Crunching in the spine — it is possible or harmful to crack your spine

Why crunches the spine and the danger to health

Sometimes each person crunches the spine. It is not necessarily a phenomenon associated with a certain disease of the back.

In some cases, it is a natural occurrence and occurs in healthy people.

If the crunch is accompanied by pain and General discomfort – it’s time to go to the doctor.

The crunch may appear in different sections of the spinal cord, but statistics show that most often there is a crunch in the cervical spine.

In the thoracic and lumbar crunches the spine is extremely rare.

Why crunches neck and spine

Is a phenomenon due to the fact that each pair of vertebrae there is a gap with the articular fluid. Sometimes the gap increases and in the cavity decreases the pressure.

They quickly formed small bubbles. If a person does a movement, then the bubbles burst and make the corresponding sound. Actually it’s not a crunch, but the sound is exactly it repeats.

Talking about other sounds

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By itself, the crunch of the spine does not mean that a person is sick with something. But if he starts to appear and is often accompanied by pain, it is a chance to think about their health.

Most often the problem is associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus, although not always. If the described phenomenon is a symptom of some disease, then it should quickly heal, not to cause complications.

Important! But always described the reason for the crunch is the appearance of bubbles and their bursting – explains the crunch. Depending on the specific reason which caused the pathology, the process can occur in different ways.

The reasons for the phenomenon

The reasons are quite diverse:

  1. The deposition of calcium salts. Of salt are deposited on the surfaces of the vertebrae. The increased formation of salts in the body and their deposition is due to improper diet. When a person eats a lot of starchy foods and fat, protein and salty foods, then the probability of the inability of the body to process all the incoming salt increases. As a result, the deposits provoke crunches. Sometimes salt is postponed due to hereditary factors. Genetic predisposition, metabolic causes, the body can’t dispose of in time all trace elements entering the body.
  2. Curvature of the spine. Most often, the crunch is associated with some challenges in the area of the spinal table. In some cases, curvature of the spine can also cause the described phenomenon. When the table is curved, between the vertebrae there are gaps. Sometimes in such situations crunch leads to severe pain. Modern medicine is able to successfully solve the problem with the use of manual therapy, special bandages.
  3. Arthritis or osteoarthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints of the spine. Inflammation can have different origins: injury, infection, and other options. Osteoarthritis is a deformation of the vertebral joints related with age. These diseases cause not only crunch, but also back pain, motion limitation. Requires mandatory treatment.
  4. Osteochondrosis leads to dystrophic and degenerative changes affecting joints, and cartilage. Most often affects the intervertebral discs. Because of this disease, the crunch may occur in different parts of the spine or even in several.
  5. The protrusion contributes to the formation of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc. The disc eventually bulges and deforms. Impaired functionality of the spine, there is a crunch (especially when changing body position). If the deformation affects the nerve endings, can be a strong shooting pain. Very often the protrusion is a precursor to hernias.
  6. A herniated disc is a rupture of the fibrous ring. Because of this, the intervertebral discs are displaced and protrude zadamlya nerves. Impaired mobility of the spine, there is a crunch. Hernia is an extremely dangerous phenomenon, without proper treatment it leads to serious complications (failure feet, have dizziness, etc.).
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Important! If the person is active in sports, he can spot spine snap during the training process. The reason for its occurrence is the feature of physical exercises that are performed.

Localization unpleasant clicking the following typical steps:

  • in the cervical spine (diagnosed most often);
  • in the area of the lower back;
  • in the thoracic spine (very rare).

What to do if crunches the spine

Most importantly — do not let your condition take its course and to see a specialist.

The physician must determine at the initial stage of treatment the cause that caused the crunch.

The survey is conducted and its results doctor, usually already in a condition to make the conclusion. If you detect any disease of the spine, the only treatment will help get rid of abnormal sounds.

Sometimes it happens that the described phenomenon really is natural origin.

General treatment recommendations:

  1. To revise the diet and avoid fatty and salty foods. The menu each day to include more seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  2. Every day to do gymnastics for the back. It is an effective tool that will get rid of unpleasant sensations in the back (it is important to do regularly). Exercises stretch the spine and create support muscular corset around the spine.
  3. A course of therapeutic massage will not only relieve the crunch, but will also have positive effects on the body as a whole.

For the treatment should also eliminate the factors that can provoke back problems: bad posture when sitting, life without active sports, carrying heavy loads or constant wearing of heels.

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Dangerous complications

It all depends on the reasons that causes the crunch. There is no doubt that, if the crunch has arisen due to a particular disease of the spine, without proper treatment it will progress.

Even if it is impossible to eliminate a disease that causes the crunch, we try to maintain back health, to do exercises, go swimming and regularly visit a podiatrist.

What to do to prevent

It is best to never have to deal with the described problem.

To move towards this goal, you must follow certain simple rules of prevention:

  1. Try to eat right.
  2. Lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Enough in the morning to do simple exercises throughout the day to stretch the spine. Already such a low benefit.
  3. Monitor the weight to avoid the appearance of extra pounds.
  4. For a long time, try not to be in a position to constantly change posture.
  5. To prevent undue stress on the spine. If the person has been actively engaged in sports, then all loads should be increased gradually.
  6. Not to wear shoes with high heels.
  7. Try not SuperCool and time to heal from infections.

To spine was in order, it is necessary to have a child to pay him due attention. The health of the spine becomes more important for man, the older he gets.

Correct posture, healthy eating and minimal physical exertion to get rid of many troubles and allow you to lead an active life without pain and back problems.