Diet for gout: menu, health-recipes

Диета при подагре: меню, лечебные рецепты блюд

During an attack around the joint redness and swelling

Gout is a severe joint disease. It occurs due to deposits in the human body uric acid. Usually gout usually manifests itself at night during sleep. At such moments, a person experiences severe pain in the area of inflamed joints (in most cases, this is the finger joints on the legs), and fever, weakness and aching pain in the abdomen. The soft tissue around the patient’s joints are really inflamed and swollen, and the skin acquires a bright red hue. Today known almost all of the symptoms and methods of treatment, however, the most important factor of controlling the disease is diet for gout that aims to reduce the level of uric acid in the human body.

Proper nutrition — the key to effective treatment. The medication must be accompanied by a special diet. In the treatment of gout is very important to delete from your diet all foods that contain large amounts of salts of uric acid (also called urate). This contributes to the slow development of the disease and a marked improvement in the patient’s condition. Long adherence to the therapeutic diet will not only significantly increase the time period between gout attacks, but also greatly reduce their intensity, to reduce pain and inflammation of the joints.

Proper diet for gout

Today to successfully combat gout doctors advise their patients to completely abandon the consumption of animal proteins. But we should not think that only they are able to worsen the condition of patients and cause another attack. In addition to protein, a great danger for people suffering from gout, are animal fats and various digestible carbohydrates. As with diabetes, patients with gout are encouraged to avoid foods with high sugar content.

Диета при подагре: меню, лечебные рецепты блюд

The main menu of the patient should be vegetables

Fasting is contraindicated in patients with gout, so the power supply should be a fraction (have to eat often, but small portions). According to the rules of nutrition in this disease, for one day the patient must eat at least 5-6 times.
Diet for gout involves conducting a minimum of once a week special days of fasting, during which the patient should eat only fresh fruits or vegetables. To use these products this week-both in cheese and in boiled form, as long as they are prepared without adding salt. It must be emphasized that in the course of the fasting day the patient is allowed to eat only one kind of fruit or vegetables, for example, once a week, apples or pears, cooked carrots or baked potato.

In addition, a huge popular among patients with gout is a rice-Apple version of the fasting day.

As you can tell already from the title of the diet, once a week for a day a patient needs a diet that contains only boiled rice and raw apples. To this diet has had the desired healing effect, you need to be able to cook healthy rice porridge, without violating the prohibitions nutritionist.

For preparation of dietary rice porridge you will need 75 grams of rice, fill it with 750 ml of milk and cook until tender. The finished rice should be divided into three equal parts. You will need to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Between meals allowed to eat apples. However, remember that the total weight of the fruit you eat should not exceed 300 g. Apples can be eaten raw, but it is best to cut the fruit and cook from them a savoury compote.

Recipes for healing meals

It is very important to ensure that the diet of the sick, in spite of numerous prohibitions remained full, balanced and contain all the necessary body nutrients. Here are some simple recipes that will be useful in gout and can be served patient.
Vegetarian borscht. To make one of dietary will need the following ingredients:

Диета при подагре: меню, лечебные рецепты блюд

Vegetarian soup made from fresh vegetables without pre-frying

  • 170 g of potatoes;
  • 150 g of cabbage;
  • 160 g of beet;
  • 120 g tomatoes;
  • 65 g of carrots;
  • 50 g onion;
  • 30 g of sour cream;
  • 30 g of parsley.

Cooking. To start boil the beets until soft (preferably in a double boiler), peel and grate on a coarse grater. Then finely shred the cabbage. Potatoes and tomatoes peel and cut into cubes, carrot sticks, onion half-rings. Then add all the prepared vegetables into a saucepan, cover with cold water and leave the soup to cook until done. Before submitting the finished soup on the table, season it with sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

Potato soup. While diet for gout you can prepare and put on the table is incredibly easy and very tasty potato soup that will be useful and diabetes. To cook diet potato soup, you need:

  • few potatoes;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 1 tbsp flour;
  • fresh sour cream;
  • natural butter;
  • greens-to taste.

Cooking. Peel the potatoes from the rind and boil it until fully cooked. Then drain the potato broth in a separate container (do not pour), and the potatoes well, chop and RUB through a sieve. Next, begin to cook the sauce to this dish. First, a little warm the flour in the oven, and then dissolve it in 50 ml of potato broth and boil well. Now connect in the same pan the chopped potatoes previously drained the broth and the sauce burnt flour and mix well. Then add in soup, egg and butter. Boil it again and serve the finished soup on the table, adding a plate with a little sour cream and chopped greens.

Диета при подагре: меню, лечебные рецепты блюдA vegetable stew. For cooking very tasty and healthy vegetable stew take:

  • 7 potatoes;
  • 4 red carrots;
  • 1 full Cup fresh green peas;
  • 1 small onion;
  • 100 g fresh cream;
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil;
  • salt to taste.

Slice the onion into small cubes and fry in a pan in hot oil. When the onions become Golden, add the chopped carrots and cook the vegetables until they are soft. Then put in a pan previously boiled green peas and boiled potatoes, cut into medium cubes. Then add in the dish of sour cream and a little salt and leave to stew for another 15 min. Before serving, pour vegetable ragout with melted butter.

Buckwheat porridge. Diet buckwheat, is particularly useful for patients with gout, prepared as follows. Take 50 g of buckwheat and fill it with 100 g of clean, cold water. Then add a small pinch of salt, mix everything well and put on the stove, covering the pot with a lid. When the buckwheat absorbs the water, well stir porridge with a spoon and leave it to cook on low heat for another half hour.

Before you apply the oatmeal on the table, add 1 tsp of butter.

What you can and can not eat for patients with gout

People suffering from gout, is not only possible but also need to add in your diet more fresh vegetables, which contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals needed by the body of the patient. The only exception to this rule are vegetables with a sharp taste, like horseradish, garlic or radish. Patients with gout are strongly recommended sorrel, parsley, spinach and celery, and cauliflower.

In addition, therapeutic diet for gout patients endorsed the use in food any type of fruit as the traditional apples, plums and pears, and exotic grapefruit, bananas and pineapples. Gout treatment should be accompanied with the intake of skimmed milk, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt and other dairy products with low fat content. In addition, patients with gout should include in your diet eggs, especially quail. Doctors recommend eating porridge from whole grains, various nuts and natural honey. It is useful to herbal treatments that will help to reduce inflammation and improve the patient’s condition.
Диета при подагре: меню, лечебные рецепты блюд

People suffering from gout, categorically do not eat any kinds of meats. Meat and fish can be put on the table only in very small amounts. But table salt is better not to exclude from their diet.

In addition, the list of products that are prohibited to patients with gout, were:

  • ripe bean;
  • ripe peas;
  • all types of mushrooms;
  • any beans;
  • all the seasonings and spices except Bay leaf and Apple cider and vinegar;
  • fat.

Can’t drink coffee, black and green tea, any alcoholic beverages. Prohibited liquid dishes of fish, meat and poultry, even broth. Under the strict ban all kinds of chocolate drinks from cocoa.

Sample menu for gout.

  • Menu for gout for Breakfast: salad made of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, etc.) and seasoned with vegetable oil, pudding millet, sweet apples and carrots, egg, soft-boiled, herbal tea.
  • Sample menu for lunch: a medicinal decoction of rose hips.
  • Lunch: milk soup with homemade noodles, meatballs, potato (can be roasted), fruit jelly.
  • Afternoon snack: fresh apples.
  • Dinner: cabbage rolls stuffed with boiled rice with various vegetables, baked cheesecakes, herbal tea.
  • At night you can pamper yourself with a decoction of bran. Be well.

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