Diseases of the knee joint: list, signs and causes

Болезни коленного сустава: список, признаки и причины

The structure of the knee joint

Human joints have always carried and carry a big load. They are complicated, vulnerable, suffer from injuries and illnesses. Every experienced knee pain, want to quickly get rid of it, because the limited movement of the legs prevent lead a normal active lifestyle. Disease of knee-joint have different causes of their occurrence.

Our daily activities in some way can trigger and develop the many changes in the joints. Only a qualified technician diagnose and make arrangements for a speedy recovery, prescribe effective treatment and prevention methods.

Causes and symptoms of diseases

Injuries, bruises, sprains, and other diseases of knee joints, the list goes on, was observed in each of us. One awkward movement when cleaning the house or doing work in the country — and, as a consequence, the sharp incessant pain. Who does not remember from childhood «syndrome skinned knees»? Often, not paying attention to the fall, we learn about the consequences in the form of emerging diseases. They entail changes in joint tissues, metabolic disorders, infectious inflammation.

Blood circulation of the knee joint may be disrupted due to the uneven growth of blood vessels, especially in adolescence. The growth of the body is behind the rising systems and organs. The imbalance may cause disorders in the knee joint.

Acute or chronic disease of the hip, elbow and other joints can go on the knee. Mandatory consultation of the doctor. Otherwise, the condition can lead to disability.

The most dangerous reason is the infection that quietly occur in the human body. He does not feel discomfort, and when the inflammatory process will assert itself, it is already too late. Only very careful attention to their joints will relieve you of long and not always effective process of treatment.

Patients sometimes fall into two extremes in relation to their health. Some run to the doctor after a minor scratch on the knee joints, fearing diseases and nervous. Other long tolerate the pain, and in the clinic they have already taken due to the inability of independent movement. Based on the above, the experts focus on the most common symptoms of diseases of the joints, a finding which must immediately consult a doctor. These include:

  • enduring aching or sharp pain in the knee joint;
  • swelling or thickening in the knee region;
  • fever (in infectious disease);
  • violation of joint mobility.

A variety of symptoms of the knee caused by the complexity of the structure and the number of structures that connect in the knee joint.

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Possible ailments of the knee

If the knee podkashivatsya, Shin slips out when walking, there are clicks, accompanied by pain, there was swelling, persistent pain, and you began to limp, it is the symptoms of the disease of the knee called dissecting Legg. The causes of this disease are still not understood, but it affects quite young people. Do not delay going to the doctor.

Болезни коленного сустава: список, признаки и причиныTumor, detected by palpation, is determined by experts as the cyst Becker. The capsule of the knee joint is weakened, resulting in swelling of the synovial bags. The lesion present on the back of the knee. Sometimes this disease is also called bursitis or a rupture of the popliteal fossa.

Crunching while walking, swelling, severe cutting pain during exercise and the lack of it in rest — the symptoms of the disease knee joints, which is listed as gonarthrosis. Because this disease is degenerative changes in the articular surface of cartilage tissue.

The most common chronic disease of knee joint is arthritis. It can be a precursor of rheumatic fever and to exist as an independent pathology. Increasing pain during movement, redness, swelling, give a signal for immediate treatment to the doctor.

Disease Shlyattera

Some diseases knee joints affect only a certain category of patients, for example, teenagers. They have osteochondrosis of the tibia, in other words, the disease Shlyattera. Pain and swelling increase, when you are jumping or running, and decrease at rest. The risk groups are adolescents involved in football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, ballet. Affected when the disease Shlyattera, usually only one knee. Appears painful lump located below the kneecap.

Disease of the knee joints, is rarely encountered, will join the list of more well-known. These include:

Болезни коленного сустава: список, признаки и причины

  • articular mouse;
  • the chondromalacia patella;
  • the meniscus of the knee;
  • gout;
  • tendinitis;
  • osteoporosis.

Disease Shlyattera progressing in puberty due to the rapid development of the child. Most common in boys aged 13 years and girls older than 11 years. Very rarely residual deformation, which is reminiscent of the cones of the knee joint, and the symptoms of rheumatic reactions manifest themselves in a period of weather change. The tendon of the popliteal cups in the period of exacerbation of the symptoms of Slatter away from the powerful muscles of the anterior femoral part, resulting in a tugging pressure.

Treatment of diseases of Slatter long, but the prognosis is encouraging: the disease with age retreats.

The modern world is saturated with information about the most bizarre ways of getting rid of disease Shlyattera, arthritis, bursitis, the treatment is a little-known but very effective (for various untested recommendations) herbs, berries, extracts. Carefully use this information and don’t experiment on your health.

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Complex therapy

The main direction in the fight against ailments of the joints consists of treatment methods for pain management and, most importantly, its causes, and to restore the functions and structure of joint tissues, for the prevention of complications of disease of the knee joint, the symptoms which found. Local treatment does not always eliminate the underlying cause, provoking it. To of therapy include anti inflammatory medications, cartilage protectors, and drugs that renew the immunity, diet therapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, remedial gymnastics, massages.

The heavy-load test every day knee joints. They bear the weight of our body, actively participate in the movements. So people who are overweight often suffer from diseases of the knees. Patients are prescribed a special diet that has a list of prohibited starchy, sweet, tangy, spicy and savoury. Once the weight is reduced, the pain in my knees goes away.

During rehabilitation of the knee joints is a very important therapeutic exercises. Special effect is given exercises in the water: swimming and water aerobics. A comprehensive action on the muscles improves blood circulation in the cartilage of the joints. Sports should continue after recovery to prevent.

Traditional treatment of knee

Often the treatment of arthritis, gonarthrosis, osteoarthritis, disease Shlyattera provides recommendations for the use of various poultices. They have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Healers are advised to make compresses of various herbs and plants familiar to all.

Freshly dug horseradish roots need to peel and grate to a pulp, then place in a saucepan, add water and then on low heat for 30 minutes. The cooled mass is put on the gauze, folded several times, and apply to the sore area. Treatment actually spent in the period of exacerbation of tendinitis, bursitis, disease Shlyattera when severe pain. After some time may be burning. This is a signal to end the procedure. The pain will pass and the condition will improve.

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A similar effect and treatment has a compress of onions. It is very useful for rheumatic arthritis, syndrome Slatter. Bulbs of medium size grate, and the resulting mass is applied to the affected knee, after putting it in cheesecloth. As the onion tends to cause a burn, hold it only until a burning sensation. Poultice of horseradish and onion can be alternated during the week by treating once a day.Болезни коленного сустава: список, признаки и причины

Honey, propolis, medical bile is an indispensable means of getting rid of the symptoms of disease of the knees (Slattery) in the form of compresses. Also dissolve and excrete salt from the joints lotions of soda. One tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a liter of water. Gauze folded, dipped in this solution and apply to the sore knee. Treatment is administered daily, for 10 minutes, until complete disappearance of pain.

Speed up the process of removing salts and taking the juice of black radish 2-3 tablespoons a day. Also popular is the treatment of herbal baths. They are prepared of a decoction straw, hops, Hypericum, camomile, bark of mountain ash.

In order not to harm yourself, before use of medicinal and folk remedies must necessarily coordinate with the attending physician. The specialist will take into account the General condition of the patient, and idiosyncrasy to the drugs.

Many diseases of the knee joint in our time, observed at a relatively young age. It is connected with the ecology of the environment, the consumption of substandard products, long pastime at the computer. Flippant attitude to the diseases of the joints leads to late visit to the doctor, which translates them into a chronic form. Victory over the disease in such cases is reduced to zero. A serious and timely inspection will ensure you good health and will establish the true cause of the disease knee joints.