Crunching in the hip joint: causes, consequences and treatment

Хруст в тазобедренном суставе: причины, последствия и лечениеHealthy bone mating when you move man move quite quietly and smoothly. This work speaks about the excellent and healthy condition of the cartilage tissue that is part of the articular surfaces. But not always.

Quite often there are situations when the joints in motion is crisp. A particularly negative impact on a person’s life crunching in the hip joint. This situation occurs most often in large joints of the skeleton (e.g. the ankle joint).

What does the crunch in the joints

The presence of a crunch in the joint shows the appearance of irregularities in the functioning of the cartilage of the hip structure. In violation of the integrity of cartilage tissue in the process of implementation of the movements of the hip joint appears creaking. These sounds can occur at the beginning of the movement or at the time of implementation of the processes of bending of the joint. The crunching sound may be issued as a single joint or a group (this occurs at the same time).

The crunch in joints is not always a sign of developing serious diseases. But sometimes that crunch accompanied by pain or discomfort, limitation of physical activity, swelling, and swelling, increase in body temperature. In this case, there is a real reason for seeking medical care in a medical facility.

In the case of a sharp extension in the event of sprains bag replacement you can hear the crunch of the hip joint. In addition, the occurrence of clicks in the major structures of the body may be signs of incipient arthrosis or arthritis (polyarthritis). Also, it may indicate excessive wear of the articular surfaces of articulated bones or progression of bone tissue destruction of organs.

The causes of functional disorders

Хруст в тазобедренном суставе: причины, последствия и лечениеThe causes of the crunch and clicks in joints can be very diverse. Likely to cause clicks in the presence of an inflammatory process in the muscles. This is due to the excessive regular loads (e.g., enhanced physical training athlete), and also as a result of intensification of the processes of salt deposits. The development of this process may be associated with violations of water-salt and mineral metabolism in the patient.

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Crunching in the hip joint articulation can occur as a result of mechanical trauma, triggering a subsequent violation in the right articulation of the bone surfaces, which are part of the skeletal joints. Clicking in the joints could be the cause of increased innate flexibility. In children this phenomenon is usually associated with trauma to the joint or weak muscle development and bonding apparatus around the articulated bones.

During the study of the phenomenon of squeaking and clicking in the joint, identified a number of main reasons of their appearance.

  • The development of a patient of osteoarthritis or arthritis of the hip joint.
  • Increased wear of the articular surfaces of bones within the hip joint.
  • The formation of regions of calcification.
  • Inflammation in the muscular and ligamentous apparatus.
  • Violation of the correctness of the matching of the articular surfaces.
  • Congenital increased flexibility and mobility of the bones.
  • The development of the patient chondropathy of various origins.
  • The development of gout or osteoarthritis.
  • Getting mechanical in serious injury, causing damage.
  • Sometimes, this work articulates bones crunching when moving occurs in the background of the development in the human body problems associated with impaired functioning of the endocrine system and changes caused by violation of the regime and diet.

    Types of lesions

    Хруст в тазобедренном суставе: причины, последствия и лечение

    Syndrome plow saltans — displacement of the joint from its normal position

    The frequent phenomenon of a crunch, as a rule, indicate the progression of certain diseases. Thus, the appearance of this unpleasant symptom is one of the main signs of development in the body osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Quite often the patient has a so-called «snapping hip syndrome», the appearance of which is accompanied by severe pain when moving.

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    Sometimes in addition to pain, a person has the feeling of a springy resistance in the hip joints. Usually, the feeling after making a move is replaced by a feeling of failure. This syndrome in medical practice is called «plow saltans». By type of occurrence and, depending on the causes of the considered syndrome disease klassificeret:

    • outer;
    • internal;
    • intra-articular type.

    If you experience external type syndrome of pain and clicks appear on the outside of the thigh in the area of the greater trochanter. The reason for its emergence is the process of friction on the tendon ligament greater trochanter. This syndrome is accompanied by the rapid emergence and subsequent development of trochanteric bursitis.

    Internal type syndrome associated with the emergence of mechanical problems in close proximity to the hip joint. Painful sensations are not always. They arise at the attempt of the patient to realize high lifting hips.

    Intra-articular syndrome type appears in the event of a problem inside the joint, and, as a rule, its appearance is accompanied by changes of intra-articular structures. These changes may be the result of injury of the hip joint and the development of intra-articular disorders that often lead to injuries of the articular surfaces and elements comprising the hip joint. This kind of syndrome can be triggered by a serious damaging factor for hip bone joint (e.g. lateral impact). This injury appears usually as a result of falling on the trochanter of the femur, from which there is a rapid necrosis of the articular cartilage.

    Pain in the hip and crunch it can be a consequence of the development of diseases such as disc herniation, pinched nerve fibres, bone fractures.

    How to deal with the crunch and clicks: recommendations

    Хруст в тазобедренном суставе: причины, последствия и лечениеThe occurrence of a crunch in the joints can withstand. Important: to determine the factors that led to the emergence of functional abnormalities in the structure of the joint. Therapeutic measures consist in:

    • the adjustment and changing of the diet of a person suffering from the disease;
    • the use of special drugs;
    • the use of various physical treatments;
    • the application of methods of manual therapy (e.g., traction-rotating massage for elimination of pain);
    • the use of different types of massage therapy;
    • the physical therapy sessions (necessarily under the control of the attending physician).
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    The struggle with such unpleasant phenomenon, as the crunch in my hip joint, it is recommended to start immediately, because the development of this process can have a negative effect on the motor activity of man and its performance in General. Treatment is usually complex. What type of procedures to choose, in each specific case solves only the attending physician of the patient.

    In the most critical situations, a surgical intervention to repair damaged areas of functioning. Do not forget about the dangers of self-medication, which is increasingly adopted people. This can result in severe complications.

    If the cause of the crunch in the hip joint is the development of such diseases as arthritis, treatments must be prescribed by a doctor as early as possible to further the development of serious diseases are not caused the disability of the patient.