Diet and nutrition for osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints: menus, tips, recipes

Diet the right food for osteoarthritis: tips and menu

Osteoarthritis is considered a disease of the elderly, but in recent years this disorder suffer and young people. Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of the cartilage in the joints and changes in bone structure. Treated disease medication and use of physiotherapy.

A diet that must be followed in case of arthrosis, by itself, does not cure the disease, but only to alleviate the suffering of the patient and helps to get the body the necessary nutrients.

The goal with diet is to reduce excess weight, to ensure full saturation of the body with the necessary micronutrients, eating foods that can help in tissue repair and to stimulate metabolic processes.

General advice on nutrition

Diet for osteoarthritis, primarily used to eliminate excess weight because the disease mainly affects people with obesity. A therapeutic diet focuses on reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates.

Should completely abandon the fried food to steamed, roasted or boiled. The day you should eat 5-6 small meals and only when it is hunger.

After a meal you need to walk down the street or do house hundreds of steps. Last time eating food within three hours before bedtime. Be sure to limit the consumption of salt and sugar. It is necessary to include in the diet dishes based on gelatin: jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, eat them every day.

Almost all of the useful substance, if the measure

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To recover joint tissue, relieve pain and inflammation, you should eat foods that contain useful and necessary substances:

  1. Protein is a natural restorer of cartilage.
  2. Carbohydrates regulate metabolism and prevent rapid weight gain. The diet should be complex carbohydrates – they are digested for a long time and are not harmful to the body.
  3. Fats nourish the joints, but acceptable only plant contained in fish.
  4. Vitamins strengthen the immune system. You can drink vitamin complexes or to obtain food.

In addition, the organism needs minerals, which include zinc, magnesium, potassium.

Culinary taboos

In articular pathologies, particularly arthritis and arthrosis is strictly forbidden some foods and cooking desserts, among which include:

  • pastry desserts made with cream;
  • freshly baked bread and pastries;
  • ice cream and desserts based on milk;
  • chocolate and products from it (oil, paste);
  • chips, crackers, cereal, croutons;
  • alcoholic drinks and beer;
  • tea, coffee and sweet carbonated water;
  • pickles, smoked meat, hot spices, margarine, mayonnaise;
  • fatty meat;
  • whole milk and fatty dairy products.
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You should not use quick-cooking cereals, cold meats, caviar red and black. Smoking too should be abandoned.

What is needed

Diet for osteoarthritis of the joints involves a low-calorie diet and consumption of relevant products.

The list of allowed foods in this disease as follows:

  1. Lean meat: Turkey, rabbit, chicken.
  2. Fish containing a lot of fat: salmon, mackerel. They contain large amounts of fatty acids, which inhibit the aging of bone tissue.
  3. Milk products: kefir, buttermilk, yogurt without additives. Serum is very rich in calcium, and other milk products it is much less.
  4. Spinach, parsley, dill, lettuce – they are also rich in calcium.
  5. Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts. Rich in vitamin E, necessary for the supply to joint tissues.
  6. Bread whole grain or bran – contains complex carbohydrates.
  7. Fruits and fresh juices.
  8. Vegetables: cauliflower, carrots, zucchini.
  9. Legumes – beans and peas, they have a lot of vegetable protein.

The fat source is butter in reasonable quantities. You should also eat foods which have b vitamins: bananas, eggs, cheese, seafood.

The option menu for the week

Diet during exacerbation of osteoarthritis for a minimum of two weeks, we offer a rough menu for the week:

  1. Monday: Breakfast – cottage cheese, 2 toast, smeared with butter and tea with milk. 2 Breakfast – nuts, ginger tea, fruit. Lunch – vegetable soup, cabbage salad, buckwheat with chicken. Afternoon snack – jelly and biscuits. Dinner – baked fish, rice.
  2. Tuesday: Breakfast – oatmeal with dried apricots, coffee with milk, biscuits. 2 Breakfast – yogurt, fruit. Lunch – chicken broth with greens, beef roast, broccoli. Afternoon snack – compote of dried fruits, banana. Dinner – stewed rabbit, salad of any vegetables.
  3. Wednesday: Breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, tea, cocoa. 2 Breakfast – fruit jelly, tea with ginger. Lunch – soup with additional vegetables, any salad, vegetables, boiled chicken and pasta durum. Snack – yogurt, cookies. Dinner – jellied fish, salad, compote.
  4. Thursday: Breakfast – chicken breast baked, the eggs welded soft-boiled, toast, coffee. 2 Breakfast sandwiches, juice. Lunch – beetroot soup, meatballs steamed porridge made of rice, any salad. Afternoon snack – jelly, milk with fruit, mint drink. Dinner – a lean meat, zrazy carrot, juice.
  5. Friday: Breakfast – cottage cheese with yogurt, a sandwich, tea with ginger. 2 Breakfast – soft-boiled egg, chopped fruit with nuts, low-fat yogurt. Lunch – soup noodles, cold noodles, seasonal vegetables, compote. Afternoon tea – fruit jelly, biscuits. Dinner – porridge semolina, butter, juice.
  6. Saturday: Breakfast – cheese pie, green tea with toast. 2 Breakfast – apples in the oven, tea with ginger. Lunch vegetable soup in meat broth, steak, baked with cheese, boiled buckwheat, salad, compote. Afternoon snack – fruit salad, jelly. Dinner – fish baked with vegetables, tea with mint.
  7. Sunday: Breakfast – buckwheat with milk, toast, cheese, cocoa. 2 Breakfast – scrambled eggs, tea with ginger. Lunch – fish soup, porridge «Friendship», pork baked in the oven, any salad, pudding. Afternoon tea – baked apples, jelly. Dinner – vegetable noodles, low-fat yogurt.
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You must drink lots of plain water, among other drinks.

For auxiliary treatment of arthrosis, there are useful and approved diet.

Rice diet

The diet is based on eating the soaked rice for Breakfast, which binds and removes from the tissues the waste products and toxins. In addition, the soaked grain is able to get rid of salts that had accumulated in the spine and joints, stimulate metabolism, burn extra pounds, improve work liver and kidney.

For diet, you need to stock up on brown rice or ordinary polished and bran (1/3 of the volume of rice). Need numbered glass jars of small volume – 5 pieces:

  1. Take 3 tablespoons of rice, wash it and cover in a jar with the number 1, add water. In the morning, rice in this jar to rinse and re-fill water, and a jar of number 2 also pour the rice and mix with water.
  2. Such procedures rice to do the following days, until all the banks are filled with rice.
  3. On the sixth morning rice from the jar number 1 should eat for Breakfast: from it you can cook porridge without any additives on the water or to eat raw, soak pre-boiled water for 10 minutes.
  4. Before that, about 30 minutes before ingestion of the rice, to drink a glass of warm water.
  5. After eating rice to eat nothing for 4 hours, then drink a glass of water and you can dine fine.
  6. First the Bank needs again to pour the rice and soak – such manipulations are to be done every morning until the end of the course of treatment – 40 days.

Contraindications do rice diet not. During its implementation it is necessary to refuse alcohol, salty, spicy and sour.

A gluten-free diet

The essence of this diet is to avoid from eating food that has gluten is the gluten contained in wheat, oats, rye and barley. The goal of the diet is weight loss, normalization of metabolism, cleansing of the intestines and excretion of harmful substances from it.

During the diet allowed foods: buckwheat, rice, millet, meat and fish are very fat, fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil and cow milk, tea, coffee.

Prohibited products, which include gluten, all grains, meat products, fish and canned goods, store-bought spices, kvass rye flour. The power is a fraction – 5-6 times a day, last time you can eat 3 hours before bedtime.

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Asked — answer

We have collected the most popular questions that relate dietary habits with osteoarthritis and gave word to the expert:

  1. Q: What is metabolic arthritis and how to feed this disease? The answer: Metabolic osteoarthritis occurs in people resulting from the consumption of food products containing chemical additives. These include preservatives, steroids, hormones, dyes and others. If you put such a diagnosis, it’s necessary to eat only natural products, containing no artificial additives.
  2. Question: What to eat small portions and eat? Answer: Visually enlarge a portion, feeding it on a small plate – so it looks bigger. You should eat slowly, chew the food thoroughly while eating to make a short pause – the stomach will be filled faster and a lot of it is simply impossible to eat. Once saturation has an effect, you must immediately leave the table to rinse his mouth. The signal that the stomach is full, served in the brain of late, so people tend to overeat, resulting in signal saturation can not wait.
  3. Question: Why does arthritis need to eat more protein foods? Answer: Protein is involved in the restoration of all types of tissue. It promotes the production of collagen – the life-giving and restorative substances. Protein contain dairy products, some meats and fish, beans and legumes. Collagen is present in the jelly and jelly.

Therapeutic nutrition is very important for patients with osteoarthritis. Strict compliance with the doctor recommended diets is the right way to recovery. Untimely and improper treatment leads to complications and even disability.

We must take responsibility for their health and hoping that everything goes by itself.