Diet in coxarthrosis of the hip joint: nutrition and foods

Food in coxarthrosis of the hip joints: diet, menu, food

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint is a degenerative pathology. Disease is characterized by the formation of cavitary cysts, exhaustion of cartilage, overgrowth of bone at the edges of the joint.

The disease is very dangerous, it can affect one limb, and both at the same time, which greatly hampers movement. In coxarthrosis the need for an integrated approach to treatment, which uses medications and physiotherapy, an important aspect is proper nutrition and a carefully selected diet.

Diet is a prerequisite for the successful treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint. This is due to the fact that proper nutrition enriches the body with nutrients, which are the «building» materials for cartilage.

The hip joint is powered by its own liquid, which, depending on its quantity and quality has a different influence on depreciation. When the full set of all required substances to the body mechanism is triggered, which is responsible for the repairs.

Rationality, thoughtfulness, balance

To restore the cells you want to saturate the body with vitamins A, b, C and E. the amount of salt should be kept to a minimum, because it the excess promotes swelling of the joint. In General, the diet in coxarthrosis of the hip joints practically does not differ from the usual principles of healthy eating, except for the fact that getting foods rich in vitamins and beneficial elements. This food contributes to the effectiveness of treatment, and improve health in General.

In coxarthrosis required to comply with some specific rules of nutrition:

  • the required fractional way of eating, that is, five or six meals a day, but it is important to reduce portions;
  • it is best to consume food in its raw form, thus the product remains the maximum amount of nutrients, it is also possible to extinguish until soft;
  • in cooking cereals it is impossible to prevent swelling, it is best used to remove from the heat and allow to reach on their own;
  • during cooking it is better to replace glucose with honey or fructose;
  • to limit the use of alcohol;
  • food should be carefully perezhevyvaya, if the process is slightly uncontrollable, the food is better to grind without the need to rush to empty the bowl;
  • the last meal should be at 18.00, not too late;
  • getting up from the table, there should be a sense of light hunger.
  • in any case you cannot force yourself to have force, if there is no desire, then the meal should be postponed.
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Useful products

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To saturate the body with all the nutrients and help to recover the joints with arthrosis of the hip joint, the diet should contain the following products:

  • low-fat dairy products, in particular this applies to cheeses: the body, digesting milk protein, regenerates tissue that has been damaged;
  • the strengthening of the bones is due to calcium, it is best to use goat’s milk;
  • for the body with healthy animal protein, it is better to use lean meat and fish;
  • the essential vegetable protein can be obtained from buckwheat, mushrooms, legumes and lentils;
  • gelatin dishes: aspic jelly nourishes the body with collagen;
  • a sufficient amount of carbohydrates contained in the cereal, it is recommended to enter in the menu, rice, buckwheat and oats;
  • to consume the best vegetable oils, the most useful are linseed and olive;
  • useful are the seafood and fish with a high content of fluorine and phosphorus;
  • fruits and vegetables should be present in food in large quantity, the raw foods will keep more vitamins and minerals;
  • for body, coarse grains due to the content of iron and copper;
  • the first dish is best cook in a broth of offal, but fatty rich broth are not the best choice;
  • suitable vegetarian entrees;
  • dessert should be as natural as possible, feeding on sweet best dried fruit: prunes, apricots, raisins and honey.
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If you stick to the right diet not only in quality of treatment, and to make her usual diet, in the future, you can prevent the development of many diseases of ODA.

What products to exclude from a diet?

Harmful products only accelerate the process of destruction of cells. To prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and speed up their treatment from some products better to get rid of, in particular from:

  • confectionery and other sweets;
  • baking, in particular white bread;
  • desserts based on milk and ice cream;
  • chocolate confectionery;
  • fast food;
  • of alcoholic drinks and sugary sodas;
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • spicy dishes seasoned with sauces and fried;
  • fat dairy products;
  • red and black caviar;
  • products that are a source of omega 6;
  • oily fish;
  • cereals and groats of fast preparation;
  • food additives and canned products.

How does the daily menu?

Daily menu for the patient should be made only by a physician dietitian. It is important that meals contain the necessary amount of nutrients. You should also follow the General calories, for the body adult men need an average of 2500 calories, for women 1800-2000.

Diet hip joint coxarthrosis 1-2 degrees does not imply the elimination from the diet of large amounts of food, nutrition should be as diverse as possible.

3-4 stage coxarthrosis proper nutrition will not help. Most likely will need surgery — if you are very lucky, long-term treatment with medications.

Sample menu for stage 1-2 disease


  • low-calorie cottage cheese with berries or unsalted cheese;
  • tea without sugar (can use honey);
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  • a glass of kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • pear.

Second Breakfast:

  • a quarter of a pineapple;
  • orange;
  • pomegranate juice.


  • lean the ear;
  • rice (preferably brown);
  • vegetable salad;
  • a chicken boiled;


  • bean soup with vegetables;
  • steamed vegetables or steamed;
  • sardines.

Snack: jellied fish (salmon)/ half pineapple and chicken jelly.


  • salmon baked;
  • salad (cabbage and butter);
  • salad (squid, cucumber, eggs, and sour cream);
  • braised cod.

Diet osteoporosis helps reduce weight, which favorably affects the process of treatment. Being overweight is a problem that provokes the development of many pathologies. In people with excess weight is often seen in this disease.

In addition, the diet promotes normalization of the functioning of internal organs, primarily the digestive tract. In this case the load exerted on the affected joint is significantly reduced, restored blood flow, resulting in the regeneration of cartilage.

In the treatment of coxarthrosis one diet is not enough to rely on that proper nutrition will help to cope with the challenge.

Necessarily complex approach to fix the problem, only in this case the effect. As weight normalization in the patient, as well as acceleration of metabolism, will decrease the intensity of the disease symptoms, subside pain, restores the tissues of cartilage and will be removed swelling.