Deletion of hygroma wrist joint surgery and conservative methods

Symptoms and methods for treating hygromas wrist joint

A ganglion cyst or ganglion – rounded neoplasm arising in oral tissues adjacent to articular capsule, which contains fibrin and mucin.

In some cases, possibly merging it with the nerves or the periosteum. Hygroma wrist joint is one of the most common types of tumors.


Causes and risk groups

There are many theories about the origin of the ganglion. According to some scholars is a ganglion cyst have a hernia of the fascia or synovium of the joint capsule. Others state that the ganglion is the result of degeneration of the articular capsule.

In General, education can appear because of the following reasons:

  • long professional, sporting or home surge;
  • after injury to the wrist joint;
  • a consequence of inflammation;
  • the hereditary factor.

Cystic formation often affects children after 10 years and adults under the age of 45 years.

The risk groups include:

  • washerwoman;
  • secretaries;
  • seamstress;
  • tennis players;
  • musicians.

The mechanism of development of cyst starts in the thinning of the tendon fascia or capsule of the wrist joint along the above reasons.

Symptoms and diagnosis of pathology

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If the hygroma wrist joint often patients complain of cosmetic defect, as the size of education in the diameter can reach 6 cm In the process of palpation, you can feel the dense texture and also feel when pressing a little soreness.

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The skin over the education is not changed and contours clearly visible. The function of the wrist joint at an early stage of development of disease remain to the full.

The pathology progresses slowly, often unnoticed by the patient. For large neoplasms characterized by the following symptoms:

  • tingling of the skin;
  • numbness;
  • aching pain.

It may be accompanied by a lowering of temperature in the region of the wrist joint. To establish an accurate diagnosis to make a diagnosis of education.

Although it is not a big difficulty and is based on the clinical picture. However, when the formation of large size and rapid growth, you need to conduct the following studies:

  • x-rays;
  • Ultrasound;
  • puncture of the cyst.

These methods will allow you to:

  1. find out the condition of the wrist joint;
  2. to exclude or confirm a tumor of a different nature;
  3. to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis.

After clarification of all circumstances, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment of pathology.

Ways to get rid of a ganglion

Methods of treatment of the disease can be conservative and operational.

Conservative method

Treatment methods are dictated by the degree of neglect pathology. If it is detected early sufficient the following treatments:

  • UV irradiation;
  • thermotherapy;
  • of mud;
  • the use of phonophoresis with hydrocortisone;
  • paraffin applications;
  • of magnetic therapy.

If the size of the disease is not managed to reach large sizes, treatment is through physiotherapy and drugs. Often also use simple and effective methods, which include:

  1. Puncture. The procedure is based on the extraction of the contents from the cavity of the capsule, with subsequent filling of the steroid hormone – diprospana (anti-inflammatory). Symptoms of cystic tumors are used antibiotics amizil or neomycin. In addition to this recommended rubbing into the skin ointments, anti-inflammatory (Fastum gel, diklak gel, etc.), and the application of physical procedures.
  2. Crush. This method is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge. A ganglion cyst in the wrist joint are crushed with a plastic object or using your fingers. The contents of the capsule flows into the nearby tissue and eventually resolved.
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In both cases, after treatment, a compression bandage with a brace – this is a must in the treatment. With festering cysts, the only option is surgery.

Surgical treatment

To surgery for the ganglion cyst of the wrist joint is resorted to in following cases:

  • if a joint is restricted in motion;

  • the ganglion is growing rapidly;
  • developed the pain syndrome;
  • cosmetic defect;
  • the suppuration.

Use two main methods:

  1. Bursectomy. This kind of treatment is most effective. A procedure to remove hygroma called bursectomy, duration 30 minutes. The surgeon cuts with a scalpel, the education along with its base, after which the sutures that are removed after 10 days.
  2. The laser removal. The process of removing a ganglion laser, produced according to the principle of bursectomy, only in this case instead of a scalpel is used laser.

One and the other operation is performed under local or General anesthesia.

Treatment of folk remedies

There are many effective recipes to get rid of hygroma on the wrist. One can single out the most simple and effective, which include:

  1. Alcohol compresses. Dilute rubbing alcohol with water up to 60 degrees. Soak it in the cheesecloth and fasten to wrist in a bandage on top to insulate with polyethylene or woolen cloth. Leave in this position for 2 hours. The procedure is repeated until the cyst disappears completely;
  2. A decoction of pine branches. Two kilograms of raw sugar and warm water and boil for half an hour. Allow to cool to a temperature of 36-37 C and to water education until the end of the decoction;
  3. Copper coin. Bandage to the formation of the coin and wear yet-that will not disappear (about a month).

What you need to know to prevent pathology?

If a person has a hereditary factor in the development of hygroma wrist band, he can’t avoid it.

But there are some preventive measures that minimize the risk of swelling:

  • to fix the joint using an elastic bandage during heavy work or exercise;
  • to evenly distribute the load on both hands.

Important! Time to treat diseases of the joints, to prevent injury and severe congestion.

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