Cyst of the spine: symptoms and treatment of this disease

Киста позвоночника: симптомы и лечение болезниCyst of the spine is a cavity with liquid inside. This pathology is not as common, but can occur at any part of the spine, from the cervical region to the sacrum. Perineural cyst of the spine is a space-occupying lesion in the lumen of the spinal canal. It causes pain as it presses on the spinal nerves. According to statistics, minor perineural education there are today approximately 7% of people in the world. Often this disease develops in women than in men.

The cyst and its variants

Cysts of the spine are small soft containers that contain blood or synovial fluid. These tumors are diagnosed infrequently and in 75% of cases occur in people under the age of 25 years. Such a tumor may appear in any part of the spine but is more common in the field of roots or arcs, and significantly less inside the vertebral body. All of these tumors differ in size, shape and localization.

All cysts of the spine are classified as follows.

Киста позвоночника: симптомы и лечение болезни

In the fMRI in the area of the lumbar spine visible swelling of the perineural type

  • Ganglionic. Such education does not have synovial lining inside the cavity layer of endothelial cells. With the growth of the tumor is gradually separated from the bone.
  • Para-articular. Usually this form of cyst of the spine common in elderly people. Most often it is formed in the intervertebral joints the upper and middle divisions of the back.
  • Perineural cyst of the spine. Is most often congenital tumors, their typical localization lumbosacral spine.
  • Aneurysmal. This is the most rare and dangerous cyst that develops in the vertebral body. Most often affects the cervical spine. Is a cavity filled with blood. Observed mostly in children aged from 5 to 15 years.
  • Arachnoid cyst of the spinal cord. This cavern, the walls of which are formed web-like sheath of the spinal cord.
  • Cyst in the lumbar and sacral departments. With a slight size does not manifest itself and is usually found at random. If you increase marked spinal symptoms and functional neurological deficits due to compression of the spinal roots.
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    The manifestation and treatment of disease

    Киста позвоночника: симптомы и лечение болезни
    Symptoms depend on the type and size of education and may change during its development. So, an arachnoid cyst of the spinal cord may go unnoticed for several years without causing concern. Usually the tumor is found incidentally, as a result of the preventive examinations or diagnosing another disease. This form of the disease does not require medical intervention.

    Development as para-articular, and ganglionic cysts are sometimes asymptomatic, but significant increase in the size of education put pressure on the nerves in the spinal column. It causes pain in the lumbar region, reflex disorders, weakness and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. If hemorrhage occurs in para-articular tumors of the spine, you should immediately start treatment, because the patient experiences acute pain.

    A perineural cyst is not dangerous. However, in the process of development of the tumor will also put pressure on nerve fibers, causing pain and neurological disorders. The presence of a cyst of the spine often show the following symptoms:

    • numbness of the lower extremities;
    • pain in the affected spine;
    • pain in the buttocks and sacrum;
    • abdominal pain;
    • problems with the urinary and intestinal systems.

    Cysts of the spine can be congenital. Sometimes this education is a result of injury and inflammation, local haemorrhage and different geodinamicheskikh disorders of the skeletal system in which there are pathological changes in the intervertebral joints. At the same time may experience several tumors, for example, perineural cyst and arachnoid.

    If you suspect or are characteristic of the pathology and symptoms, you must seek the assistance of a specialist. The first thing the doctor will direct the patient to the x-ray. In the treatment of cysts of the spine of any kind use 2 main methods: the intratumoral curitibana and surgery. The first method is that of the tumor is aspirated liquid, but instead is injected with fibrin glue, which is necessary for bonding the sleeping cavity walls. But such treatment of the cyst might lead to new formations.

    More effective medicine is the surgical treatment of cysts of the spine. In this case, the cavity is opened, removing not only the internal content, but also the walls themselves. Additionally, cut the root and cystic masses. If the patient’s state of health cannot be surgery, the treatment is carried out by radio — and radiation therapy.