Diet for osteoarthritis

Correctly made diet for osteoarthritis – an important component of successful treatment of this disease of the joints. Although using one only the diet to cure the disease is impossible, but it helps to cope with one of its main causes – excess weight. Therefore a proper diet for osteoarthritis is much more important than in the treatment of other diseases of the joints.Диета при артрозе

What you need to know about ration formulation

Osteoarthritis – disease damaging the cartilage layer of joints. It is equally dangerous for the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and even the finger joints of the hands and feet. Although medicine classifies the disease by age, but today it has become much «younger», affecting not only the retirement age but also 40 years.

In addition to excess weight, the development of the disease can trigger various injuries. For example, the trigger for the development of arthrosis of the shoulder joint are most often transferred sprains. In the last two decades medicine has witnessed the emergence of another type of this disease – metabolic, the cause of which can be contained in food preservatives and flavor enhancers and other additives. All these nuances must be taken into account in selecting the products for the preparation of diet for osteoarthritis.

In addition, when the menu is made, it is necessary to take into account the site of the lesion. Diet for osteoarthritis of the knee joint will be different from the menu for the treatment of the shoulder joint or diet for arthritis of the fingers, although they all share common principles. Primary among these principles are: balanced diet and its constituent foods provide adequate nutrition, fully covering the human need for necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And with all this low-calorie diet: a day not more than 2000 Kcal.

And more feature. For osteoarthritis diet is directed not only on decrease of body weight, but also to prevent the further destruction of the cartilage layer of the joint. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the maximum number of products that contain substances that can make the cartilage flexible.

Diet for osteoarthritis joints should consist of only natural ingredients without flavour enhancers, artificial colors and preservatives. This is especially requirement you need to comply strictly with selecting products for the treatment of metabolic arthritis.

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What foods are good

All kinds of diet in arthritis is salt-free diets. This rule must follow the diet for arthrosis and with arthrosis of the shoulder or elbow joints and in osteoarthritis of the fingers. Because osteoarthritis often affects the knee joints, then the nutrition take the diet for osteoarthritis of the knee.Диета при артрозе



Meat. Of meat products is permitted poultry meat: duck, Turkey, chicken etc., moreover, it is desirable to use the meat of domestic birds, not grown on poultry farms.
Fish. An important role in nutrition in arthrosis of the knee joints is fish and seafood. The fish should be fat: the fatter the better. Contained in fish oil acid in omega-3 essential to prevent aging and damage to joint cartilage. In the menu you can enter herring, salmon, trout and cod. Fish are better to eat boiled or baked. Fried, smoked and salty from the menu must be unequivocally excluded.
Vegetable oil. Also ensure that your body acid omega-3 by entering in the daily diet of a little linseed oil or flax seeds.
Greens. To enrich the body with calcium will help greens: lettuce, spinach, celery, parsley, dill.
Milk. Fatty dairy products – butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt in daily diet is better not to include. But in order to successfully treat the disease, the body needs large amounts of calcium, which just rich dairy products. Therefore, without adequate amounts of low-fat sour cream and cottage cheese, and no sour milk and yogurt diet for osteoarthritis is inadequate. It is useful to enter in the daily diet for osteoarthritis knee joint 0.5 liters of whey – a byproduct in the production of cheese.
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Necessarily in the daily menu need foods with a high content of vitamin E: walnuts or pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts. Very useful to enter in the menu a few tablespoons of sprouted grains of wheat. Necessarily it must include sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, plums, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli.

Healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

What foods are bad for osteoarthritis

Pork, lamb, beef is better from the menu to delete. In order to successfully treat the affected joints, will have to give up cakes, muffins, pastries, especially if the recipe includes a custard, and muffins, white and wheat bread. In the preparation of the diet chips, crackers, popcorn, chocolate, Grengam it should not be. Exclude from menu and fast food products: Breakfast cereals, etc., are Contraindicated spicy spices, various pickles, marinades and smoked foods.

Harm to the successful treatment of osteoarthritis and meals recipes which includes foods such as mayonnaise and margarine, so salads and vinaigrettes need to cook only with vegetable oil. The presence of 2-3 times a week in the menu of the jelly and jellies from meat and fish by-products significantly helps to treat the affected joints, because a large number of them contained in the cartilage of fish and animals are used to feed the cells of the body those substances that are vital to repair damaged cartilage layers.Диета при артрозе

When diet for osteoarthritis of the knee, under the complete ban of alcohol (including beer), soda, coffee and strong black tea.

Features of the diet for osteoarthritis

Diet for osteoarthritis of the knee aims to eliminate extra pounds the patient, so she needs to be both nutritious and low in calories. Is strictly prohibited a strict diet, and even more starvation. It is not recommended to include in the diet foods rich in diuretic or laxative effect. Meals should be frequent: 5-6 times a day but small portions. One of the main conditions of this diet: drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

With osteoarthritis of the hip diet is aimed primarily at restoring the damaged cartilage, so it should be as enriched foods that contain b vitamins, and vitamins a, C and E. it is Not recommended to eat porridge made from cleaned and processed cereals: semolina, polished rice etc. it is better to replace oat or buckwheat porridge. Feature of this diet is the ban on meat broths, as well as a complete ban on the use of sugar – it is recommended to replace the natural honey.

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In case of arthrosis of the shoulder joint, which most often is the result of suffering a shoulder injury, the diet is aimed at relieve swelling and pain. To faster rebuilding in the shoulder joint have the limitation of salt, a large number of fluids and diuretic fees. To treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint well in the season of ripening watermelons: they and vitamins with minerals a lot, and fluids in excess, and diuretic effect is pronounced.

When composing a diet for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers of the menu must be chosen so that maximally restore the damaged interarticular tissues. For the treatment of the fingers diet should contain a lot of calcium, so it is based on dairy products, as well as jellied dishes, jellies, jelly. Good for osteoarthritis of the fingers weak broth from boiled beef.

Making the diet when the disease, whether osteoarthritis of the knee or the fingers, the shoulder or hip joint, it is important to remember that the menu is not cure, but only helps in the treatment of the disease. So before you go on a diet, you need to consult with your doctor.