Disease (syndrome) Reiter: how to remove the symptoms, the treatment of the disease

Reiter’s disease in women and men — symptoms and treatment

Reiter’s disease (or a disease Pisanie-Leroy-Reiter), is an infectious disease sexually transmitted diseases.

Combines lesions of the female or male genitourinary system (urethritis, female cervicitis), mucous membranes, skin and eyes (blandiana keratoderma, conjunctivitis, stomatitis, balanitis centenary), as well as knee and ankle joints (arthritis).

Suffer to the same extent, by both men and women, but most young men. Nevertheless, the incidence does not depend on age, but rather from maintaining a lifestyle.

The risk is equally high for both women and men, if they are an unbridled sexual life, and do not pass regular tests for the detection of genital infections.

In extremely rare cases Reiter’s syndrome can be and the children transferred to them household way.

The causes of the disease

The pathogenesis of Reiter’s syndrome is not fully understood.

Symptoms begin to appear a few weeks after the infectious disease of chlamydia or ureaplasmosis nature. This is the trigger for the manifestation of Reiter’s disease, adding it is also an autoimmune component.

Possible cases of adverse outcomes of taking antibiotics or chemotherapy. In such cases, cells of chlamydia transformirovalsya in an L-shape.

Such cells are less exposed to immunocompetent cells, in connection with this they are capable of long-term parasitism in the body.

Themselves chlamydia enter the body through the genitals, actually, because this syndrome is a venereal disease.

The stage of the disease

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The incubation period of the syndrome 1-2 weeks. The first symptoms of Reiter’s disease manifests through the urethritis, cystitis or prostatitis.

Appear characteristic purulent discharge from the urethra. But that’s not the main sign, for example, one-third of men in this stage are asymptomatic.

The next phase is the lesion of the mucous membrane of the eye, and follows soon after the urethritis. Typical pattern is a two-sided conjunctivitis. He, too, might have gone undetected as in most cases is either asymptomatic or mild.

The main symptom of the disease and in women and men is the defeat of the joints.

The first signs of lesions are observed a month and a half since the beginning of the disease. There is often asymmetric arthritis of large joints (knee, ankle, interphalangeal, etc.).

Joint damage begins top-down from the genitourinary system, and captures every, over time.

The last stage is the destruction the toes, the skin on them becomes red with a bluish tint, there is defigure. You may experience heel spurs, bursitis.

Some patients lose the joint extends to the upper part of the body. Pain in the back develops sarkola. Very rarely inflamed joints of the upper extremities.

Amid all the defeats there is also an increase lymph nodes.

In General, for reliable identification of the disease is required to pass the necessary examination and tests.

Namely, to pass a General analysis of blood and urine, to explore secret prostate, synovial fluid, hold scraping the manifestation of chlamydial infection, test for carriage of the HLA 27. There are also instrumental examinations, in particular, x-ray of the joints of the lower extremities.

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In half of the patients articulate the defeat is complete. One-third of the survivors observed the arthritis. 20% the disease becomes chronic stage, there is a degeneration from a nearby focus of inflammation of muscles, functional damage to many joints.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment of Reiter’s disease is carried out in two main areas:

  1. First antibacterial. Is immediate relief of the population of chlamydia in the body. This treatment is often highly toxic and lasts no more than six weeks.
  2. The second anti-inflammatory treatment of damaged joints. Also to relieve the symptoms of the disease Reiter’s use of physiotherapy.

Separately from the treated conjunctivitis and lesions of the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Treatment should take place not only the patient but also his sexual partner, followed by presentation of certificates to the relevant health authorities.


In rare cases, one patient out of ten marked manifestations:

  • myocarditis;
  • pleurisy;
  • pneumonia;
  • of polyneuritis;
  • jade;
  • resistant to high temperature.

Poorly treated or undiagnosed syndrome becomes chronic. The patient earns a disability.

Preventive measures

Timely treatment of any infectious diseases. Having one permanent partner with a sympathetic reputation. A person with HIV infection significantly increases the risk of Reiter’s syndrome.