Diseases of the spine: classification, symptoms and treatment

In diseases of the spine age is not a major factor of hitting a person in the risk zone. In recent time experts often state the following fact: diseases of the spine are not uncommon in young people (aged 18 to 27 years).

Back problems are getting younger

Болезни позвоночника: классификация, симптомы и лечениеAccording to medical research, clinic of diseases of the spine every year younger. Symptomatic pain experience not less than 15% of people over the age of 18. About 80% of people in the adult population at least once faced a problem with the spine.

What causes back pain and how to avoid them and what are the symptoms of diseases of the spine? Every person should know that our spine, through which we can move, has 33 vertebrae separated by cartilage (intervertebral discs). The spine, penetrate the nerve endings.

He is surrounded by muscles and ligaments. Due to its location and structure, and also due to the fact that the spine performs the main motor function in the body, people often face with its pathologies.

Most of the diseases of spine and joints among other ailments now occupy leading positions.

Classification of diseases of the spine

Treatment of diseases of the spine and joints is largely facilitated through preventive measures, time taken sick. It is very important attentive attitude patient to his own health. The symptoms of incipient disease of the joints and spine often do not pay enough attention, but if the person had any signs of these diseases (pain in the spine during the occupation of the awkward position, the shot in the back, waist and other similar symptoms), you should immediately make an appointment to doctor, neurologist to the appropriate clinic. The patient in this case will help specializing in diseases of the spine clinic, which will conduct a full examination of the patient and will prescribe quality treatment of diseases of the spine.

Such diseases are mostly degenerative in nature, each of these diseases has its symptomatic features, occurs in different ways and, therefore, requires individual approach to treatment. Diseases of the spine differ in the localization, the severity of disease symptoms, etc. Among the common diseases associated with disturbance of functionality of the spine, called the following:Болезни позвоночника: классификация, симптомы и лечение

  • Intervertebral hernia. Hernia occurs due to damage to the intervertebral disc, which is biased, and why there are pain in the back and spine.
  • Low back pain. In diseases of the spine low back pain is among the leaders. It is connected with the thinning of the cartilage that serves as shock absorber for the vertebrae.
  • Scoliosis. Extreme curvature of the spine, impairing motor activity of man.
  • Sciatica, or radiculopathy. The defeat of roots of the spinal cord, severe degenerative dysfunction of the spine.
  • Osteoporosis. A disease associated with increased fragility of the human skeleton, which can affect any part of the spine. Its symptoms do not manifest immediately.
  • Disease of the spine Chairman. Disease of the spine Chairman Mau characterizes the deformation of the spine and an uneven distribution of load on it.
  • Lumbar pain and other diseases of the back and sacral spine.
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    The main causes of illness

    A complete Handbook with a catalog of diseases of the spine, back and joints (including a list of all symptoms), you can find the medical specialist, in the library or specialized medical bookstore.

    The reasons for the emergence of degenerative disorders and problems with the full functionality of the spine, include the following:

    • improper diet;
    • sedentary lifestyle;
    • intensive physical load;
    • injury;
    • weight.

    Human joints are arranged so that over time they wear out. With age, fewer and fewer lubricants that can reduce friction between the joints, cartilage and vertebrae. This problem can not be avoided and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and those who are actively involved in sports and takes a big load on your joints. They often have back trouble. So, with the advent of old age people in varying degrees, experiencing different problems with the joints. But to prevent this problem in the following way: time to pay attention to it and start taking supplements with chondroitin and glucosamine. These substances are suitable for food joints sick people (as required) treatment and prophylaxis.

    Болезни позвоночника: классификация, симптомы и лечение

    Healthy products for healthy bones and joints

    Preventive measures include change in diet and the inclusion in the diet of those elements, vitamins and minerals that promote the healthy functioning and guide treatment in the right direction. They contribute to the strengthening of the joints and spine. These include:

    • calcium;
    • vitamin D necessary for proper calcium absorption;
    • omega-3 fatty acids, etc.

    Specific treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor.

    Diseases of the spine can be caused by heavy and intensive physical activity that are associated with the adoption of the unnatural position of the body (jerk movement, unnatural bends, and bending of the trunk or limbs of a person). This so-called sport factor. For this reason, in the area of risk mainly involves athletes-weightlifters (in addition, this category includes representatives from related fields of sports such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, where there are similar physical exercise). If you constantly use excessive strain on any region of the spine, low back pain is inevitable. Exercises with critical weight of workers, as well as participation in sports competitions with the maximum lifting weight is often the wrong technique is the systematic load, which leads to degenerative diseases of any part of the spine.

    Symptoms of osteoarthritis is stiffness in the movements, muscle spasms in the painful area, acute pain in the spine. Often the disease affects the thoracic spine. In the case of osteochondrosis in the clinic standard. The cartilage between vertebrae becomes thinner, pressed, is replaced by tissue similar to bone. The disease can affect the area of the lumbosacral spine.

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    The pain occurs when the affected areas start to squeeze the nerve endings. This requires special treatment. Similar problems with the spine can be avoided, the maximum to protect themselves in training. Monitor the correct execution of the exercises and a gradual increase in weight lifted. Fanaticism in physical activity can spell disaster for your joints. Treatment also appoints a qualified technician according to the results of a full examination of the patient revealed when all the associated symptoms.

    Sedentary, passive, sedentary lifestyle. Here — in contrast to the active way of life — causes of back problems are the lack of physical activity. No wonder parents are protective of small children, for example, from hours sitting at the computer or watching TV. These classes are fraught with many problems ranging from psychological factors, problems with vision, posture disorders, the symptoms are not long in coming.

    It is difficult for children to control the position of the back during work with a computer or lessons, in the end they produced a wrong posture. And it is dangerous diseases such as curvature of the spine and even complicated disease called scoliosis. This extreme curvature of the spine, where it takes the form of the letter S. thus compressed by the rib cage. Preventive measures in this case are directly dependent on what the clinic of the disease and which symptoms observed in the disease.

    Parents need to control what and how much their children do. Must be timely to tell you about possible problems with posture. If you do not observe precaution for the spine, low back pain can soon become a barrier to learning different sports.

    Болезни позвоночника: классификация, симптомы и лечениеOnly through the application of preventive measures can prevent the occurrence of the disease and timely initiation of treatment. The appearance of discomfort sacral spine should contact the medical facility for correct diagnosis. In the event of such illness it is important to start the treatment.

    Throughout life people are not immune from injury, including injuries of the spine. These include any injuries, ranging from minor injuries to serious sprains and fractures. Such spinal injuries can trigger serious diseases requiring even surgery. The very structure, the very location of the vertebrae makes the back, neck and pelvis vulnerable to injury.

    Excess weight and therefore called once because it does signals the malfunctioning of the body. Among other problems (metabolism, reproductive function, etc.) excess weight can also be the cause of back problems. Almost the entire burden of excess weight falls on the spine, such systematic pressure can not go unnoticed. The position of the vertebrae is deformed, the cartilage becomes thinner, causing pain when pressure on the nerve endings. Because here there is a direct link between the presence of abnormalities and disease of the spine, it is enough to monitor their health and to prevent the emergence of excess weight.

    Only a specialist (orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist or neurologist) can provide competent and complete assistance, by conducting a full examination of the body, appointing all necessary tests and assigning treatment.

    This can help clinic, which diagnoses and treats various diseases of the spine.

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    Treatment through the application of massage treatments

    Болезни позвоночника: классификация, симптомы и лечениеSuch procedures are effective if the symptoms of the disease appeared. Back massage is carried out by applying a warming aromatic oils. Before you start this treatment, you should consult with a specialist.

    During this massage should not cause any pain. This should start feeling the heat. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. Treatment is carried out using basic massage techniques. Used method:

    • strokes;
    • rubbing;
    • kneading;
    • vibration;
    • shake;
    • Pat;
    • hack;
    • tapping.

    It is necessary to observe certain sequence. First is a massage of the lower limbs, and then massaged his chest, neck, back of the head, the lumbar-sacral region and the spine.

    Folk remedies — helpers in the fight against disease

    To relieve pain associated with degenerative disc disease are very effective iodine mesh. If symptoms of lumbago or a nagging pain, make iodine mesh on both sides of the spine.

    Well relieve pain mustard, which have in the spine and lower back. The duration of this procedure is about 10 minutes. Instead of mustard plasters the treatment can be carried out pepper band glued along the spine or the lumbar region.

    To relieve the inflammatory process in the spine treatment involves the intake of birch juice (1 glass 3 times a day).

    If the symptoms of diseases of the spine pronounced, to relieve pain help ointment. For its preparation take 1 tbsp of baking soda and mixed with 0.5 piece of soap, shredded with a grater. To this mixture add 0.5 cups of vegetable oil, all stir. The ointment is prepared. It is necessary to insist for 3 days and RUB in osteochondrosis. Such treatment will facilitate the patient’s condition.