion, swelling appears, pain on examination, fever. If time does not go to the doctor, without the surgery, candelit not cure.

    Local inflammation of muscles, tendons should eliminate therapy local destination.

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which consists of ibuprofen, relieve pain and within 3-4 weeks will completely eliminate it. To use oral medications to eliminate kondili, is not recommended.

    Neuritis of the ulnar nerve

    Frequent numbness of the muscles of the arms, recurrent and affecting ring finger and little finger cramps early signs of neuritis. In order not to lose efficiency due to atrophy of the wrist muscles, you need to take emergency measures.

    The causes of neuritis of the elbow joint include injuries of the right and left hands, the compression of the nerve in an anatomically narrow area of bone, frequent hypothermia, painful friction nerve (valgus of elbow). infectious diseases, fractures and bruises, cracked bones, damaged cutting objects, poisoning, chronic alcoholism, disorders of the thyroid gland, diabetes, lack of vitamins and minerals.

    Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процесс

    Where the large nerve canal in the hand

    Very often neuritis of the elbow joint occurs because the peripheral nerves are affected, while in the skeletal muscle channels, which are irregular and narrow shape. This suzannet compresses the trunk of the nerve, develops carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Whatever the cause of neuritis, you need to anesthetize her medication, saturate the body with vitamins, to use drugs to expand the vessels, improve blood circulation. Massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy would be appropriate when neuritis of the elbow joint.

    Treatment of lesions of the elbow joints

    Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процессVery important is the role of the elbow joint in a person’s life, and to prevent his illness is not worth it. It is possible to lose performance, degrade the quality of life. Quite harmless crackle, minor small crack can eventually escalate into severe disease.

    Modern methods of treatment of lesions of the elbow joint applies the technology of osteosynthesis of the articular bone fragments, joint replacement, arthroscopy to correct an internal compound.

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    Operations osteosinteza carried out using anatomically modelled plates, which have angular stability. You can immediately perform the movement with these devices, you do not need to fix the hands in plaster bandages. The function of the elbow recover fairly quickly after an illness. To preventive treatment after surgery, apply exercise therapy (mechanotherapy). Osteosynthesis of the elbow joint will help to maintain its performance, but to accelerate the process of removing the mechanism is not necessary. An indicator can only become a full-fledged movement.

    Pathological inflammation in the elbow joint can be reduced using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: diklovit, diclofenac, artrozan, mobiluck, naklofen. The patient’s condition can be improved due to the properties of drugs, reduce the capillary permeability, blood clotting. But be carried out treatment should only under medical supervision to avoid side effects.

    Especially popular are ointments, gels. These funds can be safely used in patients with gastrointestinal disease and other contraindications for internal funds after conducted osteosynthesis of the olecranon.

    Finalgon diclofenac, voltaren rubbed into the patient’s elbow joint, and after a while comes relief, relieves fever and swelling, resume movement.

    In the complex treatment included the use of chondroprotectors: symptoms, teraflex, of artra. They will restore in the elbow joints of the destroyed tissue and prevent disease.

    Calcium, the building material of all bone tissue are crucial in this therapy. In any case of injury or breakdown of cartilage, the body collects calcium from all possible cells. They, in turn, begin to suffer due to the shortage of this building material.

    Saturation with calcium — the primary task of the patients with joints. Drugs homeopathic remedy, vitamins, ascorbic acid will perform this task on restoration of movements in the elbow joints.

    Therapy of folk remedies

    The application of infusions, ointments, compresses of various medicinal herbs are the most effective types of adjuvant therapy elbow joints, diseases and the rehabilitation period.

    To remove the swelling and heat will help the treatment of iced-tea. Do regular welding in the ratio of 1 tsp per Cup of boiling water. This drink is poured into packages and freeze until ready. Then apply to the sore elbow wrapped with a bandage for 15 minutes several times a day. Used the treatment 4 days.

    Olive oil mixed with fresh chopped leaf of Laurel, heated in a water bath to forty degrees. Then apply treatment in the form of a compress.

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    Хруст в локтевом суставе: поддающийся лечению процессMilk compress with propolis soaked cloth and apply to the sore elbow in a month for 2 hours 2 times a day (1 tsp of propolis and 100 ml of milk). The treatment gives anti-inflammatory effect.

    If 200 g of blue clay, pour a glass of hot water and put on gauze, folded in half, then apply it to the affected area will give immediate effect. The treatment is carried out for 3 weeks at 3 times a day.

    Methods of physiotherapy

    Cold therapy refers to the first and positive result giving methods. It is called: cryotherapy. It is important not to harm the affected joint by hypothermia. The duration of the treatment sessions only last for 2 minutes.

    Phonophoresis with hydrocortisone will increase the permeability of skin and the medicine gets to the affected areas of the elbow. The treatment will improve movement, crackle will disappear, the effect is achieved after 7-10 sessions.

    To improve local blood flow, activate metabolic processes in tissues, increase regeneration, apply pulse magnetotherapy and improve the effect of shock wave therapy acoustic waves.

    Trophic processes and circulation will improve if you apply diadinamotherapy. The effects of low frequency monopolar pulse current will increase the flow of oxygen to the cartilage tissues of the patient’s elbow joint and clean up the crunch.

    Whatever the disease arises in our body, it is easier to prevent than to cure. Active lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits prevention of diseases of the elbow joints.

    A few simple tips will help keep the elbow joints in full health and prolong performance. These include:

  • A reasonable allocation of physical activity (movement breaks).
  • Mandatory warm-up warm-up before starting work.
  • The use of elastic bandages when transferring different types of loads.
  • Crunch elbows is a diagnosable and treatable process. Modern medicine opens a lot of perspectives and methods of recovery for people who suffer from this condition.