Disability in coxarthrosis of the hip joint: how to group?

Инвалидность при коксартрозе тазобедренного сустава: как получить группу?Disability in coxarthrosis is a hot topic. The disease is incurable. The only thing that remains the man to fight with him to slow down destructive processes in the joints. After 40 years the risk of developing osteoporosis increases.

The reason for this weight, but the main one is the disturbed metabolism in the cartilage tissue. Statistics show that increasingly, the group of disability is assigned to patients younger than retirement age. Affliction, like most diseases of the joints, is rapidly getting younger. This process is typical for many countries of the world. In any case, in Russia, disability is in coxarthrosis? And that people suffering with this disease, it is necessary to know about its design?

Where to go to confirm the disability

Experts believe: the conservative treatment of arthrosis in the initial stage gives a good effect. But as the progression of the disease, the situation is changing not for the better. A natural result of getting limitations mobility. Coxarthrosis of the hip joint, for example, leads to the fact that a person can not move independently. If the disease affects the hands, the patient will be unable to take care of themselves — even to dress themselves. The inability to conduct domestic operations is one of the main criteria for receiving disability.

To confirm the diagnosis and to qualify for the group, the patient must undergo medical-social examination (MSE). Only by its results issued disability in coxarthrosis. These powers delegated to the Commission by the state.

If the patient does not agree with assigned group or denial of recognition of disability, he may seek redress through the courts. However, this process is quite lengthy, and not always judicial authorities shall take their decision in favor of the plaintiff.

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What you can expect

To disability with osteoarthritis can be, usually the patient draw up the third group. The second group are much harder to get and the first, according to patients themselves, almost unreal. The law prohibiting to assign the first group of disability with this disease, no, but to prove a right to it more than difficult. You should know about how disability should be regularly confirmed. If a person does not pass in a timely manner to the ITU, his disability status is canceled and he loses the right to receive state support.

Инвалидность при коксартрозе тазобедренного сустава: как получить группу?

Getting disability is a very troublesome thing

The need to undergo regular ITU, the state justifies the fact that osteoarthritis of the hip joints in our days it is quite successfully treated surgically. If the patient has a second group of disability, after which he successfully underwent surgery on his joints and his condition improved, ITU can become disabled or lower group. The basis for these actions is that in coxarthrosis hip joint functioning of the legs of the patient were completely or partially restored.

Pain is not the cause of the group assignment.

Limitation of life activity — is the main criteria on the basis of which in Russia is assigned to the disability. But then the question arises: why are ignored the pain symptoms? People suffering from arthritis often experience severe pain, even at the initial stage of the disease. However, disability in the presence of pain symptoms, which do not always cope and analgesics, not assigned.

To prove the limitation of vital activity, it is necessary to provide proof of a significant deformation of the bone tissue resulting from osteoarthritis. Dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system is one of the main signs of disability and recognition of the fact ITU. To confirm these violations with osteoarthritis of the hip joints possible, using modern methods of diagnosis:

  • x-rays;
  • arthroscopy.
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You need to know: only documentary evidence of disability will help the patient prove their right to a disability and receiving government support.

Инвалидность при коксартрозе тазобедренного сустава: как получить группу?

For confirmation of the diagnosis requires x-ray picture of the joints of patients

Stage osteoarthritis patient and associated disability are not interconnected. A certain degree of progression of the disease does not give the right to automatically receive one group or another. Similar situation with the exemption from military service or obtaining a deferment. Is assigned if the disability if the patient has arthritis of the third stage? In the category of disabled people, as a rule, people diagnosed with gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, arthrosis of the ankle joints. The disease leads to impaired functioning of the body, the severity of which largely affect a particular group of disability.

If the limited activity small and osteoarthritis does not cause significant problems to the patient, the disability may not be rated. When violations are moderate and diagnosed coxarthrosis in the third stage, the patient may receive a third group of disability. A similar rule normally applies to people suffering with osteoporosis is not so long ago. If the hip the third or second degree is accompanied by a shortening of the limb, is assigned to the second group. But the real chance to get it is, only if the limbs of the patient was shortened by 7 cm or more.

Инвалидность при коксартрозе тазобедренного сустава: как получить группу?

Deforming coxarthrosis restricts movement of the patient and his ability to self-care

If diagnosed with deforming arthrosis of the hip joint, the patient may receive the first group of disability. With this ailment the patient is not able to walk or care for himself. Usually first group is wheelchair users.

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Provoking factors of the disease symptoms

According to forecasts, the number of people with osteoarthritis of the hip joint in Russia and the world every year will increase. Explain this phenomenon to two reasons:

  • heredity;
  • chronic stress.

Predisposition to diseases of the joints, expressed in certain metabolic disorders, unfortunately, inherited. The older the man, the probability of developing osteoarthritis of his above. And better to know about it to begin prevention as early as possible and to prevent the emergence of the disease.

Chronic stress is an important factor that triggers the beginning and development of osteoarthritis of the hip joints. Substances produced in the human body when one is under stress, destroying articular tissue. Gialuronova acid, ensuring the functioning of the joints, breaks down. What triggers the start of secondary coxarthrosis, even more. Almost all of them can be defined as «diseases of the nerves»: heart attacks, inflammatory diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Much more efficient to do everything possible to prevent illness than to deal with its consequences. Take care of your health!