Diet for gout: treatment and prescriptions for patients

«Trap for the feet» is the translation of the term «gout» of the Greek language. Gout is a heterogeneous disorder which is characterized by deposition in tissues of uric acid salts or Manorama sodium, followed by the formation of tophi. Gouty arthritis most often develops after age 40, and men suffer from them 2.7 times more often than women. Diet for gout is required, as medication.

Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

Here are the feet of the patient during an acute attack of the disease

What is the classification of gout? Clinically divided 4 stages of the disease.

  • Acute gouty arthritis (early stage).
  • The interictal period (interval gout).
  • Chronic gout.
  • Topasna chronic gout.
  • Treatment of gouty arthritis
  • Diet
  • Recipes for patients with gout

  • Clinical manifestations of the disease

    There are several variants of the disease. Let us briefly consider their views to know the symptoms and methods of treatment.

    Acute gouty arthritis

    Inflammation can occur in the body for a long time, not manifesting. After a few years the first symptoms appear, which can be triggered by several factors:

    • taking large portions of alcohol;
    • trauma;
    • surgical manipulations;
    • malnutrition;
    • local inflammation (for example, osteoarthritis);
    • aggravation of comorbidities.

    Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

    Changes in the joint caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals

    Symptoms disturb the patient at night or in the morning after waking up and getting out of bed. One of the main symptoms — the presence of rapidly increasing pain in the affected area. In addition to this pain syndrome combined with swelling of the diseased joint, hyperemia and hyperthermia. To the affected joint cannot be touched, any attempt to move them causes the patient severe pain.

    The primary lesion generally begins with the thumb on the lower extremities (oligoarthritis). But statistics show that it is more typical for men, women gouty arthritis first affects the joints of the hands, causing oligo — or polyarthritis. The first manifestations are often accompanied by leukocytosis, fever, etc. that masks gout under infectious pathology.

    Gouty attack when the easy course lasts no more than 1-2 days, but severe illness may be delayed for a week or more. The hallmark of the initial stage is the complete disappearance of all symptoms, even without therapeutic intervention.

    If the disease has influenced related arthropathy, in the period of remission of gout can be maintained pain syndrome, which indicates the presence of underlying disease.

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    Recurrent gouty arthritis

    The first interictal period can last from 1 to 2 years, rarely (7%) puffing up to 10 years. Subsequently, the interruptions will be much shorter. The symptoms of the disease also will increase.

    The process will begin to integrate healthy joints. It is not excluded the presence of polyarticular disease with a migratory character. In affected joints the inflammatory process is growing, handed down in the periarticular tissue (joint capsule and ligaments). It is possible to detect isolated nodes (tophi), which are formed by the active subsidence in the joints of salts. At this stage they are barely noticeable on palpation and generally painless.

    Topasna chronic gout

    On the presence of chronic diseases it is possible to speak at the first relapse. During different time tophi develop in half of patients with gout. The duration of these intervals depends on the nature of the treatment, the level of hyperuricemia and the severity of kidney damage. Tophi can be localized subcutaneously or outside in various areas:

    Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

    The possible location of tophi

    • on the hands and feet;
    • on the elbows;
    • on the knee joints;
    • on ears;
    • on internal organs, etc.

    In advanced cases, on the surface of the tophi may appear education, which is periodically allocated a pasty substance. Typically, tophi appear in the frequent relapses of the disease, the earlier the formation of knots may be in the following cases:

    • in juvenile gout;
    • in women, the elderly, abusing diuretics;
    • at infringement of function of kidneys;
    • in certain myeloproliferative disorders.

    Treatment of gouty arthritis

    All methods of dealing with gout can be divided into 2 types: drug treatment and therapy without the use of drugs.

    Drug treatment is based on the following principles.
    Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

  • Emergency relief of an attack of gout.
  • The correct selection of drugs to prevent development of relapse and complications (kidney, formation of tophi and destructive changes of the surfaces of joints).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of related diseases of the joints.
  • The treatment of the disease should begin immediately when it is identify, in this case a greater chance for a full recovery. Therapy should last as long as the symptoms do not disappear completely. Cupping is used 3 groups of drugs.

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • Colchicine.
  • The glucocorticoids.
  • The choice of drug depends on the severity, extent and stage of gout. Further tactics depends on the achieved effect of the therapy.

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    Non-drug treatment is also based on certain principles.

  • Diet — weight control, prevention of obesity.
  • Control fluids.
  • Rest the affected area.
  • The exception of receiving funds, which increase the levels of uric acid.

  • Diet

    Perhaps the most important non-pharmacological treatment of gout is diet. It will reduce the formation of uric acid, normalizes the metabolism of purines and prevents alkalization of urine. Proper nutrition will help to make remissions longer and maintain good health.

    Diet for gout must be regular, long and correct: starvation and overeating can trigger a new attack. List of foods for diet shown in the table below.

    Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

    Table 1. Diet number 6: a list of permitted and prohibited foods for gout

    Product name Recommended for use Banned
    Meat Turkey, chicken, rabbit, shrimp, squid, boiled lean fish. Fatty fish, meat, meat broths, animal offal (lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.).
    Legumes Peas, lentils, beans, legumes, soy.
    The spices and sauces Milk, sour cream, tomato sauce, cinnamon, vanillin, citric acid, Bay leaf. Horseradish, pepper, mustard.
    Drinks Green tea, chicory, fruit juices, fruit drinks, kvass, rosehip tea, juice. Cucumber juice helps to cleanse the body of excess purines. Any alcoholic drinks, coffee, strong tea, cocoa.
    Sweets Nesekretnye candy, marmalade, jam, marshmallow, candy. Cakes, cream, chocolate.
    Fruit Plums, apples, apricots, pears, oranges. Grapes, figs, raspberries.
    Vegetables and herbs Potatoes, eggplant, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, etc. Useful herbs. Restriction: asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, celery, rhubarb, radishes, peppers, parsley and green onions.
    Dairy products Low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, sweet cheese. Sharp and salty cheese, with care milk.
    Other Eggs. Mushrooms.
    Cereals Any cereals from them. If milk porridge, boil in diluted milk.
    Flour Black and white bread. Pastries pastry.
    Oil Plant. Cream is limited. Lamb and beef fat.

    Diet for gouty arthritis can alternate with unloading days. Unloading is to arrange it through the day, alternating between different types of dietary diversity.

    Диета при подагре: лечение и рецепты для больных

    Menu handling of the day

  • Cottage cheese-kefir unloading — 400 g low-fat cottage cheese + 500 ml of yogurt.
  • Fruit and vegetable unloading. Sample menu contains 1.5 kg of approved products.
  • Kefir unloading is the most difficult. You will need to drink up to 2 liters of low-fat yogurt.
  • Fasting days for gout help to cleanse the body of uric acid salts. Some sources recommend such a discharge for quick and effective weight loss and suggest to adhere to the scheme within weeks. But it can be done only with the permission of the attending physician.

    During remission diet can be varied with different types of meat, but in small quantities. Pre-meat should boil. When cooking releases all the accumulated purines in the water, so for people suffering from gout, there is no risk.

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    Recipes for patients with gout

    Let’s take a look at the menu for the day for a patient prone to this disease. This is the optimal set of useful products.

    Sample menu for Breakfast.

  • The soft-boiled egg.
  • Vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  • Pudding of carrots and apples.
  • Juice or tea.
  • Pudding recipe made from apples and carrots. Grated carrots (500 g) cooked in water with butter and sugar. It added pre-swollen in milk the crumb of bread, preferably wheat (100 g) and grated Apple (500 g). All mixed, then added 2 beaten egg whites. The mixture is laid into the form and boil in water bath until tender (40-45 min). To prepare the salad, you can use any not prohibited vegetables (steamed and/or fresh).

    The second Breakfast. Herbal tea or rose hips.

    Meals for lunch.

  • Milky noodle soup.
  • Potato cutlets.
  • Green tea or jelly.
  • Milky noodle soup. Milk diluted with water, and bring to a boil, add a little sugar. Put noodles (50 g) and boil for 5-7 min. When cooked add a little oil.

    In the afternoon you can eat fresh fruit. For dinner there is stuffed cabbage rolls (meat instead of vegetables and rice), cheese cakes, stewed fruit.

    Meat from the diet should be deleted, but not everyone can do it immediately. Once a week you can treat yourself to a slice of fish or meat dish, but everything should be in moderation and only with the permission of the attending physician. Be healthy!