Deforming arthrosis

Deforming arthrosis – a disease that causes the breakdown of cartilage in the joint. Due to natural aging or other reasons, the cartilage becomes thinner, less elastic and begins to break down. The process of destruction is very painful. The joint can be saved, but this requires timely medical intervention.

Деформирующий артроз

The causes of the disease

The disease can affect many joints. Most common deforming osteoarthritis of the foot, hands, knees. Sometimes deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint and elbow. The main cause of deforming arthrosis of the elbow joint is a metabolic process. The body can not cope with the distribution of nutrients entering the body. To suffer from such a deficiency of essential elements can and cartilage.

Other factors that may cause osteoarthritis of the elbow joint, include such.

  • Genetic predisposition. The probability that children whose parents have arthritic diseases manifest arthrosis deformans, is very high.
  • Injury. Undertreated or constant microtrauma can lead to the destruction of cartilage.
  • Vitamin deficit. Vitamin D and collagen – substances that are directly involved in the formation of bone and cartilage.
  • Disease. Deforming arthrosis of the elbow joint may develop on the background of diabetes mellitus, psoriasis or gout.
  • Excessive physical activity. They are usually associated with work or sports.
  • Weight. Extra pounds that the body is forced to accept, are a significant burden.
  • Found that deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint mostly happens on the right. This is because most people are right – handed, and the load on the limb is much higher.

    The degree of development of the disease

    Symptoms depend on the degree of arthrosis of the elbow joint. At 1 degree change can take place virtually asymptomatic. On x-ray no special changes there. With the development of the disease may be slight pain, especially in the opening movement (e.g., after sleep). During the day, the joint does not bother the person. Pain can occur in the evening, after a day’s load. At this stage treatment of the disease can be reduced to the observance of a healthy diet, exercise and physiotherapy.

    2 the extent of the disease is characterized by more intense pain. Discomfort are concerned not only during physical activity and at rest. Movement is accompanied by the crunch. The affected joint gradually begins to increase in size, it becomes inflamed. Purifies the cartilage, while bone tissue grows, there are growths. Physical activity is significantly limited. Due to the fact that a person tries not to move the affected limb can develop muscle atrophy.

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    With 3 degrees of osteoarthritis of the elbow joint painful sensations constantly accompany the person. Movement, for example, with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee joint, is very conflicted. Osteoarthritis moves into a phase of so-called deforming arthritis, when the joints grow and can deform the limb.

    The affected joint gradually increases in size and can become inflamed.

    The need to maintain a healthy lifestyle

    Patients interested in the question, is it possible to get rid how to treat arthrosis deformans. Treatment starts with adjustments to lifestyle. You first need to pay attention to their nutrition.

    Деформирующий артрозIf you have extra weight, then they must be eliminated. Exclude from the diet of fried, salty and smoked food. Banned-products containing preservatives (purchase sausages, meat products in vacuum). Coffee and fizzy drinks leach calcium from the body, so they should also be deleted.

    The diet should be varied. Eat dairy products (cheese, sour cream, cheese, butter), potatoes (is, it must baked with the skin on), fish and eggs. Daily eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat is considered especially useful meat chicken and Turkey (baked or boiled). It is mandatory to intake at least 1.5 l of water daily. It is better to divide the meals into 5 parts, but in small portions. As snacks during the day eat nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts), dried apricots or raisins.

    For your health it is mandatory to move. Motor activity is shown in the prevention and in the early stages of the disease when joint destruction is not yet. The articular capsule is filled with a specific synovial fluid that nourishes the cartilage and keeps it dry. The cartilage is spongy structure. When a person, for example, takes a step or an exercise of the special complex, the cartilage is compressed. When the leg ceases to be under pressure, cartilage is like a sponge, absorbs synovial fluid. So when movement occurs the process of saturation with nutrients, and in a stationary state of the joint is impossible.

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    For joint health it is a very useful swimming. Water significantly lightens the load. But all the joints and muscles of the body involved. If you have a minor fracture or joint inflammation shown physical therapy exercises. Of motion exercises should be smooth, without jerks and with a minimum amplitude.

    Saturation of the cartilage with nutrients is carried out only during movement. In a stationary state, this process does not occur, and the cartilage gradually dries up.

    Medical care

    At the initial stages of arthrosis of the elbow joint using conservative methods of treatment. These include medication and physical therapy. Preparations aimed at solving several problems: pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation and the regeneration of cartilage tissue.

    Goal Drugs
    The pain and inflammation. As a pain reliever often used paracetamol. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in addition to relieve inflammation, is able to eliminate painful sensations. Most commonly used diclofenac, ortofen, ibuprofen, piroxicam, lornoxicam. For local anesthetic effect using ointment and gel (Fastum gel, indovazin).
    Improving blood circulation. Also used drugs that improve blood circulation. Normal food joint is especially important in the degeneration of cartilage. Suit trental, nicotinic acid.
    The regeneration of cartilage tissue. Drugs acting on the cause of the disease, are considered chondroprotectors. They improve and accelerate the formation of new cells of cartilage (symptoms, teraflex). This medicine can be used intramuscularly or directly into the joint cavity. The effects of chondroprotectors occurs after 6-12 months, because the formation of new tissue takes time.

    Treatment of deforming arthrosis of the foot should start with getting rid of the excess weight of the patient, if any. Shoes should be soft and shock absorbent. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe special orthopedic inserts and braces.

    When deforming arthrosis treatment will be effective when used with physical therapy. Physiotherapy treatments help to improve blood circulation, has analgesic effects. Use procedures such as ultrasound, magnetic therapy, paraffin baths, electrophoresis, laser therapy, hydrogen sulfide and radon baths.

    The affected joint should be protected from unnecessary stress.

    Деформирующий артроз

    Operative treatment

    When conservative treatments do not bring positive results, it is recommended surgical intervention to save the motor activity of the elbow joint and the capacity of the person as a whole. Arthroscopy is the least invasive surgical procedure, which provides diagnosis and treatment. The advantage of this operation is that it does not require a complete opening of the joint and damage to the adjacent tissues.

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    In this operation, in place of the affected joint is done with two cuts: one for introduction of the arthroscope (camera) and the other for surgical instruments, which will be one or the other manipulation. With the help of arthroscope it is possible to make irrigation of the articular cavity, introduction into the cavity of the cartilage protectors or anti-inflammatory drugs. It is also possible to transplant the ulnar or other cartilage, removal of shattered debris and bony growths (osteophytes).

    Violation of the axis of the limb also may be one of the reasons why destroyed the joint. These deviations are corrected during reconstructive surgeries. To restore the axis to apply the Ilizarov frame. Most often the device is used for fixing the knee and the elbow. These include corrective osteotomy, the bone plastic and bone-neoplasticescoy surgery, surgical correction of limb length.

    Arthroplasty – complete replacement of the destroyed joint with artificial prosthesis. This operation is carried out in the complete destruction of the joints when a person loses the ability to move. After the restore operation starts on the next day. The exercises directed on strengthening of muscular-ligamentous apparatus. Over time, the load is increased, and after 3 months the operated limb may participate in the performance of habitual everyday tasks.

    At observance of all recommendations of the doctor and exercises full recovery occurs after 6 months.