Disc herniation: treatment of folk remedies without surgery

Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции

Diseases of the spine begin to develop, many at a young age, namely 20-25 years. Osteochondrosis – is degenerative dystrophic lesions of the ridge, which affected primarily the intervertebral discs. The presence of degenerative disc disease can cause a variety of complications. One of these complications is intervertebral hernia.

This pathology is eliminated with drug therapy, physical therapy or surgery, what you are agreeing to not all patients. Nowadays gaining popularity in the treatment of herniated folk remedies. This approach has several advantages.

Not always patients can take certain medications because of contraindications. Besides synthetic drugs do not have low cost. But various tinctures and ointments home cooking made plant-based. Besides, in summer you can collect medicinal plants.

Many patients want to get rid of the disease to use traditional methods. Treatment of folk remedies has fewer side effects.

The mechanism of formation of a hernia

The backbone consists of vertebrae that are placed above each other and form a spinal rod. Between them there are special pads, called intervertebral discs. Having a flat shape, they prevent the vertebrae rubbing against each other. Within each intervertebral disc has a gel-like fluid, or purposea core around which there is a fibrous ring of hard fibrous shell.

Intervertebral hernia occurs when the upper and lower vertebrae exert excessive pressure on the disk. When this occurs, the gel-like fluid squeezing through a rupture of the fibrous ring. Once purposee ring is placed in the channel of the spine, it puts pressure on the nerve fibres adjacent to the disk. Pinched or compressed nerve gives the signal of pain.

Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции

The stages of destruction of the disc of the spine

According to statistics, a herniated disc is often formed in the cervical or lumbar spine. However, the formation of a herniated disc may be in the thoracic spine. Damage to the intervertebral disc causes severe pain in the back, neck and legs.

The human spine has a complex structure. The cervical has 7 bones called vertebrae. Thoracic spine has 12 vertebrae lumbar – 5. For the fifth, the last vertebra, placed into the sacral region of the ridge, rolling in the coccyx. Thus, bone and located between the discs in the form of cushions, form the whole movable structure that protects the bone marrow (the tissue of the nerve fibers) from damage.

The structure of the intervertebral disc in different departments in the same way. Ligaments form a strong fabric that allows you to connect the bones. If ligament damage is due to degeneration of the discs appear localized pain in that Department in which there was rupture of the fibrous ring that protects purposee -.

If it’s badly damaged disk treatment should be done immediately. Or perhaps numbness of the limbs, partial or complete loss of mobility.

The main causes of disease

A herniated disc occurs for several reasons. The disk structure may be deformed due to age factors. The risk of destruction of the fibrous ring increases if the person’s age exceeds 55 years. The pathological process can extend over years. In the end, at the slightest movement or, on the contrary, at heavy physical work the hernia is formed.

The second cause of this disease is injuries. The third reason has to do with the anatomical structure of the spine. The drives are durable, but they have their weaknesses. In the intervertebral discs are not vascular structures. The diet is a diffuse way. What does it mean? This implies that nutrients are absorbed through the muscle tissue. So the more sedentary way of life leads people, the more the exchange of substances.
Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции
Metabolism improve exercise or moderate physical labor. But at the present time, when mankind reached a certain technological progress, the load on the body is reduced to a minimum. Because of this, metabolism becomes slower, and the discs lose their strength.

The person moves a little, hence the risk of herniated discs. Therefore, one who wishes to keep your range in excellent condition until old age, have different ways to create the optimum load for the spine. We must remember that the fibrous ring has a specific fiber structure, designed for a specific activity. When the force and volume of small loads, is the destruction of the fibrous ring.

In addition to injuries and age-related changes in the spinal rod, there are other factors that encourage the development of a herniated disc:

  • genetic defect;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal disruption:
  • incorrect process of water-salt metabolism;
  • sedentary work;
  • overweight;
  • long stay on his feet;
  • the lack of physical exercises, strengthening the spine;
  • low back pain.

Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции

The presence of other diseases in the body also leads to the emergence of intervertebral hernia. These can be defects of the spine, rheumatoid manifestations, disease of the internal organs.

When narrowing of radicular the spinal canal or the openings between the vertebrae is the development of degenerative lumbar stenosis. Because of this pathology, there is a risk of the emergence of intervertebral hernia. The disease can be congenital or acquired.

Grouping by types

Classification of hernias of the intervertebral disc is the location. Damage can affect the cervical, thoracic or lumbar. According to statistics, the most common types of hernias are:

  • dorsally;
  • median;
  • Central;
  • sequestered.

Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции

Classification of the disease and how it looks intervertebral disc

When the dorsal herniated disc is bulging disc in the lumen of the spinal canal. While zaselyalsya nerve roots. At the initial stage are manifested only pain in the lower back, but may eventually give in with both feet.

Dorsal herniated disc – a mysterious phenomenon for professionals. It occurs for unclear reasons. In this type of hernia pain is intermittent, but sometimes quite strong. Typically, these pain symptoms disappear without taking medicines.

The Central type of hernia is also called: hernia Shmorlja. It is considered to be not acquired, and congenital disorders. The affected disk is simply pushed inwards.

When sequestered hernia violated the integrity of the disk, purposee — out in the channel. This kind of disease is usually affects the area of the cervical vertebra. With this form of pathology deteriorating quality of life because the patient can disturb constant headaches and dizziness.

Diagnosis and treatment of intervertebral pathology

For pain in any region of the spine need to see a doctor. Before you apply any treatment of intervertebral hernia, you need to be diagnosed. Diagnosed a herniated disc with the help of a procedure called MRI. Based on the results of treatment of intervertebral hernias. Methods will vary depending on the stage of the disease.

Sometimes a person may form a herniated disc in the lumbar and cervical spine at the same time. Treatment in this situation may lie in combination therapy. In some severe cases to avoid surgery can then be recommended folk remedies to restore.
Межпозвоночная грыжа: лечение народными средствами без операции
The majority of patients with pathology of the spine different classifications may use the following treatment methods:

  • the hood ridge;
  • Exercise therapy (therapeutic physical culture);
  • massages;
  • acupuncture.

Treatment of intervertebral hernia with stretching of the spine is recommended for many patients, the effectiveness of this method is confirmed by many of the patients he brought relief from disease. Due to the stretching of the backbone increases the distance between the vertebrae. As a result, eliminates the pressure on the intervertebral discs.

Therapeutic exercise is an integral part of therapy to restore normal functioning of the spine. Special exercises aimed at strengthening muscles of the spine and improve blood circulation. The massage is for both manual and vacuum.

Through the proper selection of the set of exercises and massage it is possible to treat intervertebral hernia without surgery.

The use of traditional methods

Some types of hernias can be treated with folk remedies without medication. Sometimes doctors combine the treatment of intervertebral pathology medicines and folk remedies. However, the use of traditional methods is necessary after consultation with the attending physician, so as not in any form of hernia it can be done. Therefore, after the examination, refer to a specialist in this field who will solve, what method of treatment recommended in each case.

Hernia treatment traditional methods gives a long lasting effect. Under this type of therapy refers to the production of various ointments, alcohol tinctures at home. Also here you can include sitting and lying in the correct position.

You can do this drug: take 0.5 liters of oil, 50 g roots of comfrey. Allow to stand for 10 days. Drink 2 tablespoons before a massage. Another folk remedy that has a positive effect, is honey massage. The benefits of honey massage are undeniable. But it should do specialist.

Treatment of herniated folk remedies you can make with the infusions. Make a tincture in this recipe: 1 Cup of lilac fill 0.5 liters of vodka and let infuse for 10 days. Should take 30 drops before meals. Tincture can be rubbed back. It is also advisable to do with this infusion compresses. Another means used to treat hernia: this is a tincture of lacunosa. It rubbed in for the night.

Treatment of vertebral hernia is impossible without a proper walk. Make soft steps. It is useful to rely on a cane. Having a hernia is not a long sit. Water treatments take, standing under the shower.

The advantage of using folk methods in getting rid of the hernia confirmed by the practice. It lies in the fact that it can be treated at home, without spending much. However, the treatment of herniated discs of the popular methods requires a long time, in contrast to the use of drugs that are capable in the shortest possible time to relieve pain and discomfort.

Any disease is better to prevent than to treat. So change the way of life, time to start to get rid of osteochondrosis, which is the destruction of the spinal rod. Folk treatment methods will help in this.

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