Diet for gout: sample menu and table products

Diet for gout: how to arrange catering and select menu

Gout is a disease characterized by impaired metabolism. If it is the salt of uric acid deposited in the joints.

Gout – a rare disease – thousands of people have three cases.

The disease affects men over forty years of age, in women it is manifested menopause.

Gout affects all the joints, since the joints of the hands and ending with the joints on the legs.

Excessive amounts of urea in the body is for two reasons: healthy kidneys can not withstand large amounts of acid or when the urea is released into an acceptable volume, but the kidneys are not able to overcome it.

The increase in the number of patients with gout associated with the consumption of foods containing purines (meat, oily fish) and alcohol abuse.

The main symptom of gout is an inflammation of any joint. The attack of the disease happens in the early morning or night, expressed in the form of intense pain in the affected area. The temperature at the joint rises, the skin begins to redden and to Shine.

The role of nutrition

Proper diet for gout is a question that must receive special attention, as the main reason for the increase of uric acid lies in the excessive use of products containing purines.

A special role should be given a therapeutic diet for gout on the legs.

That the disease has not worsened and has not progressed, it is important to build such a power supply with limited consumption of purines.

Special attention is paid to diet with gout during an exacerbation.

Menus and recipes for gout developed by nutritionists based on the form of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Nutritional therapy allows you to reduce the dose of medications you take. However, note that one only the diet can completely get rid of the disease, although it will make the attacks more rare.

The principles of nutrition

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Proper diet is the key in treating the disease.

The specificity of clinical nutrition is the limited consumption of foods that contain purines, salt, oxalic acid, and sufficient consumption sakikawa products (vegetables, fruits and milk).

Thus the main forbidden foods, the use of which is excluded for gout:

  • meat
  • offal (liver, tongue, kidneys),
  • fish
  • canned
  • caviar.
  • from plant foods the purines are part of the legume, peanuts, cauliflower;
  • quite a lot of purines in chocolate.

Purines are virtually absent in milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and many berries.

Diet No. 6

The most common power system in gout diet n 6.

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It reduces the consumption of proteins, due to the limitations of fish, meat and beans.

With a diet animal proteins should be no more than 50% of the total number of proteins. You should also reduce your consumption of fats: pork, beef and mutton fat, cooking fat.

Rules of nutrition that will speed recovery

Among the basic principles of nutrition are the following:

  1. Fish can have not more than two or three times a week – strictly boiled or fresh meat.
  2. When cooking meat, fish and mushrooms should be remembered that a large part of their constituent purine goes into the broth. For this reason, do not allow the consumption of any soups, except vegetable.
  3. Every day should drink about two liters of plain water. During the diet you can drink fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water, milk, herbal teas, milk drinks. From strong tea or coffee should be abandoned.
  4. During the diet is contraindicated in excessive salt intake. Its excess leads to deposition of urates in the sediment and deposits them in the tissues of the body. Salt should be reduced to 6 g per day. Ideally, food should be salted or completely bland.
  5. It is recommended to enrich the diet products, including vitamins C and B1.
  6. Are beneficial to the body the fasting days on dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Fasting is contraindicated, since protein breakdown leads to the increase of urea level.
  7. It is impossible to overeat. It is better to hold a fractional power in small portions (up to five or six times a day).
  8. It is prohibited to simultaneously use urinoterapii products and alcohol.


Provide a table of products, which will help to make a diet and menu for gout.

Prohibited products:

  • by-products;
  • fatty meat;
  • all soups, except vegetable;
  • bouillon cubes, soups of fast preparation;
  • smoked food;
  • oily fish;
  • canned;
  • caviar;
  • spicy and salty cheeses;
  • bean;
  • sorrel;
  • raspberry;
  • grapes;
  • Fig;
  • seasonings and spices (kromme Bay leaf);
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • chocolates;
  • alcoholic beverages.

The list of products whose consumption is necessary to limit:

  • salt;
  • cooked meat and fish (prefer to overcome low-fat poultry, salmon, trout, salmon);
  • sausages (sometimes you can eat sausages and doctoral sausage);
  • cauliflower;
  • spinach;
  • tomatoes;
  • radishes;
  • mushrooms;
  • butter.

The allowed foods list:

  • vegetable soups;
  • rabbit (in small amounts);
  • chicken, Turkey (in small amounts);
  • lean fish (up to three times a week);
  • seafood (shrimp, squid);
  • milk products (yogurt, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, sour cream);
  • eggs;
  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • bread;
  • vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, potatoes);
  • onion, garlic;
  • dill;
  • fruit (pears, apples, citrus);
  • watermelon;
  • berries (cherry, strawberry);
  • dried fruits (except raisins);
  • sweet (honey, marmalade, marshmallows, candy);
  • sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts;
  • natural juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, kvass;
  • tea from rose hips;
  • vegetable oil;
  • mineral water.

What is the diet

The main essence of the diet for gout control the production and output of uric acid.

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This power system promotes well-being and the reduction of pain, causing the disease retreats.

It should be noted that this diet does not cure, but only helps accelerate the release of acids and salts during exacerbation of osteoarthritis.

It also significantly decreases body weight, which plays an important role in the recovery of the body after heavy medication.

The types of used diets

Food for gout often organized into several basic diets.

Number 6

This files most often prescribed in gout treatment diet stop number 6. It is also used for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, diathesis, and cystinuria.

Power system based on the normalization of the production of urea and recovery of the valid environment of urine.

The benefits of a diet #6 is to limit food intake urinotherapy, ethandiol acid and predominance in the diet products, contributing to the restoration of metabolism.

To prepare food for this menu is very simple: meat and fish must be boiled or steamed. On the basis of cooked foods you can prepare the second dish. The main thing – to observe the frequency of meat consumption (up to two or three times a week).

For menu diet number 6 gout should include:

  • daily intake protein – 90 g;
  • daily fat intake to about 90 g;
  • daily intake of carbohydrates – 400 g;
  • total daily calories – 2900 calories.

Diet for obesity

Another kind of therapeutic food for gout – diet for 8. It is prescribed when the patient suffers from obesity of any degree.

Obesity is the result of overeating, it gives extra strain on the body and exacerbates the current illness. The essence of the diet is to reduce excessive fat in the tissues.

The calorie content is supported by proteins and reduce percentage of fat, carbohydrates are virtually eliminated:

  • to 130 g of protein;
  • to 80 g of fats;
  • about 120 g of carbohydrates;
  • up to 2000 kcal per day.

Menu diet № 8 includes:

  1. Consumption of rye or bran bread, vegetable soups, occasionally lean beef, main dishes of chicken, lean fish.
  2. Fish and meat can be boiled, broiled or baked.
  3. Cereals and pasta are virtually eliminated. Of dairy products allowed to consume yogurt and cottage cheese low-interest.
  4. The day you can eat no more than two eggs.

Menu with sick hands

Diet for gout on hand involves the normalization of the percentage of urea in the body and improve the exchange of substances in General.

From the daily diet excludes foods that contain a lot of purines.

It is also permitted the consumption of eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese and milk. During exacerbation of the disease and severe pain in the hands need to completely eliminate meat, fish, broths, smoked products, canned food, spices, cakes, chocolate and alcohol.

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The daily menu may include such products as squid, shrimp, vegetable soups, low-fat cottage cheese, cereals, pasta, citrus fruits and vegetables.

In strict compliance with the doctor suggests a menu of pain with movement of the hands will gradually decrease.

Sample menu for a week

First day:

  • Breakfast: sandwich of bran bread and cheese, cornflakes, orange juice;
  • lunch: vegetable salad, a slice of lean ham, baked potatoes;
  • dinner: baked fish, vegetable pilaf.

Second day:

  • Breakfast: low fat milk, cereal with yogurt and fruit pieces, branny bread;
  • lunch: beef stew with vegetables, vegetable juice, not canned squash caviar;
  • dinner: boiled vegetables, lean meat, cheese, bran bread.

Third day:

  • Breakfast: two eggs, branny bread, low-fat milk;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, tomato juice, vegetable salad;
  • dinner: 110 g salmon, vegetable stew, milk.

The fourth day:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, low-fat milk;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice, cheese sandwich;
  • dinner: baked potatoes, steam fish, vegetable juice.

Fifth day:

  • Breakfast: a sandwich with butter and cheese, fruit juice;
  • lunch: risotto, yogurt, fruit juice;
  • dinner: soup with barley, cheese, low-fat milk.

The sixth day:

  • Breakfast: a sandwich with butter, cheese and a slice of tomato, a slice of lean ham, juice;
  • lunch: stewed potatoes with vegetables, a slice of melon, low-fat milk;
  • dinner: vegetable soup with croutons, vegetable stew, yogurt.

The seventh day:

  • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, a slice of cheese, green tea;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish, low-fat milk;
  • dinner: chicken steamed, stewed vegetables, a slice of cheese, yogurt;
  • snacks can be nuts, apples, dried fruit (except raisins).

Therapeutic diet for gout reduces the risk of relapse of the disease, relieves pain, normalizes the urinary system.

In addition, this power supply system contributes to the normalization of body weight and is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Diet for gout has a restorative effect, rejuvenates the body.

A poor diet threatens the development of renal failure, lesions of the cardiovascular system and internal organs with the formation of these gouty nodes, formation of erosive arthritis.