Diagnosis the underlying causes and methods for the treatment of vertebral artery syndrome

The main symptoms of vertebral artery syndrome, and their treatment

Vertebral artery syndrome occurs as a result of disruption of the normal blood supply of the brain.

This disease begins to occur when a spasm or compression of the artery and the sympathetic nerve plexus.




The reasons contributing to the development of the disease

Usually the previous factor to the development of this disease is cervical dislocation.

All of the causes of syndrome of vertebral artery is divided into:

  • Vertebral, which include degenerative processes occurring in the column of the spine, injuries;
  • Nevirapine, the occurrence of which contributes to the atherosclerotic process in the arteries.

The main symptoms manifestations of vertebral artery syndrome

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The symptoms of this disease begin to manifest themselves due to defective blood supply of the brain. A person may experience:

  1. Frequent headaches that are accompanied by strong pulsation. There is pain attacks. If you put pressure on the point of the vertebral artery, the pain is much worse. Many people take such pain for a regular migraine. Because it occurs in one part of the head;
  2. Blurred vision, namely the more turbid eyes, flashing «sparks». Also for vertebral artery syndrome characteristic changes of vascular tone of the fundus;
  3. Frequent dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, a feeling of instability and jiggle;
  4. There are times when patients on this disease lose consciousness. To bring the patient in feelings, you need to put it in a horizontal position.
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How is the diagnosis of the disease?

If the doctor found a violation of blood flow, the resolution of the diagnosis it is necessary to use data of the clinical picture.

Such data include: patient’s complaints, the information that was obtained during the neurological examination.

Today for an accurate diagnosis using this method of diagnosis as Doppler ultrasound.

Thanks to these tests you can determine the condition of the arteries and blood vessels of the brain, and to identify various abnormalities. As needed, the patient have to pass x-rays.

In the case when the patient discovered of aggravation, it must undergo MRI of the brain, the results of which can be urgently hospitalized.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of disease

Treatment of the disease is outpatient way.

To be successful, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment.

Due to this treatment you can eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease and the reasons that contributed to the emergence of the disease.

How to treat syndrome of the vertebral artery, and what is included in the complex treatment of the disease, consider the next:

  • Acupuncture. Each energy channel has its own acupuncture points. When you enter the needle, there is an influence on data points that result allows to obtain a specific healing effect;
  • Manual therapy. It lies in the fact that the affected segment is affected by massage, swing-therapy, electroanalgesia, auto gravity therapy;
  • Hirudotherapy. It is a treatment method which uses leeches. The main advantage of the presented method is that a leech finds a place where treatment is required;
  • Complex physical therapy;
  • Medication.
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In serious situations use a surgery, which is aimed at decompression of the flattened vertebral artery.

The most common consequences of the disease

Very often, this disease carries with it adverse consequences.

Patients happen pathological disorders of brain tissue.

Tend to occur ataxic disorders, impaired articulation, nausea and vomiting.

Prolonged vascular spasm occurs as the counter ischemia.

To eliminate the occurrence of complications of the disease and preserve the health of the patient is possible only in case of timely diagnosis and treatment.


Video set of exercises

Watch a video with recommendations of a chiropractor for exercises with cervical osteochondrosis, or the development of the syndrome of vertebral artery