Diffuse osteoporosis: treatment of pathology of spine and bones

How to stop diffuse osteoporosis, not to become disabled

Most often this disease, popularly known as glass disease that affects the elderly, but in rare cases can occur in children.

Unlike other major diseases, osteoporosis, diffuse directly affects all the bones and spine, and not the individual parts of the human skeleton.

Bone tissue, due to the reduction of mineral density, thinner evenly throughout the body. Begins a gradual deformation of the skeleton, in this case, any even minor trauma can cause fracture.

In the case of diffuse osteoporosis imbalance between the natural tissue (bone synthesis) and destructive processes in the structure of bone (resorption).

In other words, the restoration of bone tissue is slower than its destruction.

What causes pathology?

The development and progression of the disease occurs for several reasons:

  1. The emergence in the human body of malignant tumors. This can be a myeloma is a tumor arising from components of the bone marrow. It suffers from mostly the spine.
  2. Malfunctions of the thyroid gland, which reduces the synthesis of bone and causes resorption.
  3. Pathological processes in the intestine, which lead to the violation of absorption of calcium by the body. The reason may be simple lack of calcium if your diet is wrong.
  4. The risk group includes women after menopause. During menopause in the blood decreases the level of estrogen. The disadvantage of the female hormones affects the regenerative processes in the bone tissue. It is as if the calcium of their female body. Men to provoke the disease can lack of testosterone.
  5. Diffuse osteoporosis may be caused by genetic predisposition or heredity.
  6. The disease can lead to the acceptance of a number of drugs, which provoke the leaching of calcium from bones.
  7. The presence of harmful habits (Smoking and alcohol) classifies abusing citizens at risk.


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Reveal diffuse osteoporosis at an early stage of development quite difficult, as the thinning of bones and loss of calcium from the body occurs gradually.

At a later stage of the disease, symptoms such as:

  • increased fragility of nails;
  • often occurs aching pain in the back, joints of the arms or legs;
  • cramps in the muscles of feet and lower leg that occurs at night;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • acceleration of heart rate, and, consequently, fatigue leading to decreased performance.

Detection of disease at an early stage

The most effective way to diagnose osteoporosis is a diffuse x-ray that allows the most accurate assessment of the condition of the bones and joints.

This method allows to identify the main symptoms of the disease – decrease in bone density and thinning, the indentation of the vertebrae in the body or bulging. Using radiography to reveal the presence of osteophytes – outgrowths of bone tissue that appear on large joints or on the spine.

Alternatively use dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. With it with great precision measure bone mineral density. In addition, conduct laboratory tests to determine the amount of calcium in the blood, take a hormonal test.

To realistically assess the condition of your musculoskeletal system is possible only with a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism.

If you are in the risk group, is required to be examined to reveal diffuse osteoporosis at an early stage and time to begin treatment of the disease.

The treatment of the disease

To slow down the progression of the disease, you need to strike a balance between the process of bone synthesis and resorption, that is, to minimize the rate of thinning of bone tissue.

The treatment process can be very long. Some patients are prescribed life-long medication. The task of the doctor in the case of the treatment of diffuse osteoporosis is:

  • the cessation or at least slowing the process of bone loss;
  • the deliverance of the patient from the painful symptoms;
  • normalization of calcium level in the body;
  • treatment of the disease, which has provoked the development of osteoporosis;
  • the prevention of new fractures.
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Unfortunately, to fully restore the density and size of bone mass is impossible. Therapeutic activities are mainly aimed at the cessation of bone softening.

The process of replenishing calcium in the body is very long. For prevention and treatment using calcium along with vitamin D, because without it, the calcium in our body is almost not absorbed.

In the treatment widely used bisphosphonates – synthetic drugs that successfully block the development of the body’s cells (osteoclasts) that cause bone resorption. Valuable properties of drugs of this group is the ability to assign their patients with cancer.

To bisphosphonates are alendronova, ibandronova, solenkova and claudronova acid.

Preparations on the basis of bifosfonatov, depending on the chemical composition, are divided into 2 groups – simple bisphosphonates, which lacks the nitrogen and aminobisphosphonates containing nitrogen.

Upon detection of osteoporosis in women during menopause, they prescribed hormonal drugs which fill in the body lack of estrogen. This has a positive effect on bone health.

The main course of treatment of diffuse osteoporosis includes two main tasks – reducing the rate of thinning of bone and growth of bone tissue.

Possible complications

The danger lies not so much the disease as the complications that may arise during the course of the disease spontaneous fractures.

The most vulnerable places in diffuse osteoporosis are:

  • the spine;
  • the hip joint;
  • femoral neck;
  • the shoulder joint or forearm;
  • the radial bone.

Even falling from a small height causing the fracture. Particularly affected are women older than 60 years. Due to lack of estrogen the skeleton becomes fragile, as glass. Especially dangerous hip fracture.

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Softened bone disease at the present level of development of medicine, to restore, unfortunately, impossible. After such trauma, the woman may remain forever bedridden.

While she gets a whole bunch of diseases the supine patient, pressure sores, gemodinamicescuu pneumonia, thrombosis and necrosis of soft tissues.

Warning diffusion and other types of osteoporosis

That any disease is much easier to prevent than to treat, known to all.

Prevention is required to comply with simple rules. The main of them is a well-balanced diet. The diet must contain foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. these include cheese, yoghurt and low fat milk.

Today in stores you can find a lot of products specially enriched with calcium. Vitamin D is sold in any pharmacy in the form of tablets or capsules.

An equally important method of prevention of osteoporosis are exercises that strengthen the bones. It’s climbing stairs, walking, moving of small loads.

To avoid illness, you should give up bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Tobacco and alcohol destroy the bone tissue.

It is known that intoxicated people fall more often. In this case, in the presence of the latent form of diffuse osteoporosis, and fractures is provided to them.

Take care of your health as the disease much easier to prevent than to cure.