Devices for treatment of joints

Apparatus for treatment of the joints was and remain an effective method of treatment, coming to the rescue when other means are powerless. More recently they were used only in hospitals hospitals. But today, medical apparatus for treatment of joints of the spine and musculoskeletal system have become much smaller, and most importantly – more affordable, so treat with them through a variety of joint diseases has become possible in the home.

Приборы для лечения суставов

What are the devices

Depending on the nature of the disease of the joints for treatment using various devices. Sprains and other injuries using orthopedic fixators (bandages), and for treatment of diseases use various devices, that the principle of operation are divided into:

  • the apparatus in which for the treatment a laser is used;
  • the apparatus in which the therapy uses a magnetic field.

Laser radiation is widely used in medicine. Scientists noticed that when exposed to cells of the human body with a beam of directed laser radiation, the cells begin to actively proliferate. Therefore, using a laser on affected areas, can significantly accelerate them in the process of regeneration of damaged tissues.

The mechanism of magnetic field treatment is based on the human body’s ability to perceive the invisible fluctuations in the magnetic waves. But if the natural magnetic waves of different length, in an artificially created field, the wavelength is selected so as to provide a therapeutic effect on diseased cells.

A special EOS-apparatus for treatment of joints, allowing for their treatment both laser and magnetic therapy. Bandages are extremely focused purpose: orthopaedic device for the ankle joint will not be used for fixing the hip and the bandage for the knee joint does not accommodate for fixing the shoulder, etc.

Physiotherapy equipment mostly universal, so the same device can be used for the treatment of the spine, and for the treatment of knee or elbow joints.

Orthopedic devices for fixation of the joints

Depending on the nature of the injury and the severity of the disease mechanical locks (bandages) are divided into flexible, semi-rigid and rigid. Use clamps in cases of joint injuries light and moderate: bruising, sprains, strains, tears of ligaments or muscles. The locking device on the ankle is used most often because the ankle is exposed to maximum load and at the same time is in heavy traffic. For fixation of the ankle can be used as flexible and semi-rigid bandages, depending on how you want to restrict his mobility.

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The locking device on the knee joint can only be elastic, because in case of serious injuries of the knee joint that require a hard mount, superimposed plaster bandage and it is forbidden to rely on the injured leg. The locking device on the hip joint, on the contrary, needs to be at least semi-rigid, since its main task is to limit the mobility of the damaged joint.

The purpose of the elastic clamps to protect joints from damage, while maximally preserving its mobility. Used for small injuries, bruises, sprains. Semi-rigid and rigid bands in a mandatory manner can only choose a physician because they are used in the final stage of treatment serious injuries, mainly sprains.

But the band can perform not only the locking (immobilizer) feature. This is especially true of bandages for his ankle. Braces for the ankle can be for various purposes.

Приборы для лечения суставов


Appointment Impact
Protective. For the fixation of open fractures. Has bactericidal and antiseptic properties.
Crushing. Clutching the injured area, are able to effectively stop the bleeding from damaged small vessels.
Corrective. Ensure retention of the foot in the correct anatomical position. Applies to congenital or acquired pathologies of the foot, most often in cases of clubfoot.

Bandages for fixation of injured joints has been and remains one of the most effective ways to treat injuries of joints and their prevention. And even the high cost of orthopaedic appliances is relative: repeated trauma to the joint are usually more severe and their treatment requires a much greater amount than the value of the striker.

Incorrectly picked the lock often leads to the fact that the damaged joint is again «off».

The Device «Orion»

Orion – portable, weighing 300 grams, the device for laser therapy at home. For the treatment of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system the device is equipped with a special mirror mirror and magnetic attachments. Spacecraft «Orion» can be used for the treatment of various diseases, including can use these devices for the treatment of arthrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

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The device has all the necessary certificates and permits for use in the treatment in domestic conditions. The apparatus must be enclosed for detailed instructions on configuring and applying for the treatment of diseases of the spine and other ailments. Depending on the type of disease e its complexity, the time of one procedure, varies from 1 to 5 min.

Приборы для лечения суставов

In irradiated emitted by the apparatus of laser beam joints, improving blood circulation, thus increasing the flow in hearth disease medicines and accelerates the withdrawal of provoking inflammation of unhealthy products. Radiation apparatus quickly reduces swelling of tissues in the affected joints. In the body metabolic process are accelerated, whereby the therapeutic effect of medicines taken increases several times, so the use of the device «Orion» for comprehensive treatment for diseases of the joints of the spine and musculoskeletal system can significantly reduce the amount of oral medications.

There are a number of contraindications for the use of the device «Orion». First and foremost is cancer, severe heart disease, kidney and liver, and diabetes. Prohibited the use of «Orion» and in tuberculosis, blood diseases.

You cannot use laser radiation at high temperature to determine the exact cause of its occurrence.

The Device «Almag»

Bright representative of apparatus for carrying out at home is a magnetotherapy apparatus «Almag». This is a device for the treating painful joints artificially generated pulsed magnetic radiation. Generated by the device magnetic pulse penetrates human tissue to a depth of 8 cm Such a pulse can reach to any of the patient’s joint of the spine or musculoskeletal system, so they can treat almost any joint in the human body.

During treatment, magnetic pulse performs several functions. He quickly and effectively relieve. Clinical studies have shown that when using magnetic therapy in complex with other drugs the amount of anesthetic drugs is reduced by half. Also magnetic pulse allows 3 times to increase the speed and volume of blood flow in diseased joints. Increased blood flow allows three times faster time-to accumulating harmful substances, therefore inflammation in them and the concomitant swelling are faster, improving the overall condition of the joints.

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Приборы для лечения суставов

Magnetic pulse has a complex effect on the body, exerting a healing effect on almost all the internal organs. «Almag» may help in the treatment of hypertension, gastritis, asthma, gastric ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, and many other ailments.

Device for magnetic-infrared-laser therapy «MILTA»

«Milt» is a complex apparatus for the treatment of diseases of the joints of the musculoskeletal system and spine. It has three sources of radiation – magnetic pulse, laser and infrared radiation. For the treatment of these 3 sources can be used separately and in combinations.

The effectiveness of such a device is very high: magnetic radiation relieve painful joints of the spine and musculoskeletal system, helps to enhance blood circulation and also has anti-inflammatory effect. Infrared radiation warms the surface tissue of the skin and subcutaneous fat, contributing to their rapid recovery and prevention of diseases and also have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system.

The laser light penetrates deep into the body at 10-13 cm, stimulating blood circulation in them. Due to this profound impact is achieved by the acceleration of regenerative processes in the diseased joints of the spine and musculoskeletal system. In addition, such a profound impact leads to nonspecific effect – a significant increase of immunity.

Conducted using the apparatus «MILTA» procedure is completely painless and almost no side effects. But despite this, the self is not engaged. The use of both orthoses for the prevention or recovery after a serious injury, and devices for the treatment of various joint diseases is possible only with knowledge and permission of the attending physician.

Properly selected bandage or improperly performed treatments will not only help get rid of injury or illness, but can worsen the situation.