Crunches neck and headache: what is the cause of illness

Хрустит шея и болит голова: в чем причина недомоганияHeadache, crunching in the cervical spine, as well as pulling, pressing and other discomfort in the back can be symptoms of degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases.
You should not self-medicate. Removing pain attack, you should immediately consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis. Pathological changes in the spine are treated for a long time, the process requires careful compliance with doctor’s instructions and close monitoring of the General condition of the body.

Crunch and pain: what does it mean

Unpleasant, but often painless crunch in the lumbar, cervical or thoracic spine usually causes only a slight concern. Often a light crunching in the lumbar, temporary numbness and pain in the back is celebrated by people employed in sedentary work. However, similar symptoms can occur in athletes. The crunch is often noted, and the older patients. It can occur after a hard work out in the morning, immediately after waking up or after a long stay in one position, for example, while working at the computer.

The following symptom may be pain in the cervical spine: pulling, pressing, dull or sharp. It usually increases with the slope or a sharp turn of the head, but in the quiescent state disappears. Sore neck and head, sometimes the pain radiates to the arms. Patients note dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness, before my eyes fly flies, there is nausea, vomiting, insomnia, sometimes deteriorating eyesight and hearing.

Pain in the thoracic spine can resemble a heart attack.

Strong spine snap becomes noticeable even to others. Pain in the thoracic spine causing severe anxiety about their health. With these symptoms, even the most resistant patient turns to the doctor.

Хрустит шея и болит голова: в чем причина недомоганияThe problem is that the same symptoms may indicate different diseases. For example, pain in the cervical spine may indicate intervertebral hernia or osteoarthritis. Drawing pain in the lumbar spine is often an indication of scoliosis or degenerative disc disease. The cause of sickness may be different: in the old trauma, congenital abnormalities, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes. To pinpoint the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a full examination: x-rays, blood work, MRI.

Low back pain: characteristics, causes and treatment

The most frequent diagnosis given to the patients suffering from the crunch of the vertebrae and headaches — low back pain. This disease is characterized by changing the connections of the vertebral discs. That is why at the initial stage of the disease neck cracks, and sometimes absolutely painless. A reduction in the distance between the vertebrae gradually destroys the fiber ring, zadamlya nerve endings that can cause sharp pain, radiating to thoracic spine, neck, head, hands. With continued degeneration may cause spinal disk herniation, severe spinal deformity, the subsequent destruction of the joints. Severe degree of degenerative disc disease is fraught with complete immobility and further disability.

Many patients do well and usually go to the doctor already with the primary symptoms, which include increasing crunch in the spine (thoracic, lower back or neck), occasional pain, slight numbness in the back. At this stage, the degenerative disc disease can be successfully treated. In the period of exacerbation is recommended rest in bed is desirable. Prescribers, acute pain, relieving spasms and inflammation.

Self-treatment is not engaged, the exact dosage of a drug prescribed by a doctor. From home remedies may help warm compresses with camphor oil, creams based on camphor and menthol.

Risk groups

Often back problems are diagnosed in middle-aged and older, but sometimes the crunch of the joints and complain of pain even young people. Most problems of this kind arise in people because of their work or study spend long hours in a static posture and not involved in sports. Risk of developing can be affected and athletes experiencing high physical activity on trainings.

The most common causes of osteoarthritis are the following:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • weight;
  • injuries to the neck, lower back, thoracic spine;
  • too intense workout;
  • congenital or acquired curvature of the spine;
  • infectious diseases;
  • congenital abnormalities of the joints.

The people who mark the presence of 2-3 factors, should pay special attention to the prevention of low back pain. To achieve a successful result it is necessary to observe recommendations of doctors: to give up bad habits, exercise or physical therapy (according to indications), to massage, to harden. Take care of your health, and likelihood of risk is considerably reduced.

How to prevent the disease: diet and refusal of bad habits

Хрустит шея и болит голова: в чем причина недомоганияIf your lifestyle involves the emergence of degenerative disc disease, urgently take measures to prevent it. Doctors recommend to eliminate the causes of disease, which requires:

  • to lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • diet;
  • increase physical activity;
  • to do special exercises;
  • to observe the regime of work and rest.

A healthy lifestyle means avoiding harmful habits, especially Smoking. The nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes, negatively affect the joints, contributing to tissue destruction. The same applies to alcohol and large doses of caffeine. It is recommended to be limited to 1-2 cups of organic coffee a day. To quench your thirst is to drink green tea, mineral water, fruit juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks are homemade.

Contrary to the firm opinion, do not need too much calcium in the diet and limit animal proteins. It is important to maintain a reasonable balance, given the age and General condition of the body. Should give up fatty meat and convenience foods in favor of fish, chicken and lean pork. It is important to observe moderation — the extra weight is very bad for the condition of the spine.

It is necessary to increase the amount of fiber: whole grain cereals, green vegetables, fibrous fruits. Useful low-fat dairy products. You can take multivitamin complexes, but before that it is advisable to consult your doctor. For the prevention of joint problems usually recommend the complete modern drugs with calcium, collagen and vitamin D.

It is recommended to limit the amount of salt: excess not only affects the joints but also provokes an increase in pressure. If you frequently have a headache, try to completely eliminate salt from the diet.

Physical activity and massage as part of preventive measures

Хрустит шея и болит голова: в чем причина недомоганияImportant point — physical activity. Those who feel discomfort in the neck and in other parts of the spine, recommended a system of exercises which includes all kinds of stretch marks: callanetics, yoga, tai Chi. Useful swimming can help and Nordic walking, not giving a large load on his back. But from vysokogorny Cycling, or aerobics should be abandoned.

Mandatory morning exercises with exercises in the supine position. Learn a variety of stretching, shallow slopes, subsidence with a stick, exercises on the fitball and gymnastic bench. Those who can’t get out of bed without pain, it is recommended immediately after you Wake up do some simple exercises in breath, and then massage the area of the cervical vertebrae and shoulders.

One of the most effective exercises — hand grip to the castle at the back and pressure them on the neck with simultaneous tilting your head back. This exercise should be done several times a day. It perfectly removes tension from the cervical and thoracic areas of the spine.

A very useful therapeutic massage of the cervical spine, which is usually carried out courses. It not only relieves unpleasant sensations in the spine, removes pain in the neck, cracking the spine and helps to strengthen the muscle corset that provides a normal posture. A qualified specialist will put in place the cervical vertebrae without causing the patient discomfort.

For the prevention of pain in the cervical spine it is important to beware of colds. Hypothermia can provoke an attack of pain. So people who are prone to back problems should be especially attentive to their health in the cold season.

It is recommended to avoid drafts, and dress for the weather, in winter, do not neglect warm clothes. Important and General strengthening of the immune system, sparing the quenching of other body supporting measures, including proper nutrition and minimizing stress.

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